Director - Disability Support Services

Seattle, King County
Mar 21, 2014
The Director of Disability Support Services is a full-time, exempt position at South Seattle Community College and is responsible for the leadership, coordination, and strategic planning and direction for the College's Disability Support and Interpreting Services. The position also serves as the College's Title II and Section 504 compliance officer. Through legally mandated accommodations, this position designs, develops and implements a comprehensive program of services to meet the needs of students with disabilities within the framework of federal regulations, the College's Mission, and available financial resources. As a member of the Student Services Division, the Director will work closely with the Associate Dean and College Departments to ensure all State and Federal regulations surrounding the services and support of students with disabilities are being met and complied with. Seattle Community Colleges are committed to recruiting dedicated faculty and staff who together create a welcoming academic climate that reflects the diverse backgrounds of our community, including ethnicity, national origin, religion, race, gender, gender identity, age, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, disability, political status, and sexual orientation. The Seattle Community College District is currently engaged in a union organizing effort involving its exempt employees. If the union is certified to represent certain exempt employees, the District will engage in collective bargaining with the union on mandatory subjects including wages, benefits, and working conditions. Essential Functions: •Provide leadership to the South Seattle Community College campus regarding program content, policies and procedures, and compliance for the Disability Support Services department. •Interpret, advise and implement policy and procedures in order to comply with federal and state laws with regards to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, the Washington Core Services (RCW28B.1 0.910-916). •Through student interviews/intake, evaluate and interpret student disability documentation to determine eligibility and appropriate accommodations. In consultation with staff and faculty, develop, implement and oversee formal written accommodation plans for each qualified DSS student. •Collaborate with the Office of Instruction, Deans and Directors, Student Services, and Faculty to ensure that equal access and opportunity to students is being adhere to in the academic classroom. •Supervise recruitment, interviewing, hiring, orientation, training, and evaluation of DSS personnel who provide services such as program coordination, visual or sign-language interpreters, mobility assistance, testing assistance, readers, scribes or proctors. •Advise the Associate Dean on matters pertaining to disability support services while ensuring compliance with ADA regulations. •Develop and provide workshops/seminars, and other training opportunities for College Administrators, Faculty and Staff on the functions and requirements of the Disability SupportServices office. •Responsible for all DSS records (paper and electronic) documentation and information, with a high level of attention to confidentiality and in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). •Responsible for maintaining and updating departmental information through the web-site, brochures, faculty and student handbooks, along with other publications. •Develop and submit annual budgets. Manage and monitor annual budget. •Serve on campus CARE Team (Behavioral Intervention). •Participate and attend in campus and district meetings and committees. •Serve on other campus, district, state, regional or national associations or committees, as assigned or approved. •Administer continual program improvement efforts; including program evaluation, assessment and revision. •Problem solve with students regarding accommodation needs. •Coach students with learning disabilities regarding strategies and skills such as time management and problem solving. Required Education, Experience & Abilities: •Master's degree required in student development, social work, counseling, disability studies, education, or related field from an accredited institution. •Three years of experience in an education setting providing direct service to students with disabilities. •Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, establish objectives and priorities, implement plans and achieve goals within a complex organization. •Familiarity and working knowledge of ADA, Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, the Washington Core Services (RCW28B.10.910-916, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). •Demonstrated ability to effectively supervise, lead and direct staff and a department. •Ability to work independently as well as a team member. •Excellent verbal and written communication skills. •Extensive knowledge of available assistive technologies and systems used for supporting students with disabilities. •Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT and personal computers. Preferred Qualifications: •Three years of professional experience in a college or university setting. •Experience working with diverse and underrepresented student populations. •Assessment and budget oversight. •Proven track record of strong organizational, communication, follow-through, and problemsolving abilities. •Knowledge of community resources and referral network supporting students with disabilities.