Chief Administrative Officer

Irvine, Orange County
Mar 28, 2014
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Department: Radiological Sciences
Req No.: 2014-0300
Location: UCI Medical Center - Orange

Job Summary

The CAO independently directs the administrative and clinical operations of the Department of Radiology. This position reports directly to the Chairman of the department and indirectly to the Associate Dean of the School of Medicine and receives only minimal direction. Incumbent also works directly with the Clinical/Medical Director, Clinic Supervisor, and indirectly with clinic staff to ensure smooth clinical operations and is patient focused while maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses. Responsibilities include administrative and clinical oversight and management of all budget and financial operations, academic and clinical staff personnel, teaching and medical education programs, contract and grant administration, short and long term planning in all areas of responsibility, professional fee billing, space, facilities and equipment, marketing, and fundraising. Primary responsibilities include establishing and directing management systems to assure the overall control of departmental and clinical operational activities. Technical knowledge in the areas of clinical and laboratory operations, finance, billing, contracts and grants, affiliation agreements, continuing medical education, hospital operations, contracting, managed care, academic and staff personnel, training, clinical research and educational programs is required. The incumbent must provide strong administrative leadership using effective interpersonal skills to diverse constituencies and levels of management and staff, both within and outside the department and outside the University as well.

The CAO is responsible for the budgeting and financial management of the Department of Radiology. This includes the development of a systematic budget and financial review and statistical reporting systems an annual operating budget of $25 million. Incumbent approves all budget submissions, staffing requests, expenditures, and contractual agreements, which involve the Department and the Faculty Practice Group. The CAO establishes and is responsible for all billing policies and functions of all areas of the Department and Group. The CAO is responsible for assessing needs, establishing short and long-term goals, proposing program plans and implementing the procedures to carry out department activities. The CAO advises and makes recommendations to the Chairman on administrative and operational/organizational, program, personnel, budgetary, and financial matters. He/she acts as the department representative and spokesperson for campus administrators, other departments, affiliate institutions, and outside private and governmental agencies. The CAO takes responsibility for interpreting, evaluating and ensuring that proper University policies are adhered to.


Salary: Range $Commensurate with experience

Work Schedule: 8-5, M-F

Career Position.

Final candidate subject to background check.

As a federal contractor, UC Irvine is required to use E-Verify to confirm the work status of individuals assigned to perform substantial work under certain federal contracts/subcontracts.

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Job Description
Job Essential Function 1
Percent of Time: 100%
The Chief Administrative Officer, in conjunction with the Chair, develops a master plan incorporating the short term and the long range goals and objectives of the Department of Radiological Sciences and the implementation plans necessary to achieve those goals and objectives. The CAO directs the full range of administrative and fiscal activities for the department, which is comprised of 46 faculty, 13 staff employees, and 30 volunteer clinical faculty in eight subspecialty divisions: Pediatric Imaging, Abdominal Imaging, Cardiovascular Thoracic Imaging, Breast Imaging, Neuro Imaging, NM/PET Imaging, IR Procedures and Imaging, MSK Imaging.
The CAO has responsibility for the development, implementation and monitoring of policy and procedure for the department, with an operating budget of $25 million.
The CAO is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of all institutional and external compliance programs to insure adherence to Federal, State, local, and institutional regulations affecting all fiscal and administrative activities in the department.
The Administrator will assist the Department Chair in the development and implementation of a strategic plan for the Department. Assist in determining the strengths and weaknesses of the Department and in the development of an organizational structure and faculty recruitment plans and resources to meet the Department s needs.
The Department CAO is responsible for the financial management of a multimillion dollar budget including development and management of an internal relational data base financial system, budgeting, decentralized financial reporting, fund management and coordination of fundraising activities. Fund sources include, but are not limited to, professional fee income, affiliate/contract income, medical center, letter of agreement, county reimbursement agreements, state funds, contracts and grants, and donations. The CAO is responsible for identifying and implementing new funding sources to enhance program
goals and objectives.
The Administrator is responsible for the administrative coordination and maintenance of approximately 30,000 square feet of research and administrative spaces and facilities located in Medical Sciences I, Hewitt Hall, Center of Functional Imaging.  This includes the maintenance, renovation, and the relocation of facilities, support services and equipment.  The Administrator will have direct administrative coordination of the acquisition of minor and major capital equipment purchases in technical/scientific and computer categories.  The Administrator will assist in the development of large equipment proposals for institutional and /or external agency support for equipment acquisition/replacement.  The Administrator is responsible for the annual inventory of all department equipment and for maintaining accurate and detailed records for audit and tracing purposes.  The Administrator is independently responsible for planning and analyzing equipment and space needs for administrative programs (computers, printing equipment, FAX, scanners, copiers, overhead projectors, furnishings, etc.).  The Administrator will oversee the coordination of laboratory renovations and moves for new faculty and/or other academic appointees serving as lead administrative person.  The Administrator will oversee the health, safety and security programs which include: dealing with EH&S compliance issues, emergency preparedness plan, scheduling and enforcing mandatory laboratory and safety training for all employees.  The Administrator will be a member of the Health Sciences Administrators (HAS) Group and is expected to participate in the group on a regular basis as well as on various School of Medicine and Campus-wide committees.

The CAO plans and implements ongoing recruitment for academic personnel, ensuring compliance with affirmative action and academic personnel policies and procedures. The CAO develops resource commitments and participates in negotiation of salaries for new faculty and assesses financial/program impact of new faculty and services. The CAO is responsible for the supervision of the recruitment, advertising, search, hiring and relocation of academic personnel and administers the faculty review, merit, and promotion process. The CAO advises the Chair in matters of salary levels for faculty, develops and implements incentive plans, and monitors academic salary levels for clinical faculty on a national basis to insure competitive compensation arrangements. The CAO is responsible for overall human resource management. The CAO develops long range plans for the staff organization, supervises and directs support staff including recruitment, hiring, work assignments, evaluation, corrective action, and employee development. Included in these responsibilities are the monitoring and enforcing of the quality service/process improvement program, with the guidance of the Dean s Office. Responsible for encouraging effective employee communication systems, enforce established performance standards, adherence to affirmative action goals and objectives as well as ensure compliance with staff personnel policy and collective bargaining agreements.
The Administrator will oversee the contract and grants awards from proposal development/ submission, to award negotiation/administration, to final close out and audit.  Contract and grant support for the department of Radiological Sciences consists of Federal, State, Private and Institutional fund sources.  The Administrator ensures that the staff are responsible for the compliance with variable regulations and reporting requirements governing sponsored projects including policies on fund management and utilization, rebudgeting/prior approval, human and animal subjects, biohazardous materials, recombinant DNA technologies, OMB Circular A-12 Cost Principles, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARS), Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), and Audit Circular OMB A-110, Conflict of Interest Policy, Intellectual Property Rights issues, Federal Demonstration Project (FDP) terms and numerous other institutional and agency policies applicable to sponsored projects.  The Administrator will manage staff members responsible for the preparation and submission of all applications to the campus regular committees including, but not limited to, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the protection of Human Subjects and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IUCAC) for the protection of animal subjects.
The Administrator manages staff members responsible for the administrative coordination and budget development of all extramural research proposals, working with the faculty members to ensure timely submission and processing.  The Administrator will oversee the staff who are reviewing and approving purchase requests made the Principal Investigators (PI) for CAS compliance on contract and grant funds.  The Administrator will oversee the staff who will regularly meet with the PIs to review the budgets and expenditures and develop strategies for the ongoing support of the research projects.  The Administrator will oversee the staff responsible for submission of the Personnel Certification Program as mandated by federal contracts and grants to identify all cost-sharing, and PI and research staff effort spent on a federal research project.  The Administrator will serve as the liaison with the Sponsored Projects Administration, the Dean s Office and the granting agencies to resolve sensitive and sometimes complex administrative problems.

Radiology is highly dependent on electronic information systems and the CAO in conjunction with the Chair is responsible for keeping the Department at the forefront of these changing and evolving technologies, to include a state-of-the-art Radiology Information Systems, Picture Archival Computer Systems, Voice Recognition systems, electronic scheduling systems such as QGENDA, HI-IQ, CodeRyte, Information Cloud technologies such as Life Image, Decision Support systems, SpeechCheck, 3-D Volumetric Imaging, Radimetrics, and the interfaces between them and with the Electronic Medical Record, to name a few.  The CAO acts as the liaison between the Practice and IT and UCI Health Affairs Information Systems as well as Campus computing units and outside vendors.
The CAO is responsible to manage the practice-owned Mobile Imaging business to include billing issues, services level agreements with clients, marketing of the services, negotiating all client contracts for the services and financial auditing for the entity. The CAO, in conjunction with the Chair, is responsible for developing new business relationships for the Practice and negotiating and implementing lease agreements, contractual agreements, equipment purchases as appropriate, and personnel management for all current on-site and potential new off-site locations. The CAO coordinates with UCI Medical Center Ambulatory Administration for program development and is responsible for providing service needs at outlying facilities (i.e., Family Health Center-Santa Ana, Chao Family Comprehensive Clinical Cancer Center, Gottschalk Medical Plaza, Student Health Service and Beckman Laser Institute). The CAO, in conjunction with the Chair, negotiates service contracts and reimbursement levels for Radiological Sciences services at these sites and advises Ambulatory Administration on department specific issues.
The CAO will be responsible for: managing the professional fee billing activity for Radiological Sciences generated by the department teaching program and the Faculty Practice Group  the department s current professional fee charges are billed through Physicians Billing Group; ensuring an amicable and efficient integration of School of Medicine staff with Hospital clinic staff to improve the billing and collection process; ongoing communication with the faculty to ensure maximum reporting of billable services and performance in their clinical duties; monitoring and following up on billing patterns related to coding, compliance, timely submission of charges, lag days, accuracy of information submitted to the billing unit to improve the billing and collection process;  ongoing communication with the faculty to ensure maximum reporting of billable services and performance in their clinical duties; rate structure analysis and rate setting for professional fees in order to maximize cost recovery and to meet expenditure needs; implementing changes in charges based on analysis of current market review and reimbursement trends; insuring that adequate records are maintained to comply with accounting and auditing regulations; and monitoring patient care accessibility for all faculty and for making recommendations to the Chair when access issues and/or non-compliance issues arise.
The CAO will be responsible for: planning and development of academic and service programs involving assessment and planning of space and equipment needs, academic and staff personnel requirements, organization and expansion of medical services, educational programs, research, development of special programs as a result of needs analysis (i.e., outreach), identification and development of financial and resource bases; and planning, developing and organizing services and programs which require coordination at community, interdepartmental departmental and/or hospital levels.
The Cao will be responsible for: all administrative aspects of the resident and medical student educational programs; developing departmental administrative policies and procedures to insure that educational requirements are met for fellows, residents, and medical students; coordinating with affiliate programs to insure compliance with ACGME, LCME, RRC, and other regulatory agencies; interfacing with UCI Medical Center to facilitate administration of resource and space needs to meet ACGME requirements for residency program accreditation; activity in the outpatient clinic in regard to attending physician availability; and documentation of residents billing activity; providing statistical information for site reviews.
Ability to develop short and long range plans utilizing multiple resources in a complex environment 2. Ability to analyze complex problems or issues and formulate options and/or solutions in multiple areas such as human resources, finance, planning, space, etc.
Ability to prepare and write business plans, pro formas
Proven management skills to be able to direct multiple operations at varied locations
Effective communication skills, both verbal and written
Proven financial skills to be able to forecast fiscal viability with multiple funding sources
Ability to engage in public contact work and public speaking
Proven negotiation skills
Ability to exhibit tact and diplomacy in sensitive situations
Demonstrated leadership skills to motivate and direct staff
University policies and procedures in budgeting, accounting, academic personnel, human resources, facilities management, contract & grant administration, research administration.
School of Medicine policies regarding medical education and clinical research
Information systems, organizational development policies, and workflow systems
Proven Radiology practice management, including staffing for professional and para-professional positions
Professional fee billing policies and procedures.
Medicare, Medi-Cal, and third party reimbursement policies
CMS regulations, particularly as they apply to teaching hospitals
Mobile Imaging Service for SNFs administration
JCAHO requirements
Corporate Compliance policies
State and Federal specialty, safety to include JCAHO, NMTCB, NRC and CA Health Department and regulatory requirements to include HIPAA, Dose Reduction / ALARA principles
AAARAD Radiology practice benchmarking and ACGME policies and requirements for Residency and Fellowship programs in Radiology
Familiarity with hospital administration
Minimum ten years of relevant work experience with minimum of a BA/BS,
Contracts and Grants experience with pre-award, submission and post-award processes,
Foundation and Advancement   proven fundraiser.
Below are general guidelines on the position's physical, mental, and environmental working conditions.
In accordance with applicable state and federal law, UCI provides reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities upon request. For more information, please contact Human Resources at (949) 824-5210.
Bend: Occasionally
Squat: Occasionally
Crawl: Not Applicable
Climb: Not Applicable
Kneel: Occasionally
Handle Objects: Occasionally
Push/Pull: Occasionally
Reach Above Shoulder Level: Occasionally
Sit: Frequently
Stand: Frequently
Walk: Frequently
Use Fine Finger Movements: Frequently
Carry/Lift Loads up to 25 Pounds: Occasionally
Carry/Lift loads between 25-50 lbs: Not Applicable
Carry/Lift Loads over 50 Pounds: Not Applicable
Read/Comprehend: Frequently
Write: Frequently
Perform Calculations: Occasionally
Communicate Orally: Frequently
Reason and Analyze: Frequently
Chemical/Biological Agent: Not Applicable
Construction Activities: Not Applicable
Contact with Water/Liquids: Not Applicable
Drive Motorized Equipment: Not Applicable
Confined Spaces: Not Applicable
Elevated Work Location: Not Applicable
Radioactive Materials: Not Applicable
Temperature Variations: Not Applicable
Gas System: Not Applicable