Dean, Conference & Culinary Services

Eugene, Lane County
Mar 24, 2014
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Lane Community College

Job Title:
Dean Conference & Culinary Services

Department /Division:
Conference and Culinary Services

Applicant Notification:
Position Information
CCS is seeking a participatory and collaborative entrepreneur with culinary & hospitality instruction and food services management experience. The selected candidate will demonstrate the ability to develop partnerships with the community and college, and support sustainability in all division responsibilities.

The qualified candidate will have event management, long-term planning and budget experience that will support the growth of the division in both daily work and in a capital campaign. The candidate shall demonstrate a leadership style that is approachable, communicative and embodies the principals of social justice while engendering a collegial environment that fosters inclusiveness and teamwork.

Diversity Recruitment
As a vibrant educational institution, Lane is continuing to attract and retain a diverse student population. We are seeking qualified staff and educators to meet this need. Preferred candidates will be able to demonstrate active dedication to enhancing diversity and the role-modeling of cultural competency. Bilingual skills in Asian and Spanish languages is strongly desired.

How do I monitor my application?
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1. Enter the e-mail address into your safe sending list. Notifications will be sent toward the end of search process.
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Applicants must complete the Lane online application in full. See applicant instructions for how to apply.

Location: Main Campus

Classification: Management

Position Type: Management

Anticipated Start Date: On or before July 1, 2014

Salary/Wage: Annual

Salary/Wage Range: $61,050 - $98,550 (Management Salary Band 4b)
Salary/Compensation Statement:
In addition to salary, an excellent benefit package is provided.

To view our comprehensive benefits and the Management Employee Working Agreement visit at All employees are compensated through electronic direct deposit.

Working Schedule:
Full time. Weekends and evenings may be required. This position may require travel.

FLSA: Exempt

Position Status: Permanent

Full/Part: Full-Time

Annual Schedule: 260 Day (12 Month)

Annual Schedule Details:

Quicklink for Posting:


Posting Date: 03/20/2014

Closing Date: 04/15/2014

Applicant Pool: No

Open Until Filled: No


Required Education:

Master’s Degree from an accredited institution, directly related to essential functions of position with proven education or experience managing for-profit operations.
Required Experience:

Three (3) years progressively responsible experience in business management in Food Service, Restaurant, Hotels, Resorts, Conference Facilities, or other hospitality venues in private or public sectors.

**This experience must include direct supervisory experience, budget management, and revenue generation.


Preferred Education

**Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is preferred
**Education in Foodservices, Culinary Arts, and/or Hospitality Management is preferred.

Preferred Experience

• Experience participating or leading instructional programs

• Experience managing conference services (convention bureaus, hotel, event coordination)

• Experience developing sustainable standard operating procedures and/or programs

• Institutional food service

• Experience managing in an unionized institution

Bilingual/Multicultural Statement:
Bilingual proficiency in Spanish/Asian languages and multicultural experience is preferred. A demonstrated commitment to promote and enhance diversity is expected.

Equivalency Statement:
Equivalent combination of training and experience will be considered for meeting minimum qualifications. Applicants are responsible to show how their personal training and experience would qualify them for the position.

Position Purpose:


Provide overall leadership and administration for the Conference, Culinary, and Food Services Division, within a shared governance structure, according to the vision, mission, and policy of the College.

This position has the primary responsibility for the optimal and profitable performance of the Division as a revenue generator for the College.

Essential Functions:


Administrative Leadership
• Ensure optimal and profitable performance including fiscal sustainability through revenue generation and resource management

• Develop, recommend, and monitor multiple budgets; development of short and long-range comprehensive business plans

• Foster internal and external partnerships with the business community, community organizations, and the public sector, that promotes services and generates revenue for the Division; including negotiation of grants and contracts with potential community partners to generate revenue and enhance services

• Develop and promote sustainable practices throughout the division and in collaboration with college staff

• Analyze sales, revenue, and labor cost data to determine trends and anticipate needs. Develop revenue forecasts and expenditure projections using budget and financial information

• Assure program is meeting standards and competencies set for faculty, curriculum and student services by American Culinary Federation Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC).

* Support and expand Event Management, resource ideas and approaches with staff

* Provide oversight and leadership support for College Food Services; encourage creativity and innovation in a financially sustainable manner.

Instructional Responsibilities
• Leadership in of the CAHM Programs, including program and curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation.

• Lead the Culinary and Hospitality Services accreditation process; meeting the American Culinary Federation standards and Commission of Accreditation in Hospitality Management (CAHM) overseeing comprehensive self-study procedures, and ensuring compliance

• Effective and participatory leadership for service, learning-focused curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation for the CAHM programs

• Maintain an organizational climate that trains, empowers and supports staff in accomplishing instructional and service goals and objectives.

Leadership in College & Division
• Support and implement the College’s strategic initiatives direction in planning and execution in state of the art technologies for instruction and student services

• Develop systems, policies and practices to ensure an outstanding customer service experience for students, faculty, and staff

• Promote excellence in Division personnel through recruitment, selection, evaluation, as well as acknowledgement and promotion of professional development of full-time and part-time faculty and staff

• Provide leadership in developing external partnerships with the community, national organizations, and the public sector, which promotes services and generates revenue for the Division; professional representation of the college and division through attendance and participation in industry related activities

• Work collaboratively within the College and with the Executive Dean of Student Affairs to provide leadership on issues related to student retention and success

• Responsible for the administration and maintenance of collectively bargained contracts

Cultural Competency/Diversity
* Demonstrate Lane’s core value of Diversity by modeling and ensuring diversity and cultural competency (respect, inclusiveness, reflecting, valuing and welcoming of cultural differences) in all position responsibilities regardless of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, social class, marital status, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, nationality, age, language, origin or employment status.
* Provide leadership to promote and facilitate faculty and staff awareness in developing multicultural and diversity-based curricula. Provide leadership in the implementation of Division and College-wide diversity initiatives.

Other duties as assigned.

Supervision Statement:
Reports to the Executive Dean of Career and Technical Programs.

Physical Demands/Working Environment:
Work Safely and ability to perform normal work activities in the areas of instruction, foodservices and oversight; lift or transport up to 25lbs; stand or sit for extended periods of time; work on a computer for more than one hour a day.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities:


• Analytical Thinking
• Building Relationships
• Teamwork
• Process Improvement
• Supervision and Leadership
• Strategic Project Management
• Knowledge of instructional design, delivery and learning theory
• Ability to lead and manage change
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Knowledgeable about Technology and it’s use in Education
• Understanding and practice of fiscal and environmental sustainability

Demonstrated Ability to:
•build consensus and positive relationships based on trust, predictability and communication of acceptable service level agreements.

Knowledge of & Skill in:
• effective management, training and supervision of faculty and staff
• supervisory practices and issues in a unionized environment.
• professional written and verbal communications skills with a demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and make difficult concepts easy to understand.
• developing, monitoring, and/or encouraging the negotiation of grants and contracts with potential community partners to generate revenue and enhance services.
• facilitating the preparation and development of budgets for the Division and administrating it within available resources.
• communicating and fostering a shared vision by setting clear, challenging, obtainable, and measurable goals within and among the departments of the division.
Applicant Instructions:

To be considered a candidate for this position, all of the following must be included in the application package:

1. Complete the entire application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

2. Cover Letter: Describe how you meet the minimum qualifications.

3. CV: Provide a comprehensive CV including related experience and education, community networking and volunteer experiences.

3. Additional Document:
(attach electronically, 1 page maximum. size 12 font, 1.5 spacing)
Discuss your experience and outcomes achieved in generating revenue and/or managing a for-profit business. Include information on the key factors you feel are necessary for quality products, customer service, and financial sustainability.

4. Transcripts – Required for consideration
Submit an electronic copy (strongly preferred) of all post-secondary institutions; may also fax or mail in by closing date.
*Attach transcripts using the fields marked “Optional Transcripts” on the documents page.

5. References -
As part of the application provide, names, contact information, and relationship of 5 work related references.

No paper applications or vitae accepted.
•Letters of Reference are not accepted, we will contact your references via telephone if you are a finalist.
•Additional documents other than those requested will not be considered.

Questions? For online program contact 541-463-5586

Position Questions? call LynnMarie 541-463-5111,

Transcript Instructions:

TRANSCRIPTS ARE REQUIRED – submit the required unofficial transcripts either by attachment, fax, delivery or by mail at the time of your application:

To attach documents use the transcript fields under the optional category.

Human Resources
Lane Community College
Attn: LynnMarie, CCS Dean
4000 E 30th Ave
Building #3/ 1st Floor
Eugene OR 97405
Fax: (541) 463-3970

In order to be considered for the position transcripts must be provided. Sealed, official transcripts will be required if you are the selected candidate for the position.
College and Division Information:

Division Information
•The Dean oversees the Center for Meeting and Learning, the Colleges Foodservices Department, and the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program.
•The Center for Meeting and Learning is a modern educational conferencing area designed and built for the college and the community. Foodservices provides three dining areas with food and beverage for students, faculty and staff.
•The Culinary Program is accredited with the American Culinary Federation Foundation and both it and the Hospitality Program are located in modern and state-of-the-art facilities.
•The Hospitality Management curriculum focuses on the management aspects of today’s exciting hospitality industry: lodging, meeting and convention management, food and beverage, travel and tourism, and recreation and leisure. Our Hospitality Management Program is accredited through the CAHM (Commission of Accreditation in Hospitality Management).

Union Association: Managers Working Agreement