Job Summary This position supervises graduate students, undergraduates, post docs, visiting professionals and work study students. It coordinates research in the Woods lab and participates in all collaborative work with companies and other academic laboratories. Responsible for lab supply ordering, receiving and bookkeeping. Will ensure all visiting professionals, undergraduate students and others receive proper training in techniques and safety, will assess and advise on proper attendance and appropriate performance. Will coordinate the allocation of laboratory resources, such as bench and desk space. Supervision and training of post docs and graduate students and work study students in performing data entry and database curation. Assist in grant and manuscript outlining, generation of figures and proof reading. Responsible for ensuring equipment maintenance and calibration is performed as necessary and will oversee day to day operations in laboratory including the assignment of general laboratory duties, assuring a safe, clean and collegial working environment. Will oversee the annotating and archiving of all computer generated data relevant to manuscripts and grants (primarily from computer simulation).

Minimum Qualifications Bachelors degree and 4 years experience or equivalent combination required. Specialty certification may be required. Masters degree preferred Area-specific certification (i.e.; SCUBA) and training may be required. Other training will be provided as appropriate (i.e.; UGA HazMat training and/or Radiation Worker).