Licensed Practical Nurse 2, VPNPP

Franklin, Williamson County
Apr 25, 2014


Supports the Registered Nurse or licensed physician/dentist in the provision of patient care, to include delivery of patient care, collection of ongoing patient response to care, discharge planning and patient family education. The LPN works in close collaboration with the RN or a licensed physician/dentist as well as the overall Health Care Team to evaluate the patient's plan of care and progress toward goal attainment. All patient care activities are undertaken with the delegation/supervision of a licensed professional.In accordance with the unit, VUMC standards and licensure regulations, under the adequate supervision of a registered nurse uses and documents the nursing process to plan, deliver and evaluate goal-focused, individualized, safe, age-specific care for patients.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Planning and Managing Care
    1. Practice adheres to specialty and organizational standards.
    2. Addresses patient safety needs
    3. Applies age specific/cultural considerations to care of patient.
    4. Participates with triages patient care.
    5. Appropriately communicates changes in patient condition.
    6. Patients and families are satisfied with the care this nurse has given.
    7. Identifies patient problems that need to be referred to PCP or provider other than this clinic.
    8. Manages patient flow and identifies problems that impede patient flow for maximum efficiency.
    9. Takes on additional clinical responsibilities and/or assists others.
    10. Organizes work and manages changes in work demands for effective use of time.
    11. Delegates to staff appropriately, with consideration for other team members' workload.
    12. Manages complex clinical situations.
  2. Continuum of Care Planning
    1. Identifies pt/family needs and implements plan for movement to next level of care.
    2. Uses internal & external referrals & resources that support pt/families through continuum of care.
    3. Integrates observed patient information into plan for next level of care in unexpected, changing and complex situations.
    4. Acts to resolve system breakdowns, knowledge, and behavior issues that impact continuum of care needs.
  3. Patient/Family Education
    1. Incorporates a variety of resources to teach & support pt and family learning (Ex: EZTV, patient education materials, web sources, drawings, etc).
    2. Participates in the individualization of patient/family education for complex patients/families (Ex: resistant, non-compliant, significant barriers to learning).
    3. Leads or co-leads development/ revision/use of teaching tools/aids for specific population(s) within the last year.
  4. Problem Solving
    1. Identifies and takes action to report or resolve patient safety-related problems and other clinical issues.
    2. Identifies and takes action to resolve system (operational/workaround) problems.
    3. Follows appropriate chain of command when problem solving.
    4. Actively participates in team/group problem solving.
    5. Positively supports change.
    6. Is a consultant to manager (Ex: clinical, proposed changes, dept enhancements).
    7. Uses interdisciplinary approach to lead others in problem solving projects and evaluates outcomes using data.
  5. Communication & Collaboration
    1. Personal behavior positively influences environment and others (may include attendance, tardiness, team support).
    2. Accesses HCT as needed to implement plan of care/meet patient's needs.
    3. Effectively communicates and collaborates with patients and families.
    4. Effectively communicates and collaborates with staff and other HCT members.
    5. Communicates positively and constructively in stressful situations.
    6. Provides accurate and objective feedback in a respectful and professional manner while maintaining confidentiality.
    7. Completes assigned evaluation tools within designated timeframe (E.g.: end of orientation, self report, peer feedback).
    8. Receives peer feedback in a respectful and professional manner.
    9. Facilitates internal and/or external customer satisfaction
    10. Participates directly in and/or supports orientation of new staff.
  6. Continuous Learning
    1. Provide to manager evidence of self- educational activities within timeframe designated by manager. *Total # of contact hours, courses taken, articles read/hours spent in self education.
    2. Participates in quality improvement initiatives.
    3. Participates in the development and/or revision of evidence based practice guidelines.
    4. Leads quality improvement projects.
    5. Leads in the development and/or revision of evidence based practice guidelines.
    6. Participated in scholarly/professional activities in the past year. Examples: formal presentations, publications, public policy issues, action, professional org. activities.

Additional Information:
Background screens will be performed and education will be verified prior to employment.  Please be prepared to provide required information and/or documentation.

Vanderbilt is a smoke-free workplace in compliance with the Non-Smoker Protection Act, Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-1801-1810.  In accordance with that law and Vanderbilt policy, smoking is prohibited in all buildings on Vanderbilt property and on the grounds of the campus with the exception of designated outdoor smoking areas.
Vanderbilt is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Graduate of an accredited discipline specific program and 1 year of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Licensed Practical Nurse


Primary Location TN-Franklin-Edward Curd Lane (ECL/Medcore)

Organization Family Practice - ECL 203230PI76332378