FT Admin - Dean of Technical Careers (Regular)

Lansing, Ingham County
Apr 25, 2014
Executive Administration Jobs

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Range: $100,000 - $115,000 (Commensurate with Experience)

Preferred Qualifications: A Ph.D. from a regionally accredited institution is preferred. Successful college-level teaching experience is preferred.

Minimum Qualifications: Minimum of a Master's degree from a regionally accredited institution in a technical careers related field is required. (An equivalent combination of significant education/certification/directly relevant work experience may be considered in lieu of Master's degree requirement.) Significant and successful academic or industry management experience is required. Demonstrated organizational/administrative and/or project management skills, or a demonstrated ability to engage in successful project management is required. Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community is required. Demonstrated ability to inspire and motivate a team is required.

Responsibilities: *Special Instructions to Applicants:* *All interested applicants must adhere to the following process: Submit a recent CV, the names of and contact information for three professional references (including at least one supervisor), transcripts from colleges or universities attended (unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable during the search phase, but the successful candidate will be required to submit official copies of college or university transcripts as a condition of employment), and a cover letter (maximum length is 3 pages)addressing how the candidate would lead a Technical Careers Division in the 21st Century.* Job Summary: Leads the Technical Careers Division in developing programs whose certificates can be obtained in accelerated fashion and can be "stacked" towards further training credit and for an associate's degree completion; whose outputs meet industry demands for the 21st century; and whose certificates and degrees lead to good jobs for the programs' graduates. Provides administrative leadership and direction to the College's Division, providing occupational education, workforce development, and economic development opportunities for the region. Assists in the leadership and articulation of the College's vision of academic excellence, student retention, and student satisfaction. Assures all accreditation, State, and Federal criterion concerning academic programs is strictly followed. Develops and implements, administers, and evaluates programs, policies and budgets necessary to accomplish the mission, goals and objectives of the Academic Division. Essential Duties: Participates in the general leadership and direction of the College. Promotes academic education, workforce development, and economic development for the region. Administers the Division's program for professional growth and development, in-service programs, faculty meetings, and program director meetings. Implements a scheduling process that includes maximum utilization of faculty and classrooms while meeting the needs of students. Participates with other Deans of the College, and others, in institutional planning, policy development, and problem solving. Directs and assists program directors in the recruitment, selection, evaluation, retention, and success of an outstanding faculty and academic staff. Performs other job-related duties as assigned. Core Competencies: Ability to apply learning trends and aids for career paths in technology industries. Ability to think creatively about problems and to be open to input from others. Ability to approach problems from a broad knowledge base and perspective. With an eye towards innovative program development, keep abreast of industry trends, and have the ability to foresee needed modern infrastructures for careers in technology. Assist faculty in planning, enhancing skills, and engaging in professional development. Budget preparation, resource management, and fiscal management skills. Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures. Strategic planning skills. Ability to develop, plan, and implement short- and long-range goals. Ability to develop and deliver presentations. Interdisciplinary scholarly skills.

Additional Information: Posting close dates are subject to change. For a full job description for this position, please visit http://www.lcc.edu/hr/AdministrativePositions/