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Mar 20, 2014
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Santiago Canyon College

Position Type:  
Academic Administrator

Serves as chief executive officer of the college with overall responsibility to the Chancellor for all aspects of the planning, leadership, funding, staffing, facilities, and delivery of all educational programs and institutional services in the college service area, including staffing, employer-employee relations, student services and activities, and student achievement and success. Responsible for the safety, security and preservation of the college’s human and fiscal resources. Recommends and executes Board policy, rules, and regulations of the district, and performs other duties as assigned by the Chancellor. 


Overall responsibility for the scheduling, staffing, facility use and the quality of the college’s instructional programs and services. Identifies and seeks opportunities to maximize the academic performance of students. Identifies methods for increasing and maximizing funding sources for credit and non-credit programs; seeks and identifies opportunities for the delivery of new programs and services; assures that programs adequately respond to the needs of the culturally diverse population served.

Directs the selection of qualified and diverse faculty and staff, effective evaluation processes, and professional development activities. Effectively recommends the hire, transfer, lay-off, promotion, discipline, and evaluation of assigned personnel; administers collective bargaining agreements and district policies, rules and regulations. 

Responsible for the preparation, submission and administration of an annual budget for the college; pursues opportunities to maximize state funding and develops alternative funding sources for current and future programs, services and activities. 

Must be a visible and articulate representative of the college and district in order to create goodwill, form partnerships and cultivate resources; assists the Chancellor in community relations and public information, and resolves complaints made by the public. 

Significant responsibility to provide clear direction and leadership regarding college and district plans and goals, to communicate plans and goals to community, faculty, staff and administrators, and to assist the Chancellor to provide and communicate a plan for evaluating progress toward those goals. 

Job Qualifications: 

Minimum Qualifications:
The position requires a master’s degree from an accredited institution; demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of community college students; and substantial and current administrative experience in higher education.

Desired Qualifications:
Experience as a faculty member and senior-level administrator in a community college and/or other accredited, post-secondary institution.

Required Skills:
Ability to plan, organize and provide leadership for all aspects of the college’s programs and services. Serve as an advocate for the college and district at the local, state and national levels. 

The successful candidate must possess the following:

• The ability to communicate effectively with college and community groups, including the Board of Trustees, faculty, and students.

• The ability to resolve conflicts and disputes, investigate, evaluate and recommend resolutions to grievances, claims and complaints, and analyze and apply laws, rules, regulations and policies.

• An understanding of or the ability to quickly learn the California Education Code and other applicable laws and regulations.

• The ability to establish good community relationships and enhance the reputation and resources of the college through successful fund-raising activities.

• Demonstrated experience working in a diverse/complex cultural setting.

• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the dynamic and changing environment in educational and information technology.
The President will….
• Serve as a strong advocate for the college.

• Build trust among all constituencies in the college and district through a commitment to transparency and participatory governance.

• Encourage staff participation in institutional programs and community activities.

• Provide leadership in institutional management and development; contribute to local, state and national educational organizations; and lead the development of innovative educational programs.

• Demonstrate commitment to creative organizational leadership.

• Applications and nominations are solicited.

• To be considered for this position, applicants must submit, in electronic form, a letter of application, preferably five pages or less. Candidates should succinctly state how they would address the requirements of the position. Applicants should cite specific examples that demonstrate the knowledge and expertise necessary for this position, indicating to what extent personal characteristics, professional skills and competencies match those sought for this position. In addition, applicants must submit a current resumé to include the names, business and home telephone numbers of eight references, including two supervisors, two subordinates (including one support staff member), two faculty and two community members. Preferably, references are to be from current and former institutions. References will not be contacted without the candidate's permission.

• Nominations should be submitted to the District’s search consultant and should include the full name and address of the proposed candidate and other pertinent information that may be known by the nominator.

• If you are interested in applying for this position, visit: All application materials must be submitted electronically.
Please upload the following application materials, as described above, in the appropriate boxes after you submit your online application:

- Resume (Required)
- Letter of application, preferably five pages or less (Required)
- Any additional supplemental materials (Optional)

This position is open until filled. It is anticipated that the review of application materials will begin by April 28, 2014. Applicants are urged to submit all required materials prior to that date in order to ensure inclusion in the review process. It is the District’s intention to complete the selection process by June 30, 2014.