Area Coordinator

United States, North America
Mar 26, 2014
Administrative Jobs
Student Affairs, Residence Life
Primary focus of position is to coordinate the student staff in two residence halls, provide counseling and conflict management support, direct the student development activities and services with an emphasis on residence education, academic support and a Living Learning philosophy.

Staff Supervision and Staff Development
Provide supervision and guidance to student staff, including RAs and Assistant Area Coordinators on a daily basis, as needed, with regard to student development and intervention strategies.  Provide counseling or other direct service where necessary for students individual and group issues, problems, or concerns. 

Meet weekly with Senior Resident Advisor to provide guidance, assess needs, and evaluate concerns for each of their facilities and student residents. Provide guidance and supervision to Assistant Area Coordinators and to Resident Advisors with regard to job performance.   
Provide counseling, guidance, or other services regarding specific problem situations, such as roommate conflicts, individual student concerns, etc.  Provide direct, informal counseling to students with personal concerns where appropriate.  Develop and carry out intervention strategies for various student needs.  Act as a referral agent for areas of concern outside of housing, such as academics, counseling center, financial aid, etc.
Evaluate Senior Resident Advisor formally each semester. Co Evaluate RAs twice per semester. 
Develop strategies and concepts that promote staff team spirit and effective work relationships. Plan and implement regular staff committees and involvements.
Supervise student staff participation in administrative processes, such as semester check in and check out, room inspections, surveys, etc.
Oversee the overall implementation of a budget of approximately 10,000 dollars

Living Learning and Departmental Programming
Serve as a liaison for the Department for campus wide programming initiatives.
Facilitate relationships with faculty and recruit them to program in the residence halls.
Coordinate the SRA and RA living learning initiatives program.
Serve as the co coordinator of all training for SRA and RAs.
Assist with the social media for the Department.

Staff Training and Education
Coordinate and help administer all staff training and education activities. 
Co facilitate and teach the fall or spring semester Resident Advisor training class or Retreat Mentor program.  Evaluate and select course content and other training components.
Assist with the coordination pre fall semester staff training to include Senior Resident Advisor training, 7 day training and Resident Advisor training, 10 day training.  Assist with evaluating and selecting training components, content, guest speakers, facility arrangements, meals, and other logistical aspects of training.
Help plan and implement January training.
Work cooperatively with the Assistant Directors of Residence Life to support and promote the Living Learning philosophy and concepts in the scope and functions of the Assistant Area Coordinator and Resident Advisor position. 
Incorporate elements of the Living Learning philosophy in to the formal RA training program, including the RA class, fall training and in service activities.
Provide individual guidance and consultation to RAs and SRAs on how to respond to students academic needs.

Administration of Judicial Process and Crisis Management
Adjudicate low level student violations of University and Housing and Residence Life Policy.
Document and maintain appropriate records of judicial activity.
Work cooperatively with the Counseling Center, Health Services, Campus Safety, Student Activities, First Year Programs, and the Dean of Students Office to resolve student conflicts and crises.
Serve on central staff team to resolve and address student issues.
Read and respond to Student Report Forms and Judicial Referrals.

Housing Administration
Participate in the overall administration of the campus housing program.

Work cooperatively with the Director level staff to set and maintain quality standards for the total residential environment, with a major emphasis on Living Learning concepts and promoting student success through positive residential experiences.
Participate in the implementation of departmental policies and procedures.
Represent the Department of Housing and Residence Life on various university committees. 
Participate in the planning and coordination of housing and campus events such as Halloween Carnival, Homecoming, Open House, etc.
Advise Departmental committees such as Eagle Pride, Training, and HRL Social Engagement.
Participate in Housing and Residence Lifes emergency response on call rotation.
Provide support and guidance for departmental activities such as check in, room selection, etc.

Support and assist with Senior Resident Advisor and Resident Advisor Selection.
Work collaboratively with the Residence Life Staff to design a timeline for all selection processes.
Assist with the coordination of interview schedules.
Assist with all recruitment processes.
Other duties as assigned.

Supervises 2 Senior Resident Advisors and approximately 20 Resident Advisors. When needed, supervise the entire Residence Life student staff.