Grants and Contracts Coordinator

Nashville, Davidson County
Apr 05, 2014


Provide administrative support and coordinate activities and services of Office of Contract and Research Administration (OCRA). Assist in review and verification in central reporting systems; monitor and evaluate budgets for conformance to Institutional policy. Prepare special reports requested by the Director, Associate Director, Assistant Directors, or Manager. Make procedural recommendations. Act as a liaison for OCRA with faculty, staff, and sponsors. Manage various office operations; create correspondence; operate standard office equipment. Maintain data and records to document information necessary to support contracting activities.
Key Functions and Expected Performances:
Contract Intake and Processing Coordination
  • Manage intake of all research and training contract proposals from non-medical departments and units
  • Exercise responsibility for access to and recordkeeping in the KVUe contracts database and the Coeus grant/contract management system
  • Review submissions for compliance with OCRA requirements for contract processing
  • Review for adequacy of documentation, appropriate approvals, contact information for internal and external parties, and scope of work
  • Coordinate directly with faculty/staff regarding instances of incomplete documentation to ensure contract files are complete and accurate
  • Follow up to confirm and document the timeliness and correctness of VU compliance approvals
  • Distribute contract documents to internal and external parties
  • Process all unfunded proposals: responsible for filing and archiving files as needed in accordance with OCRA procedures
Administration of OCRA and University Databases
  • Create new files in database
  • Update contractor reporting databases
  • Develop and maintain ongoing expertise in University grant/contract management systems
  • Validate and continually update information maintained in OCRA and University databases based on most recent developments including: PI, budget, term dates, contract status, next action dates, and tracking information
  • Verify University and OCRA data entries against original documentation
  • Communication and Business Relations
  • Act as a liaison for OCRA with University faculty, staff and external parties
  • Initiate and respond to correspondence from faculty, staff, and external parties regarding processes and status
  • All communication will be professional and reflect positively on VU
Oversight and Financial Budgetary Processes
  • Review internal budget documents for overall accuracy
  • Ensure appropriate restricted budget documentation is received for processing by VU accounting
  • Manage securing documentation or clarification from departments/units as needed
  • Perform budget calculations to develop data input into University financial reporting systems for sponsored projects
  • Ensure data integrity of University database through routine validations
Training and Teamwork
  • Participate in regular work group meetings providing input on workflow and communication issues
  • Coordinate workflow for contract negotiators
  • Routine Office Duties
  • Make travel arrangements and document compliance with VU travel system for OCRA staff.
  • Procure materials necessary to the performance of the office.
  • Other duties as assigned

Basic Qualifications

Preferred Education, Skills, and Experiences:
  • Bachelor's Degree with 3yrs related university experience preferred
  • Para-legal certificate helpful, but not required
  • Familiarity with the COEUS grant/contract management system strongly preferred
  • Familiarity with standard Vanderbilt business processes strongly preferred

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Center Building

Organization Sponsored Research 150440PI75292622