Instructional Designer

Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County
Mar 21, 2014
Major Duties: - Leads the design and development of e-learning courses. Assists instructors with the application of instructional design theory, instructional design principles, learning theory, instructional technology, and adult learning theory in course development. - Collaborates with and provides instructional design expertise to instructors and the course development team in order to establish pedagogically sound online learning experiences. Promotes effective learning strategies and instructional technologies in online learning environments. - Assists in creating and maintaining quality assurance and assessment criteria for evaluation of instructional strategies and online course delivery outcomes. - Develops, coordinates, and conducts regular instructional design training for e-learning stakeholders. Creates and demonstrates exemplary learning objects and outcomes measurement tools for stakeholders engaged in online education. - Collaborates with instructors and provides expertise on creation of course storyboards and course design documents. Provides quality assurance on course design plans and instructional materials. - Creates and analyzes assessments to evaluate learning effectiveness, instructional, and course development improvement opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications: - Master's degree in related field. - One year experience of designing and developing online instructional materials and courses. - Knowledge of instructional design, adult learning theories, and assessment methods. - Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills. - Excellent organizational skills. - May be required to work weekends and/or evenings.