Interdisciplinary Program Coordinator

Nashville, Davidson County
Apr 16, 2014
Administrative Jobs
Academic Affairs


Provide day-to-day oversight and management for Ph.D. Program in Law and Economics that spans across departmental and school disciplines; work closely with the Graduate School and the Law School to administer program requirements.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
1. Ph.D. Program management
      a.   Confer with and assist the co-directors, the Director of Graduate Studies, and Law School and Graduate School Registrars to plan individualized courses of study for each student; includes mapping courses of study and tracking coursework and other requirements to ensure that program students meet requirements for both degrees (J.D. and Ph.D.).
      b.   Coordinate development, design, and maintenance of program materials to include recruitment brochures, recruitment letters, photography sessions, the program website, faculty professional websites, and student professional websites.
      c.   Coordinate, prepare, and update program curriculum in consultation with co-directors; communicate program curriculum to Law School and Graduate School Registrars.
      d.   Manage educational activities with staff of other departments and schools (coordinate course offerings, schedule comprehensive exams, coordinate sending students to the economics department's math camp, etc.).
      e.   Respond to requests for information about admission and
            program requirements.
      f.    Perform "first screening" of student applications and prepare materials for committee review of student applicants who meet minimum requirements for consideration.
      g.   Work with J.D. admissions staff to identify applicants to J.D. program who may be suitable for joint-degree program.
      h.   Maintain program admissions files in Excalibur (soon to be replaced with a new Graduate School admissions system); coordinate with the Law School and Graduate School admissions offices. Submit Recommendation for Action forms and admit or reject students in Excalibur.
      i.    Draft fellowship nomination letters for admitted students.
      j.    Coordinate prospective or admitted student visits and interviews, including related social events.
      k.   Maintain appropriate documentation for program and for student records.
      l.    Prepare and submit all documentation for students' Ph.D. candidacy and dissertation phases; coordinate Ph.D. committee meetings, exams, and defenses.
      m. Oversee logistics related to the seminar series or oversee these tasks if delegated to program assistant.
      n.   Oversee all logistics related to conferences or oversee these tasks if delegated to program assistant.
      o.   Approve and oversee academic-related student travel.
      p.   Prepare, coordinate, and handle confidential and sensitive information related to student activities such as grades, recommendations, exams, honor violations.
      q.   Serve as point person for students with personal or academic problems.
      r.    Draft reports for program-related activities.
      s.   Coordinate program social events such as the Annual Fall Social, Annual Spring Social, celebratory graduation brunches, cookie breaks for faculty-students, etc.
      t.    Draft any program-related communication or documents as requested by the co-directors or the Director of Graduate Studies.
2. Financial management
      a.   Develop annual program budgets and related budget models.
      b.   Oversee financial administration for program budgets using multiple financial systems at Vanderbilt.
      c.   Process program and grant expenditures in accordance with guidelines.
      d.   Monitor revenues and expenditures for program budgets.
      e.   Maintain department Procurement card and reconcile Procurement card monthly according to University guidelines.
      f.    Process student stipend requests.
      g.   Process student Graduate Award Forms (GAFs).
      h.   Approve or seek approval for and oversee purchasing of data and other academic materials.
3. Personnel management
      a.   Assist in hiring and monitoring student RAs and assist in hiring for the program assistant position when vacant.
      b.   Coordinate student job placement and approve timesheets for student RAs.
      c.   Approve timesheet for the program assistant.
      d.   Coordinate arrangements and provide orientation for semester or year-long visiting faculty or post-docs.
      e.   Coordinate faculty recruitment to include preparation of job ads and postings; coordinate job candidate travel visits including purchasing and initiating reimbursement requests; initial screening of job applicants, record keeping and correspondence with job applicants.
      f.    Gather and assemble faculty candidate documents and prepare candidate appointment files for distribution to faculty for review and approval in accordance with Law School and University faculty bylaws.
      g.   Serve as liaison between faculty candidates and hiring committees. Answer inquiries without further consultation, resolve routine matters on chairperson's behalf, and respond to minor complaints or problems.
4. Grant administration
      a.   Coordinate grant application process with Vanderbilt's Office of Contract and Research Administration.
      b.   Prepare, file, and update grant applications and proposals through Vanderbilt's Office of Contract and Research Administration utilizing their online COEUS system.
5. Other administrative projects
      a.   Compile annual reports for assigned professors; maintain their CVs, faculty profile pages, and maintenance of complete online bibliographies.
      b.   Serve as assistant to faculty or administrators for University, Law School, and external committees or professional associations/organizations.
      c.   Compile data, conduct research, and summarize findings according to general instruction.
      d.   Compose/draft correspondence for faculty/program co-director's signature. Send correspondence under own signature.
      e.   Serve as liaison to the University public information officer, as well as external media and public relations personnel regarding recent research publications and findings. Handle and categorize media inquiries, respond to requests for appearances or interviews, and respond independently to requests for additional information. Research and post faculty media mentions.
      f.    Draft press releases related to faculty research; includes understanding the content of academic research.
      g.   Review, proof, and copyedit rough drafts and page proofs in all stages of production prior to distribution for structure, statistical accuracy, grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and proper citation form. These work products include press releases, web copy, abstracts, and technical papers for publication in economics journals as well as less technical academic papers in law reviews or professional newsletters through every stage of production.
      h.   Technical typing including mathematical equations; preparation of tables from computer data output, footnote and endnote insertion, and references in required styles. Preparation and conversion of complex tables and graphical presentations from STATA data in .txt. or Excel format to Word while adhering to complex formatting standards.
      i.    Serve as back-up to Managing Editor Christina Stoddard for the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in case of extended absence. Serve as back-up to Faculty and Program Assistant Laurel Donahue during any period of absence.
      j.    Serve as agent with Bureau of Labor Statistics for confidential Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries data.
      k.   Assist students in preparing or individually prepare requisitions for confidential data.
      l.    Serve as point person for the program assistant.

Basic Qualifications

Preferred Education, Skills, and Experiences:
  • Bachelor's and 4 years' experience or the equivalent
  • Familiarity with higher education and Law and Economics program is key
  • Strong computer skills a must
  • Budgeting and financial management experience required

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Law School

Organization Law School-Admin Services 124105PI75765688