Financial Aid Counselor

Huntsville, Walker County
Apr 23, 2014

Requisition Number: 201400108S

Department: Financial Aid

Full Time Part Time: Full Time

Educational Experience Requirement: Bachelor's degree in Business, Counseling, Student Services, or related field. Experience in school or college counseling, financial aid activities or experience in a related field. A combination of education, experience, and training that would produce the required knowledge and abilities could be considered.

Nature and Purpose of Position: To counsel perspective financial aid applicants and parents concerning financial planning, with emphasis on the application process and available aid programs for qualifying applicants. To advise applicants who are ineligible for need-based assistance on alternative methods of meeting educational expenses. To counsel financial aid applicants/recipients on academic progress requirements as related to aid eligibility. To counsel financial aid applicants/recipients in all areas of financial planning, with emphasis on Pre-Loan/Exit Interviews and Debt Management.

Primary Responsibilities: Discuss any programs administered by the Financial Aid Office that may be unique to the student's field of study. Assist students with completing application forms. Coordinate loan application/recipient seminars of disbursement limits, current interest rates, financial planning, debt management, and borrower rights/responsibilities prior to disbursement of loan funds and upon student's exit from the university. Assist students with alternative methods of meeting tuition and fees and/or other educational expenses when need-based aid is not immediately available. Discuss regulations regarding satisfactory academic progress. Coordinate participation in the Beginning Freshman/Transfer Orientation programs and high school Visitation Day including preparation of application packets. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Other Specifications: Contacts would include students and parents. Computer skills and presentation skills required. A 3 to 5 minute presentation on Financial Aid will be required from applicant if selected for interview.