Nursing Prof Development Spec

Nashville, Davidson County
Apr 25, 2014


The Nursing Professional Development Specialist participates in the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational programs that improve the delivery of high quality, comprehensive, safe, individualized patient/family-centered care. The NPD Specialist provides leadership in the coordination and/or management of organization-wide clinical learning and professional development initiatives utilizing evidence-based practice.

The NPD Specialist demonstrates a knowledge base that includes utilization of a variety of teaching strategies, assessment, and evaluation methods. The domains of educational expertise, clinical educator/client relationship, leadership and scholarship frame the practice of the NPD Specialist. The NPD Specialist promotes an environment of scholarly inquiry and learning that supports the autonomy and accountability of the nursing role at VUMC.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Supports VUMC mission and goals by working with clinical and/or business leaders at strategic and organization-wide levels to identify solutions to clinical care delivery and/or business problems:
    1. Collaborates to produce desired outcomes relevant to organizational needs, priorities, and initiatives.
    2. Consults on policies and procedures for the organization and plans educational components related to policy development/revision and implementation.
    3. Incorporates patient safety and family-centered care principles into all applicable programs.
    4. Develops links with academia and service, both within and outside the organization.
    5. Supports retention of staff through active participation in activities designed to make VUMC an employer of choice.
    6. Participates in interview and/or on-boarding process for new staff to meet clinical and operational needs for current and future programs.
    7. Leads and/or participates on committees, task forces, projects, and leadership meetings.
  2. Leads assessment of educational and professional development needs.
    1. Identifies educational needs.
    2. Forecasts trends affecting educational needs.
    3. Differentiates educational needs from system issues.
    4. Utilizes performance improvement data, course evaluations and needs assessments to determine educational goals and priorities.
    5. Includes regulatory and accrediting standards in planning programs and initiatives.
  3. Plans and develops learning activities to meet identified needs for educational and professional development.
    1. Plans and presents educational offerings.
    2. Develops educational curricula.
    3. Supports inter-professional education.
    4. Develops educational plans for staff with specific learning needs.
  4. Implements educational offerings.
    1. Utilizes innovative educational methodologies.
    2. Adjusts content and teaching strategy based on learner knowledge and expertise.
    3. Promotes critical thinking and problem solving.
    4. Collaborates with nursing leadership and staff in the development and implementation of educational programs.
  5. Evaluates educational programs in terms of their impact on the learner, patient and organization.
    1. Develops and reviews program evaluations
    2. Follows up with executive or administrative leaders to determine if business and/or operational goals were met.
    3. Ensures preparation of administrative reports.
    4. Uses program evaluations to guide the restructuring and planning for future learning.
    5. Ensures that presenters of educational programs receive feedback.
    6. Monitors validity and reliability of testing materials.
  6. Fosters a climate conducive to learning and facilitates the professional growth of others.
    1. Serves as a mentor and/or role model for other professionals.
    2. Consults with others on the development of educational programs.
    3. Facilitates team building.
    4. Encourages participation in educational opportunities within and outside the institution.
    5. Promotes opportunities for advancement and recognition for the staff.
  7. Utilizes evidence based practice to maintain current and relevant core programs.
    1. Integrates evidence-based educational practices into program development and delivery.
    2. Ensures that program content is relevant, accurate, and based on evidence or best practice.
    3. Accesses resources and information external to the organization.
  8. Demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.
    1. Models behavior that reflects continued personal and professional growth.
    2. Participates in learning activities to meet own goals and development needs.
    3. Maintains own clinical competency.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Masters and 3 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Registered Nurse

Job Other Nursing Services

Primary Location TN-Nashville-3401 West End Ave

Organization Nursing Education & Developmen 201154PI76332404