Animal Care Technician I

Nashville, Davidson County
Mar 19, 2014


To care for laboratory animals through effective use of facilities, environmental controls, and animal husbandry techniques in accordance with division standard operating procedures.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  • CLEANING: Participates in the cleaning and maintenance of animal quarters.
    • Rotates animal cages and racks for cleaning following established schedule.
    • Houses animals in caging systems that control disease transmission at the cage level and perform aseptic caging changing techniques.
    • Sweeps and mops animal quarters thoroughly.
    • Disinfects walls and sanitizes animal quarters using appropriate compounds and techniques.
    • Performs additional cleaning of area as required, or upon request.
    • Follows SOPs for all species regarding cage changing and room cleaning.
    • Notifies immediate supervisor of any variance from assigned room cleaning schedule.
    • Maintains assigned work area in a neat an orderly manner
  • ANIMAL CARE: Provides routine care of research animals
    • Provides adequate food and water as required.
    • Checks animals daily to identify sick animals, notifies veterinary technician of any unusual conditions.
    • Receives newly arrived animals, confirms order and houses in assigned housing area.
    • Euthanizes all species according to Animal Welfare Act and the Guide.
    • Provides daily husbandry care to all species assigned within a given area and established schedule.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Monitors and controls environmental room and housing conditions (including Environmental Enrichment)
    • Daily checks temperature, ventilation and lighting in animal rooms and related areas.
    • Notifies supervisor of problems with related equipment (heating/air-conditioning systems, lights, automatic watering etc.).
    • Makes corrections or changes only with the direct supervision of the floor supervisor and or Facility Manager.
  • RECORD KEEPING: Maintains a variety of records (log of room activities, animal census sheets).
    • Records information accurately and promptly.
    • Completes record keeping in accordance with outlined procedures.
    • Maintains records in an organized and up-to-date manner.
    • Recognizes noncompliance in overcrowding and reports in a timely fashion.
    • Notifies supervisor with questions or concerns regarding various daily records or logs.
    • Records Information pertinent to the species into required animal records.
    • Ensures necessary documentation is maintained up-to-date and thorough.
  • INVENTORY CONTROL: Monitors supplies for specific animal quarters.
    • Maintains adequate supply levels in assigned animal quarters on an ongoing basis.
    • Checks availability of supplies in a timely fashion.
    • Advises supervisor of supplies or shortages in timely manner.
  • EQUIPMENT/DECONTAMINATION: Assists with relocation and decontamination of laboratory equipment and animal holding rooms.
    • Transports laboratory equipment to new locations, as instructed.
    • Completes assignments on timely basis.
    • Reports delays or problems to Supervisor.
    • Assists Supervisor with decontamination for assigned holding rooms.
  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Assists in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements related to care of laboratory animals.
    • Follows departmental procedures in order to implement Enrichment Program for canine and primate animals.
    • Monitors and controls breeding and reproductive programs in accordance with established procedures.
    • Records information pertinent to the species into required animal records.
    • Ensures necessary documentation is maintained up-to-date and thorough.
    • Maintains awareness of regulatory requirements applicable to responsibilities.
    • Demonstrates good judgment by following instructions carefully.
    • Seeks information necessary for accurate completion of job duties; uses reference materials to ensure accuracy.
    • Refers to laboratory records and requests assistance from Techs and/or Supervisor when necessary.
    • Adjusts well to changes in work schedule, work flow, and priorities.
    • Completes assignments in a timely manner.
    • Is able to organize and prioritize assignments.

This position requires a High School Diploma or GE and 1 year of experience or the equivalent.

Basic Qualifications

This position requires a High School Diploma or GED and 1 year of experience or the equivalent.

Job Research

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Medical Center North (MCN)

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