Assistant Director

Nashville, Davidson County
Apr 24, 2014


Preferred Qualifications:
Master's degree preferred and 3-5 years in counseling/coaching, higher education, recruiting, or a related field. Technical skills including MS Office, contact management, and web-based applications.
Relationship driven, strategic, innovative and creative, adaptable, comfortable working in a team based environment.
Desired Skills:
  • Experience working with a variety of stakeholders including C-level professionals, executives, faculty, and parents.
  • Ability to work collaboratively including building internal and external relationships and working in teams. 
  • Innovative, creative, takes initiative and effective problem-solver.
  • Ability to work with a variety of companies to connect students for internships and jobs.
  • Agile, adaptive and the ability to work through ambiguity.
  • Effective oral and written communications.
  • Experience collecting, analyzing and communicating data.
  • Demonstrated or related experience in individual and group career and transitional coaching. 
  • Familiarity with software packages such as Microsoft Office, assessment instruments, and recruiting management systems for the delivery of career services.
  • Familiarity with emerging career development theories such as Chaos Theory of Careers, Planned Happenstance, and Positive Psychology.
Job Summary:
The Center for Student Professional Development is an academic resource office aligned under Academic Affairs and helps students build resilience to prepare them for employment in a rapidly changing world. The foundation of services is based on helping students identify strengths and interests; understanding change and transition; developing professionalism in school and the workplace; understanding and pursuing opportunities; and identifying and leveraging personal connections.
The Assistant Director is supervised by a member of the Center Leadership Team, and provides professional development services for students including coaching, event management, simulated learning exercises, employer connections, and labor market information.
This person will work in an innovative, collaborative, team-based environment, which is committed to excellence and being "best in class," excellent customer service, personal and professional development and the belief that innovation leads to transformation. The competitive candidate will have experience building, maintaining and leveraging relationships and will have an understanding of how to incorporate emerging career development theories into an integrated campus model of service delivery.
Key Functions and Expected Performances:
1.       Coach students and recent graduates to explore, pursue and engage in opportunities.
a.       Facilitate career decision making for students utilizing a variety of holistic methodology, theories and activities including assessments, web-based resources, and individual and group coaching.
b.      Incorporate key professional development areas into coaching areas that build resilience in students including understanding identity, change and transition, building relationships, understanding opportunities, identifying and using networks and developing professional work behaviors.
c.       Research current labor market information, industry and workplace trends and incorporate information into conversations with students and stakeholders.
d.      Understand and utilize emerging career development theories, simulated learning activities and assessments.
e.      Collaborate with campus partners and employ train the trainer, peer to peer, and mentoring models to integrate services across campus.
f.        Enter coaching notes and other student activity into CSM.
2.       Develop and maintain strategic relationships with a variety of stakeholders for mutual benefit.
a.       Develop, maintain and utilize strategic networks with students, employers, alumni, staff, faculty, and parents to identify and develop internship and full-time opportunities and assist in reaching organizational goals.
b.      Track contact information utilizing DoreWay's standard operating procedures.
c.       Communicate to staff and key partners when relationships can benefit several purposes and stakeholders.
d.      Support the initiatives of key campus partners through collaboration and sharing resources.
e.      Communicate effectively and timely to Center Leadership when key relationships are developed and when there are changes in the relationship.
3.       Design programs and activities that help students develop professionally through providing career and development information, simulated learning activities and industry connections.
a.       Utilize effective event planning and management skills using timelines, project plans, budgets, databases, and other tools to execute meaningful programs and activities for students.
b.      Utilize adult learning theories, strong presentation skills and emerging technology to communicate relevant concepts to students and young alumni.
c.       Communicate professional development opportunities to students through a variety of mediums including list serves, websites, proprietary databases and through relationship based networks.
d.      Incorporate simulated learning activities into career and professional development activities as appropriate.
e.      Coordinate communications about programs internally and to appropriate campus and external partners.
4.       Collect data, provide analysis and communicate outcomes to Center Leadership and stakeholders.
a.       Compile statistical and evaluative data and analyze as needed using databases, web based survey instruments and other technology.
b.      Input data into the system and provide information to Center Leadership.
c.       Evaluate programs and activities using department defined assessment metrics.
d.      Write summaries of events, projects and activities as requested by Leadership to capture outcomes, challenges and improvements.
e.      Follow up with students regarding outcomes, annually.
5.       Support organizational priorities and engage in special assignments.
a.       Execute, manage and complete projects by utilizing effective project management skills, exhibiting leadership skills and the ability to develop timelines, budgets and collaborate with others.
b.      Communicate with Leadership and stakeholders during assignment to provide timely updates and at critical junctures of project or assignment. 
c.       Serve as active member of teams and exhibit problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism to move team forward.
d.      Serve as team lead and exhibit key skills including leadership, management, budgeting, motivation, goal setting, effective and timely communications, critical thinking and problem solving.
e.      Perform other duties as assigned in support of the Center for Student Professional Development's identified priorities. Work may require some nights and weekends depending on the time of year.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 3 years of experience or the equivalent.

Job Academic Support and Student Affairs

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Student Life

Organization Ctr for Student Prof. Developm 150740PI76265251