C T Technologist

Nashville, Davidson County
Apr 07, 2014


Performs Computed Tomography procedures in accordance with established departmental policies and procedures to ensure the best possible patient care services are delivered.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Performs all computed Tomography procedures according to established department protocols.
    1. Perform appropriate volume of procedures according to patient load
    2. Ensures that the correct patient information, technical settings and appropriate slice thickness are entered prior to scanning
    3. Prepares and administers oral and Intravenous contrast media according to established
    4. Performs venipuncture when needed using sterile technique
    5. Completes appropriate patient documentation
    6. Displays working knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy.
    7. Processes, records, and archives images for evaluation, interpretation and maintenance purposes.
    8. Completes filming of all cases in a timely fashion according to radiologists' requirements.
    9. Completes processes to send image data to PACS
  2. Performs all tasks associated with the proper execution of a CT examination in accordance with the established department and hospital policies and procedures.
    1. Accepts assignments from supervisor is positive manner; recognizes and performs duties that need to be accomplished although not routine.
    2. Restock and maintains assigned work area/equipment in an orderly fashion and ensures that emergency kit is accurately supplied and dated.
    3. Performs necessary cleaning of room and equipment
    4. Assists in the movement of patients to and from wheelchairs, stretchers, beds and radiographic imaging tables.
    5. Uses appropriate restraint devices as needed
  3. Performs all assigned RIS transactions to ensure that accurate patient and procedure information is recorded in a timely fashion for the patient medical record and billing purposes.
    1. Completes patient exam in RIS
    2. Reviews materials and exam charges, edits/corrects as necessary
    3. Reviews patient exam information in WIZ, edits as necessary
  4. Performs visual maintenance checks on all equipment used and reports all malfunctions to appropriate personnel.
    1. Perform quality assurance procedures
    2. Provides clear concise information regarding mechanical problems and service needs
    3. Records all equipment downtimes in department log and notifies appropriate personnel according to department procedures.
  5. Provides radiation protection to patient, staff, and self according to prescribed safety standards.
    1. Wears and maintains dosimeter badge in a proper fashion.
    2. Demonstrates knowledge of and compliance to radiation safety practices
  6. Communicate with hospital staff and physicians in the performance of CT Scan procedures to exchange pertinent patient information.
    1. Assists in scheduling of routine and emergency exams
    2. Handles calls with courtesy and efficiency
    3. Communicates identified patient related problems using the appropriate chain of command
  7. Participates in On-call coverage as needed to ensure 24 hour a day coverage
    1. Displays flexibility, volunteers to work odd shifts as workload demands
  8. Demonstrates competency in performing all procedures, age range from neonatal to geriatric
    1. Demonstrates capability of explaining procedures to patient, considers patient's comfort during procedure, understands emotional response when procedure is completed.
    2. Demonstrates respect for patient's right to privacy, all matters handled in confidential manner.
    3. Abides by professional code of ethics
  9. Assists to identify patient and family learning needs and provides pertinent information regarding the procedure that is appropriate for age and level of learning to the patient and significant other
    1. Provides verbal education regarding procedure performed that is appropriate for age and level of learning to the patient/significant other.
  10. Completes all documentation forms as required by department.
    1. Completes incident forms and risk management forms in timely manner
    2. Completes patient education forms and discharge forms in timely manner

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Graduate of an accredited discipline specific program and 0 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

Job Radiology/Imaging/Ultrasound

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Vanderbilt Hospital (VUH)

Organization Computed Tomography 201497PI75387769