Associate Professional Specialist

Princeton, Mercer County
Apr 24, 2014
Position Summary: The Princeton University School of Architecture, in collaboration with the Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment is seeking a research specialist to conduct research on novel heating and cooling instrumentation for research in high performance low exergy building systems from June through August 2014. The research will focus on two investigations. First, we will design and construct a small pavilion that combines indirect evaporation with radiant cooling to study novel passive cooling concepts. Second, we will study the free convection in the unique air space in a large glass enclosure at the Princeton Architectural Laboratory. Responsibilities of the position include: Engage in management of research tasks and support other members of summer research team. Design and drafting of drawings and plans for pavilion structure and systems. Programming and setup of sensors and data collection system for the research structure. Investigate/develop potential display methods for the data collection in the glass cube. Organization of materials and support for the construction and operation of the research systems. Contribute to the synthesis of the significant data into graphics and results. Please supply the names and full contact information for three references. Note: no letters are required at this time.

Essential Qualifications: Excellent communication skills Highly motivated individual capable of managing several tasks, furthering existing research themes and developing independent research ideas. Advanced degree in architecture or engineering related to building performance Graduate level experience in research in architecture and relevant systems engineering.

Preferred Qualifications: Programming expertise in Python, Matlab, Rhyno, Grasshopper, Autodesk, Experience with ModBus wireless protocol Experience with infrared imaging devices

Education Required: Advanced Degree

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled or See Position Summary.