Research Associate/Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Environmental Sustainability

Chicago, Cook County
Apr 04, 2014
Position Type
Duties and Responsibilities: Loyola University Chicago's new Institute of Environmental Sustainability ( seeks a Research Associate (MS prepared) or Post-Doctoral Fellow for a 3-year position to manage major portions of a large-scale experimental Great Lakes coastal wetland restoration and bioenergy production project. The successful candidate will work with the research team to restore 300 acres of invasive-species dominated coastal wetlands in northern Michigan, with the goals of maximizing biodiversity recovery, ecosystem functioning, and producing energy from the harvested invasive plant biomass. The candidate will manage a complimentary project to advance our understanding of woody invasive species restoration and conversion to energy on an inland wetland at Loyola University's Retreat and Ecology Campus. This is a 3-year full time Research Associate/Post-doctoral fellowship position supported in part by an EPA GLRI research grant. The Research Associate/ Post-doc will report to the Institute of Environmental Sustainability Director, and will begin on June 1, 2014 and end May 31, 2017. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: -Advancing the "Invasives-to-energy" program (spatial analysis, chemical analysis of plant materials, biological methane production potential analysis, seedbank study, buckthorn/ honeysuckle harvest, biodiversity response study, etc.) -Facilitating collaborative research among IES faculty and staff at the Lakeshore Campus and Loyola's Retreat and Ecology Campus to integrate this grant research into the Conservation & Restoration academic program, and advance the Invasives-to-Energy project -Co-managing all aspects of implementing this GLRI project (restoration, bioenergy development, botanical surveys and biodiversity monitoring, etc.) -Oversight, coordination and mentoring of undergrad and grad student researchers -Ordering supplies, managing the budget, hiring student researchers -Statistical analysis and data interpretation, writing some of the manuscripts from the study -Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications: Qualifications: The successful candidate must have a Master's (Research Associate) or PhD (Post-doc) degree in Ecology, Environmental Science, Wetland Ecology, Conservation & Restoration or a related field, with demonstrated competence in field work, research design, sample analyses, statistical analyses and writing manuscripts. Grant writing experience is preferred. The candidate must have excellent written and oral communication skills, strong organizational skills and demonstrate reliability and leadership within a team. Experience mentoring students is preferred.

Preferred Qualifications: