Program Coordinator II

Nashville, Davidson County
Apr 04, 2014


Plans, coordinates and executes either a) events or b) one or more programs/services for Vanderbilt students/staff/faculty or the community at large that impact significant segement of the institution. Events or programs/services are expected to experience significant change, expansion or evolution over time.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Plans and develops the event or program/service in order to meet established goals, objectives and timelines.
    1. Provides input into the establishment of goals and objectives for the event or program/service.
    2. Determines the content and details of the event or program/service.
    3. Continuously compiles, reviews and analyzes event or program/service outcomes against the established goals, objectives, and timelines.
    4. Recommends improvements to the event or program/service.
    5. Researches trends and recommends strategies to promote continued change, growth or expansion of the event or program/service.
    6. Identifies, researches, and selects the facilities necessary for the event or program/service. Schedules facilities as approrpaite.
    7. Solicits volunteers, students and /or other staff members to help in the execution of the event or service.
  2. Develops marketing proposals for one or more program (s).
    1. Determines what marketing efforts are needed and creates budgetary proposals to carry out those marketing efforts.
    2. Designs promotional materials for the event or program/service or contracts with internal or external partners to develop such communications.
    3. Ensures quality, consistency, and effectiveness of all marketing communications.
    4. Acts as a liaison for the event or program/service by answering inquiries, providing information, and addressing concerns.
    5. May act as spokesperson for the event or program/service in local media.
  3. Plans and leads the execution of the event or program/service.
    1. Develops the overall logistical plan necessary to successfully carry out the event or program/service.
    2. Plans the timeline for the set and breakdown of the facilities.
    3. Write specifications, negotiates and monitors agreements for the procurement of services, supplies and equipment, according to University Purchasing policies and guidelines.
    4. Maintains appropriate documentation of the event or program/service to ensure compliance with Vanderbilt policies and procedures, as well as those of the funding source, if external.
    5. Empowered to make on-site decisions to resolves problems brought forth by participants, suppliers and vendors.
  4. Provides budgetary management to the event or program/service.
    1. Creates the budgetary proposal for the event or program/service and secures necessary approvals.
    2. Has responsibility to ensure that the event or program/service is executed on or under budget.
    3. Monitors expenditures and makes decisions on allocation of funds throughout the event or program/service.
    4. Makes purchases and requisitions items needed. May have signature authority for such purchases and requisitions.
    5. May write grant and contract proposals to develop funding sources.
  5. May manage staff, students and volunteers supporting the event or program/service.
    1. Determines appropriate staffing levels for the event or program/service.
    2. Hires, trains and supervises volunteers, student workers, or staff for the event or program/service.
    3. Coordinates or provides for the training of staff as needed.
    4. Makes salary determinations for students and staff in accordance with University policies & practices.
    5. Conducts or contributes to the annual performance evaluations for all staff and student workers.

Preferred Skills:
Mastery of Microsoft PowerPoint is required
Experience designing & maintaining websites is required
Experience with Prezi and SharePoint is preferred
Project management experience is preferred

*There are 2 positions available.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 2 years of experience or the equivalent.

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-VMG Business Office - Blakemore

Organization Ctr for Patient & Professional 104008PI75223423