Assoc Ath Dir/Special Asst to AD

Chapel Hill, Orange County
Mar 28, 2014

Department: Ath Director of Athletics

Application Deadline: 05/03/2014

Position Summary: The position serves as Associate Director of Athletics and Special Assistant to the Director of Athletics providing support in making executive decisions and completing projects. These projects relate to staffing, business contracts, meeting deadlines and implementation of efficiency strategies and systems related to the Department of Athletics strategic plan and program goals. Responsible for leading the Sport Administration Intern Program that includes mentoring, advising and leading seminars on various facets of sport administration. Assist the Director in planning and carrying out a variety of strategic plans and policy activities. Perform public relations duties with faculty, students, contributors, alumni, University administrators and ACC, NCAA conference representatives. Represents the Athletic Department and Athletic Director on various University, ACC and NCAA committees.

Education Requirements: Bachelor's degree from an accredited University in a relevant field of study. Masters preferred.

Qualification and Experience: 3 to 5 years of substantial experience in an intercollegiate Athletic environment, or University community, or a combination of related experience in an organization of similar scope and complexity as the Athletic Department at UNC-Chapel Hill. Demonstrated public relations skills, organizational skills and relevant experience in athletic administration, record of leadership in administration and strategic planning, supervisory and organizational skills, demonstrated commitment to inclusion, community, diversity and gender equity. Exemplary record of interpersonal and communication skills. Successful candidate will be a person of integrity with high ethical and moral standards who exhibits a strict adherence to NCAA, ACC, University, and Departmental rules and regulations. Exemplary record of interpersonal and communication skills.

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