Pharmacy Technician, Specialist

Nashville, Davidson County
Apr 04, 2014


The Pharmacy Technician Specialist is assigned to designated specialty pharmacy areas to support highly focused, highly detailed and/or high risk specialty pharmacy services. Manages work flow to maximize efficiency and quality considering workload priorities regarding the specialty area. Serves as a resource to staff regarding the interpretation of policies and procedures for the specialty area. Coordinates the training for specific specialized pharmacy areas or services.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Assists the pharmacist in the preparation of medications.
    1. Interprets the label, prescription, or medication order and retrieves the correct medication, dose, dosage form, and package size for specialty products.
    2. Prepares specialized sterile products utilizing sterile technique and following standard protocols.
    3. Prepares specialty products and services that require an advanced level of knowledge, extra precautions, and attention to complex details and protocols.
    4. Utilizes an advanced knowledge of processes and systems in the specialty area to identify more complex discrepancies between the label, product, and the prescription or patient order, gathers pertinent information, and communicates these to the pharmacist.
    5. Maintains appropriate preparation documentation records for specialty area.
    6. Repackages medications into a unit dose form both in a patient specific package (extemp prep) as well as in bulk packaging utilizing prepack equipment.
    7. Understands the products and systems utilized in multiple pharmacy areas and effectively provides staffing assistance.
    8. Provides training for specialty products and services.
  2. Assists the Pharmacist in distribution of medications.
    1. Determines the appropriate delivery method for new specialty medications concerning proper handling, regulation, or cost containment.
    2. Meets established guidelines for medication delivery for example STAT and NOW medications.
    3. Makes deliveries that are more complex and utilizes automated delivery systems such that medications are available for the patient in a timely manner.
    4. Demonstrates an advanced level of understanding of the proper placement and storage of specialty medications prior to delivery to ensure security and timeliness of delivery.
    5. Demonstrates an advanced level of understanding of delivery and documentation systems in the specialty area to ensure that medications are available for appropriate administration.
    6. Manages work flow to maximize efficiency and quality considering workload priorities regarding the specialty area.
  3. Provides outstanding customer service
    1. Trains Pharmacy Technicians on efficient workflow including the prioritization of work based on patient need and pharmacy guidelines.
    2. Answers complex questions from customers related to the specialty area and provides assistance to the pharmacy technician and pharmacy technician advanced with more difficult questions.
    3. Triages requests from customers and pharmacy technicians and directs them to the correct resources if unable to complete the request.
    4. Complies with the scope and limitations of the technician functions versus the legal responsibilities of the pharmacist.
    5. Applies complex patient billing processes related to charges and credits in the specialty area.
    6. Communicates with team members as well as others outside the pharmacy department to provide smooth coordinated service to the patient served by the specialty area.
  4. Applies departmental processes regarding inventory control.
    1. Applies departmental processes for inventory control of specialty products with adherence to complex standards and regulations.
    2. Monitors and identifies medications that need to be reordered to prevent outages and shortages according to established departmental guidelines.
    3. Maintains proper control for specialty medications returned to the pharmacy and determines whether it is appropriate to return to stock or waste.
    4. Returns specialty medications to stock in the appropriate storage location.
    5. Retrieves specialty medications that have been recalled or are expired and properly places them for disposal.
    6. Appropriately stores specialty medications according to pharmacy guidelines and manufacturer' recommendations.
  5. Operates computer systems and utilizes technology.
    1. Provides training for computer systems and technology within the specialty work areas.
    2. Effectively operates computer systems and utilizes technology in the specialty areas (s) including pharmacy order entry systems, system printers, automated dispensing devices, and automated storage devices.
    3. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the interaction between various computer systems and technology affecting their assigned work area (s).
    4. Performs any necessary computer order entry for the specialty area.
    5. Independently resolves issues with automated systems in the specialty area.
    6. Communicates with data support specialists or vendor support systems to effectively resolve more complex problems.
  6. Anticipates and identifies problems with processes or systems and clearly exchanges information with pharmacists, customers, and colleagues to resolve problems and assure continuity and quality of service
    1. Identifies problems, when goals are not met, and utilizes problem solving skills to initiate finding solutions to resolve problems.
    2. Clearly and efficiently communicates significant information regarding completion of processes or problem resolution. Takes ownership of problems until resolved.
    3. Independently collaborates with co-workers and customers to resolve problems utilizing appropriate resources.
    4. Accepts discussion regarding handling of problems and provides timely and honest feedback about performance results, opportunities and problems
    5. Provides a role model for Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Technician Advanced on problem resolution.
    6. Continually assesses the daily operational processes to make certain that all procedures are being followed and the final specialty product meets all standards.
    7. Identifies actual and potential problems, barriers to goals, predicts when goals may not be met, facilitates problem resolution and follows through to implement solutions.
  7. Follows established policies and procedures to assure safe and accurate processes.
    1. Participates in reviews of updates to policies and procedures without prompting and demonstrates accountability.
    2. Reviews departmental communication through email, departmental meetings, and in-services without prompting and demonstrates accountability
    3. Serves as a resource to staff regarding the interpretation of policies and procedures for the specialty area
    4. Initiates changes in policies and procedures to improve safety, efficiency, quality of work, or consistency in training in the specialty area
    5. Provides training on pharmacy policies and procedures and completes appropriate competency checks for the specialty area
    6. Assists in the implementation and training of new processes or procedures for the specialty area
    7. Ensures that policies and procedures as well as regulatory standards are followed related to specialty products or services

Basic Qualifications

Job requires High school graduate or GED and 30 months of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Registered Pharmacy Technician

Job Pharmacy

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Vanderbilt Hospital (VUH)

Organization Speciality Pharmacy Services 201416PI75223472