Program Technician 2

Adair Village, Benton County / Corvallis, Benton County
Apr 24, 2014

Appointment Type: Classified Staff

Department: College of Engineering 300600 ENG

Position Summary: This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Program Technician 2 position for the College of Engineering.

The Program Technician (PT2) is dedicated to expanding the capacity of the College of Engineering (COE) to be competitive in obtaining sponsored awards by improving the effectiveness of faculty, post-docs, and research teams within the COE, and serving as a resource in all matters related to university policies for sponsored programs. The PT2 maintains an in-depth knowledge of university and granting agency requirements and application and award processes, and confers with university grant and contract administrators and external funding agencies to clarify rules and guidelines.

The PT2 coordinates the grant application process from inception, working with each principal investigator (PI) to prepare an application according to the sponsor/Request for Proposal (RFP) guidelines. In addition, the PT2 functions as the liaison with agencies to assist with preparation and receipt of subcontract budgets and other documents. Overall, the PT2 facilitates the preparation, formatting, completion, and routing of administrative, financial, and support components/documents of grant applications to be submitted to external funding agencies. The PT2 prioritizes support toward large scale, multidisciplinary proposals.

The PT2 works in a team-oriented manner with others in the office. Extensive interactions are required with researchers, university administration, and external program officers within complex institutional settings. In addition, the incumbent is expected to provide excellent customer service and assistance to COE's faculty, as well as nurture positive relationships both inside and outside of the COE. The position reports to the COE Associate Dean for Research and Economic Development.

The person in this position will keep in mind and exercise appropriate procedures to maintain confidentiality of conversations, documents, and data.

Position Duties: 50% Grant Proposal Development
Reviews requests for proposals (RFPs) of interest to a principal investigator, consults with PI on a planned research application to meet the RFP, and interprets sponsor guidelines, regulations, and policies related to proposal development.

Works with each PI to develop a work plan and timeline to prepare an application in response to a specific funding announcement; takes the lead to contact OSU Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) or the funding agency for fact-checking and problem solving; functions as liaison with a designated agency contact to obtain/submit subcontract documents; and facilitates meetings with PI, Business and Engineering Business Center (BEBC), and other appropriate individuals as needed.

Prepares the grant application budget worksheets to comply with agency guidelines and OSU policies (e.g. estimation of costs for personnel, supplies, travel, equipment, tuition, subcontracts, and other direct expenses, including those in the OSU fee book); assists and reviews a final budget narrative that accurately reflects the proposed budget; and when other institutions and collaborators are involved, that the PI properly develops and includes sub-award and contractor budgets and narratives in the proposal application, and ensures use of correct indirect cost rates.

Acts as liaison between PI's and OSP concerning accurate development of proposal budgets.

Reviews budget and budget justification for planned expenses that might be questioned as appropriate or allowable by the Office of Post Award Administration or the funding agency; ensures use of correct indirect cost rates and application to appropriate budget categories.

Assists faculty and provides advice, expertise, guidance and support with Cayuse web-based proposal preparation.

Coordinates and facilitates the preparation of applications for transfer of funded awards for faculty either coming (new employees) or leaving OSU.

30% Grant Proposal Review
Reviews content in letters of support that may be required; provides advice on and review of documents routinely submitted to the various proposal submission systems; reviews cover sheets and transmittal forms and other forms as required by OSP.

Facilitates resolution of questions that arise during the OSP proposal review stage.

Assures application meets all sponsor guidelines and is in final form.

Maintains copies of completed administrative and budget sections of applications on the restricted server and in locked files located in the unit.

Completes other duties as assigned by the associate dean and the dean.

Position Duties (continued): 15% Grants/Contracts Administration/Technical Assistance
Provides administrative oversight of the COE grant preparation and submission process.

Communicates changes in agency and OSU policy and process to staff and faculty; identifies problems and issues with grant submission process; and works collaboratively with involved entities (internal and external) to negotiate systems solutions.

Fosters and facilitates development and submission of grant applications in COE and prioritizes submission of complex, multidisciplinary grant applications.

Confers with grant and contract offices and funding agencies to clarify rules and guidelines; communicate guidelines as necessary to COE administrators, faculty, staff, and post-docs.

Establishes and maintains cordial relationships with external funding entities to facilitate resolution of questions.

5% Participates in performance review process for self by creating an annual plan of work with assistance of the associate dean. Participates in training and development opportunities provided by OSU, OUS, regional, state, and national organizations.

Working Conditions/Work Schedule:

Minimum/Required Qualifications: Two years of experience with responsibility for program or project monitoring and coordination. The experience must have included program evaluation responsibility. Preference may be given to individuals with experience in specialty area specific to the position opening.

Two years of technical- or professional-level experience analyzing or advising and/or instructing the public concerning specific programs or processes, monitoring a program, or performing participant reviews.

Two years of grant/contract coordination experience with responsibility for obtaining and monitoring the use of grant funds and/or negotiating and administering public or private service contracts.

Demonstrated expertise in Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Outlook or equivalent software; Microsoft Office Excel specific to budget preparation, spreadsheet calculations or expense monitoring; internet/web based search engines and activities.

Demonstrated strong organizational skills with the ability to take initiative, prioritize workload, and work independently and effectively in a customer-focused environment with frequent interruptions and strict deadlines.

Evidence of excellence in working collaboratively with individuals and small groups and coordinating work with other units/agencies.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong attention to detail.

Preferred (Special) Qualifications: Major coursework in Accounting, Finance, or a related field.

Knowledge of Engineering, Science or related discipline.

Two years of work experience in an engineering, science or other related team-based setting (academic, private, non-profit, or industry) coordinating grants and contracts.

Demonstrated ability to assist in the development of large, complex proposals and budgets.

Research or administrative experience in the Oregon University System.

Work experience in a research setting.

Experience working with faculty specific to sponsored programs activities or proposal development and preparation.

Experience with budget development and online proposal submission processes to national funding agencies such as NIH, NSF, NIFA, DOE, USEd, CDC, etc.

Demonstrated experience with Cayuse web-based tool for grant application preparation and submission.

A demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity.

Scholarly Outcomes for Position (academic faculty only):

Posting Date: 04-11-2014

For Full Consideration Date: 04-30-2014

Closing Date: 05-15-2014

Recommended Full-Time Salary Range: $3727-$5717

Posting Number: 0012008

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