Seita Campus Coach

Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County
Apr 18, 2014
Major Duties: - Serves as primary contact; supporting, coaching and advising Seita Scholarship students. - Supports, coaches and advises Seita students with all aspects of entry, assimilation, retention and graduation related to college life. Performs periodic assessments and monitors progress. Promotes personal and academic success and well-being of Seita students in their transition to adulthood. - Coaches Seita students toward self-sufficiency in campus and community environments. Assists with securing basic needs. Coaches and prepares Seita students with the transition to post-graduation careers and independent living. - Establishes working relationships with appropriate University departments as well as external agencies and providers to access services for Seita students in need and follows-up with students accordingly. - Provides 24 hour on-call crisis counseling and intervention for Seita students with immediate needs. - Plans, implements, and oversees campus visits, orientation, group meetings, summer camps and housing arrangements for students admitted into the Seita Scholarship program, with some evening and weekend programming. - Assesses student needs, experience, independent and inter-dependent living skills. - Develops, prepares and maintains statistical reports. Evaluates reports and recommends improvements to program operations.

Minimum Qualifications: - MSW with State of Michigan Licensure (LMSW) or LMSW eligibility within one year of appointment; or Masters' Degree in Counseling/Psychology, or related field. - Advanced training in crises response and conflict resolution - Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills - Strong verbal and written communication skills - Demonstrated cross-cultural sensitivity and adaptation skills - One year of experience with foster care services and systems - Ability to travel and transport students. - Ability to be "on-call" and available some evenings and weekends.