Behavioral Health Program Director

Aurora, Arapahoe County
Mar 19, 2014

Posting Description: The following general criteria summarize the position's primary responsibilities (to be modified as necessary in response to a changing clinical, administrative, or funding landscape).
Examples of Work Performed:
*MANAGEMENT* The principle responsibility of the Behavioral Health Program Director is to oversee the administration of those services noted above, including fiscal budgeting and supervision of clinical programs. This position will ensure SHS behavioral health programs operate within budgeted revenues, providing solutions and responding to budget shortfalls. This position shall be vigilant of potential new revenue streams and respond to these as appropriate (e.g., grants, contracts, managed care contracts, governmental relations, etc.). This position will ensure compliance with third party reimbursement and client fee collections.
*CLINICAL CARE* The Behavioral Health Program Director will directly provide or delegate (when necessary) appropriate professional supervision for counselors located within the SHS clinics. The Behavioral Health Program Director will ensure that all licensing, regulatory and clinical protocols are in full compliance. The Behavioral Health Program Director will be responsible for adjusting treatment methods and technologies, as indicated by available resources and clinical research. 60% of this position is expected to be in direct clinical care.
*AUDITS/COMPLIANCE* The Behavioral Health Program Director will be responsible to ensure that behavioral health services follow all rules and standards as required by various funding streams. Including, but not limited to, Medicaid , OBH, CDPHE, HRSA, and foundation funding. This may be modified as necessary in response to changing oversight agencies or funding streams.
*MISCELLANEOUS* May be required to serve in other administrative roles beyond those described above.

Minimum Qualifications: *MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:*

  • Master's degree and clinical licensure as an LCSW, LPC, or psychologist with a minimum of 5-years of experience in direct services and 3-years of experience as a clinical supervisor.
  • Possession of a CACII, CACIII or LAC.
  • Experience successfully navigating program compliance and audits and 2+ years of billing and reporting experience.
  • Must be fluent in English and Spanish

    Required Competencies/Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: *COMPETENCIES / KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:*

    • Ability to document in electronic medical record, Excel and Access databases.
    • Effective communication and presentation skills and a proven track record of building and sustaining effective collaborations and working relationships.
    • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with a diverse population of staff, faculty, community members, and clients.
    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of primary care-behavioral health integrated programs, including fundamental elements of co-located and/or fully integrated services.
    • Familiarity with population-based interventions, as well as consultation and liaison skills, and familiarity with evidenced based brief interventions such as cognitive-behavioral techniques.
    • Medical Literacy, as demonstrated by familiarity with common medical terms, front-line psychiatric medications, understanding of medical culture, and previous experience as part of interdisciplinary treatment teams.
    • Cultural Competency for under-served populations
    • Ability to lead teams and establish policies and procedures

      Desired Qualifications: *PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS:*

      • Prior experience working in a primary care or school based health center setting using a brief model of service delivery.
      • Demonstrated experience in providing clinical services using behavioral health treatment modalities to address issues like management of chronic diseases, tobacco cessation, stress management, etc.

        Campus: Anschutz Medical Campus