Clinical Supply Specialist II (Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-6:30 pm)

Nashville, Davidson County
Mar 19, 2014


Directly responsible for performing tasks associated with the dispensing of medical-surgical supplies, patient care equipment and medical implants. Ensures appropriate supplies are purchased, received, inventory levels are maintained, and patient charges are captured. The Supply Technician is also responsible for conducting physical inventories of all supply areas according to the defined schedule.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Provide materials requested for patient medical care.
    1. Process requests generated from clinicians for supplies and equipment.
    2. Deliver supply requests in an accurate and timely manner.
    3. React appropriately to stock outs,critical levels and all emergency supply situations.
    4. Assemble case carts according to surgical preference cards.
    5. Drive VUMC equipment (such as truck or tow motor) as needed following all safety guidelines.
    6. Deliver case carts, supplies, and instruments to requested destinations as needed.
  2. Receive all medical-surgical supplies and equipment.
    1. Utilize the appropriate materials management systems to receive supplies and update on hand inventory.
    2. File receiving documentation according to policy.
    3. Follow policy and procedure for receipt of all implants to include bone and tissue.
  3. Ensure appropriate on hand inventory levels are maintained.
    1. Conduct inventory counts according to schedule.
    2. Generate orders based on usage and determined par levels.
  4. Maintain work environment in a safe, clean, orderly manner.
    1. Ensure all locations have appropriate barcodes and locators assigned.
    2. Ensure stock is replenished to assigned location.
    3. Rotate stock and check for expired product.
    4. Follow all safety procedures in handing supplies and equipment.
  5. Maintain appropriate supply chain records and documentation.
    1. Directly responsible for capturing patient charges for all medical-surgical supplies.
    2. Cross reference supplies between departments as appropriate.
    3. Follow procedures to track supplies borrowed or loaned to surrounding hospitals.
    4. Process all returns according to policy.
  6. Serves as a preceptor for new employees.
    1. Teaches proper methods of assembling surgery carts according to departmental standards.
    2. Teaches proper methods of maintaining inventory according to departmental standards.
    3. Provides a positive role model in time, attendance and performance.
  7. Finish Case Carts
    1. Complete the case cart by adding all appropriate supplies per the DPC.
    2. Seal the cart and stage the cart in the finished area.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires High school graduate or GED and 6 months of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

TN Drivers License

Job Supply/Equipment

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Vanderbilt Hospital (VUH)

Organization OR Service Ctrs. 201189PI74340132