Manager for Undergraduate Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment

San Francisco, San Francisco County
Apr 24, 2014

Manager for Undergraduate Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment

University of San Francisco

Department: School of Management

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Summary:

Under the general supervision and direction of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs, the Manager for Undergraduate Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment (ISA) supports all undergraduate programs, as well as on-going and special initiatives coordinated by the Undergraduate Studies division. This person will be the primary contact for all procedural aspects of the Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment and will assist with special programming needs for the School of Management Undergraduate Studies division. Attendance and administrative assistance is required for all special events and projects as needed.

The Manager for Undergraduate Studies and ISA will work with the Assistant Dean to carry out all undergraduate programming needs, with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence in all aspects of the undergraduate student experience.

Supervisor: Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Job Responsibilities:

Administrative Management:

• Provides key administrative management services as the stable point of contact for a highly dynamic and fast-paced undergraduate department.

• Acts as a resource liaison between and among faculty, students, the University community, and members of the public. Must establish and maintain effective working relationships with peers in other offices across divisions and campus.

• Helps create and sustain a welcoming, professional, and collaborative work culture/environment.

• Works with various student populations to develop and sustain an engaged undergraduate student community.

• Collaborate with student clubs and leaders to create, promote, and evaluate various student community building events and initiatives.

• Manages Webtrack, online student content, and social media in collaboration with departmental program assistants.

• Develops, implements, and distributes department policies and procedures.

• Creates and maintains procedure manuals for specific projects, computer programs, and office processes.

• Maintains databases and other University information as required for School and University initiatives.

• Acts as the liaison with vendors and couriers for division needs.

• Oversees the preparation and submission to the Office of Finance, Budget and Planning divisional purchases, payments, reimbursements through the use of purchase requisitions, check requests, petty cash vouchers, etc.

• Assists with proofreading, formatting documents, and word-processing.

• Coordinates new student orientation and other special events.

• Manages the hiring and scheduling of student workers; Supervises student workers and prepare evaluations.

• Manages the undergraduate studies OPE staff in the Assistant Dean’s absence.

ISA Program Manager:

• Acts as the primary resource for all Interdisciplinary Studies Assessment (ISA) inquiries.

• Maintains the ISA records for all student and evaluator data pertaining to earned credits.

• Manages and oversees all ISA essay submissions and evaluations aligned with a system of ongoing submission and revision throughout the academic year.

• Oversight of the Undergraduate Studies Program Assistant to ensure accuracy of all data entry and related administrative functions of the ISA process.

• Provides administrative support to the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, in addressing INTD submission, evaluation, and communication with degree completion students.

• Problem solves ISA issues involving credits earned, core credit, and other issues as they arise.

• Coordinates all communications about the ISA process and maintain student/evaluator communications through the SOM-ISA e-mail system.

• Coordinates with other departments within the School of Management to generate CRNs for all earned credits and maintain the database of all CRNs on a semesterly basis.

• Division liaison to Office of the Registrar to submit proper forms to ensure posting of student credits earned through ISA and manage the accuracy of posted credits to the student record.

• Assists in the editing of the ISA handbook and related materials in coordination with the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

• Works collaboratively with the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies to implement the strategic initiatives of the ISA and related programs.

• Coordinates and manages all payroll requests for ISA evaluators to ensure accurate and timely payments.

Other Responsibilities:

• Performs other duties as assigned by the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

Minimum Qualifications:

BA degree from an accredited university is required. Graduate degree from an accredited university is preferred. Minimum of three-to-five years of related work experience, preferably in an academic environment; Previous supervisory or team lead experience; Proven ability to function in a leadership capacity; Ability to work with minimal supervision and a high degree of autonomy in establishing priorities, making decisions, and finishing tasks within deadlines; Strong ability and commitment to working in a team environment; Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must. Experience strongly desired in word processing, spreadsheets, website maintenance, and database applications. High customer service values and an exceptional level of professionalism are required; Commitment to efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence; dedication to evidence-based decision-making and evaluation; commitment to USF’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Other Responsibilities:

• Advanced knowledge about administrative concepts, principles and practices. Handles diverse situations and uses written and unwritten policies and practices in addition to judgment to resolve conflicts and concerns.

• Initiates and held responsible for completion of special assignments/projects. Manages multi-project deadlines. Evaluates tasks priorities and effectively delegates if needed to their student workers. Makes suggestions on the most efficient methods in handling multi-tasks.

• Works cooperatively and establishes effective working relationships with peers in other departments. Uses tact, diplomacy, discretion and judgment in regular contact with faculty, staff, student and others within and outside USF.

• Ability to perform multiple tasks. Able to be self-motivated to start and/or complete projects independently. Able to seek direction when needed. Assertive and able to communicate risks and organizational exposures.

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