Research Specialist 3

United States, North America
Apr 08, 2014
About The Unit:

Unit Job Summary: Principle contribution is performing research on topological quantum computing and fractional quantum Hall effect. Performs senior-level laboratory and research-related duties and tasks. Performs advanced semiconductor processing involving high precision photolithography and e-beam lithography; Oversees design of quantum Hall Fabry-Perot interferometers and materials processing of high quality GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures; Performs low temperature measurement characterization; Oversees operations of low temperature dilution refrigerator capable reaching 7 millikelvin above absolute zero. Performs low noise characterization of Fabry-Perot interferometers and single electron transistor detectors. Performs microwave spectrscopy of single electron transistors under low temperatures and high magnetic fields; Oversees data collection, analysis, and theoretical modeling; Writes papers for scientific journals for publication; Trains and oversees work of graduate students and other student research assistants. Conduct research discussions; Presents findings at scientific meetings; Monitors and troubleshoots research instruments and equipment.; Design and construct custom electronics for measurement; Oversees compliance with laboratory safety protocols and requirements.

Unit Education: PhD or equivalent in physics is required.

Unit Experience: A minimum of four years research experience in semiconductor physics and low temperature cryogenic techniques, required.

Unit Job Function Competencies: Preferred: Advanced knowledge of physics of GaAs/AlGaAs devices, 4 years of lower. Advanced knowledge of the physics of fractional quantum Hall effect. Advanced knowledge of electronics Advanced knowledge of measurement techniques for DC transport Advanced knowledge of microwave electronics Advanced knowledge of topological quantum computing Advanced knowledge of semiconductor processing techniques Knowledge of cryogenic techniques. Knowledge of condensed matter physics Verbal and written communication skills Attention to details Laboratory management skills