Network Programmer

Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County
Mar 19, 2014
Administrative Jobs
Technology, IT Support & Training
Major Duties: -Programs, analyzes, and makes recommendations concerning existing and proposed network systems serving the University community. Designs network equipment configurations. - Writes programs to automate various functions, such as the following: network monitoring, address allocation and registration, billing, security monitoring, failure recovery, and equipment location. Generates databases, reports, e-mail, and Web pages. - Manages software configurations for protocols on VLANs for such network devices as routers, switches, and managed hubs. Maintains and administers local network software file/application servers. - Understands and applies knowledge of technologies and protocols of the following: LAN, WAN, routing, and operating systems. - Maintains a heterogeneous network. Uses network analysis tools to resolve problems, manages software configurations and hardware versions, and maintains minimum software revision levels for proper operation. Designs redundancy into systems, taking into consideration future failures and their recovery. - Supervises the installation and connection of new sites to the University network. - Documents procedures, plans, and changes to the network. - Maintains and analyzes security and usage logs. Maintains, tests, and implements firewall policies and procedures. Reviews anomalous traffic patterns and detects unauthorized access. Manages authentication systems relating to remote access. - Prepares charts and diagrams to detail specifications and assist in problem analysis. Assists in developing technical standards. - Provides training, consulting, and other support according to customers' needs.

Minimum Qualifications: - Bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. - Three years of experience in network systems programming and analysis. - The ability to be on-call 24x7.