Financial Aid Director

Fitchburg, Dane County / Madison, Dane County
Apr 10, 2014
The changing nature of American higher education is moving the U.S. Department of Education to explore new ways to award Title IV funding. Candidates for this position should be directly familiar with the operations of the Department of Education and how Title IV is distributed. Candidates should also be highly innovative and imaginative in exploring new ways in which financial aid might be awarded and should be prepared to speak informatively with officials from the Department on this issue. Candidates must then be able to advocate for and explain those conversations to financial aid colleagues in the financial aid offices on the campuses of the University of Wisconsin in ways that both resonate with financial aid professionals and that create space for innovation. Additionally, the Financial Aid Director, will be responsible for developing internal operating policies and creating, organizing, and managing the processes for awarding financial aid to students. These are new functions to CEOEL and the candidate will have demonstrated ability to work in a rapidly changing start-up environment. S/he will also be responsible for exploring and advocating for alternative and potentially unique applications of Title IV funding and may be responsible for managing an experimental site for Title IV programs. The Financial Aid Director will be working with financial aid experts across the nation, regulators, and members of the Department of Education to raise and explore alternatives to traditional financial aid regulations and practices. Initially the Financial Aid function will provide service on behalf of the UW campus partners. For the first year to eighteen months of the Flexible Option program, campus offices will play a greater role in financial aid until CEOEL has all technical systems and business processes in place. This early dependence on campuses means heavy coordination with Flexible Option partner institutions. The Financial Aid Director will play a key role in creating and defining the technical systems and business process for CEOEL. Once a centralized student information system is in place, operations will be increasingly managed at the UWEX office of CEOEL. At that time the Financial Aid office at CEOEL will manage and distribute aid available to students from UW System and Federal resources under new, direct assessment parameters and other approved or experimental guidelines. Full description and application procedures can be found at: