Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) & FLEX (Weekend) Faculty

San Marcos, San Diego County
Feb 28, 2014
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University of St Augustine for Health Sciences Division of First Professional Studies Title: Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) & FLEX Faculty Status: Exempt Reports to: Assigned Program Director and the Clinical Education Department Head This full-time position consists of .5FTE for an ACCE and .5FTE as a FLEX Faculty member. .5 FTE ACCE Position Summary: The ACCE is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the clinical education portion of the DPT curriculum. This is a faculty position with teaching, scholarship, advisement, and service responsibilities in addition to the administration of clinical education. This position requires significant contact with students, outside constituents, professional consortiums, and ACCE faculty at the other USA campuses. Essential Tasks/Responsibilities supervised by the Program Director: 1. Course management a. Prepares and delivers course instruction as assigned b. Maintains environment conducive to learning and facilitates student participation c. Assesses student performance, monitors student progress, and provides timely feedback d. Interacts with program faculty at all campuses regarding clinical education curriculum 2. Advisement a. Advises entry-level students with academic and/or personal issues 3. Scholarship a. Sets scholarship plan, implements plan as prescribed by accreditation standards 4. Service a. Serves on programmatic and university committees as assigned b. Serves as university liaison in community and/or professional activities 5. Clinical Education Program Planning, Implementation, and Assessment a. Development of students as clinicians in all domains of professional clinical practice; appropriately assesses student learning and performance b. Coordinates or participates in the development of clinical education faculty c. Analyzes the clinical education program academic outcomes for compliance to accreditation standards d. Advances the vision of the profession and delivers new ideas with a forward-looking perspective of clinical education e. Appropriately communicates to faculty and program directors on student and curriculum information Essential Tasks/Responsibilities supervised by the Clinical Education Department Head: 1. Communicates between the Academic Institution and Affiliated Clinical Education Sites a. Communicates with all concerned stakeholders (e.g., clinical education sites, clinical faculty and students) to maintain current knowledge of the educational program, the clinical education sites, and health care changes affecting clinical practice and education b. Communicates and oversees communication with Center Coordinators of Clinical Education (CCCEs), Clinical Instructors (CIs), and students to assess student performance. Provides guidance and support as required to problem solve and discuss pertinent issues with students, CIs, CCCEs c. Places, supervises, and communicates with students while on clinical experiences. d. Evaluates each clinical education site through student feedback, on-site visits, and ongoing communications, and routinely shares this information with academic and clinical faculties e. Coordinates and plans clinical education with other campuses/programs and clinical education staff f. Attends Clinical Education Meetings and local consortium meetings 2. Clinical Site Development a. Maintains the procedures for clinical site selection, utilization, and assessment b. Maintains an adequate number of clinical education sites relative to quality, quantity and diversity of learning experiences to meet the educational needs of students, the philosophy and outcomes of the program, and CAPTE evaluative criteria c. Provides clinical education site development through ongoing evaluation and assessment of strengths and areas for development (e.g., in service training, discontinue student placements) as approved by the Program Directors 3. Clinical Faculty Development a. Collaborates with clinical faculty to promote, coordinate, plan, and provide clinical faculty development opportunities using effective instructional methodologies and technologies with approval of the Program Directors b. Encourages clinical faculty to participate in local, statewide, and national forums c. Maintains knowledge of current trends in health care and its affect on clinical education and apprises clinical educators and faculty of any changing trends d. Mentors other academic faculty about their role and responsibilities related to clinical education (e.g., clinical site visits, determining readiness for the clinic) 4. Works under the direction of the Clinical Education Department Head to support a collaborative environment in the clinical education office with behaviors such as: a. Demonstrating mutual respect for each member of the team and the policies of the university; displays positive interpersonal relationships b. Being attentive to staff job responsibilities and chain of command c. Participating in the planning and coordination of clinical education functions d. Communicating regularly and clearly with all members of the team e. Demonstrating a productive attitude toward improvement processes within the department Qualifications/Experience: A Doctoral degree is preferred, however, candidates with an advanced Master’s degree, specialist certification or extensive teaching, and/or clinical experience will be considered. Salary and rank are commensurate with credentials and experience. Applications will be reviewed immediately and ongoing until the position is filled. • Collegiate teaching experience preferred • Experience as a CCCE and/or CI for physical therapy students • Doctoral degree preferred (will consider DPT with post-professional master’s degree) • Strong professional values with a minimum of 5 years clinical experience • Current or eligible for Florida physical therapy license • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team setting • Example of a healthy and productive lifestyle • Promotes professionalism by modeling such behaviors inside and outside the classroom settings .5 FT FLEX Faculty Responsibilities include • monitoring the student’s progress; • giving feedback and advisement as necessary; • facilitating student participation in learning activities; • assessing student performance on practical and/or examinations; and • providing data for outcome assessment. Other duties include advising entry-level students as assigned and establishing and implementing an approved scholarship plan as prescribed by accreditation standards. This includes participating in activities that enhance scholarship and professional development. As a professional University representative this person participates in university governance, curriculum planning, programmatic and institutional assessment activities, and functions to support development and growth of the institution. This includes supporting the University’s mission and core values; modeling professional behaviors inside and outside the classroom setting; and participating in professional development activities to maintain knowledge of contemporary practices in education. Qualifications (Competencies): 1. Expertise and currency in the area being taught 2. Excellent organization and time management skills 3. Accountable for actions and outcomes and follows through on commitments 4. Excellent oral and written communication skills 5. Professional role model 6. Provides a nurturing, respectful learning environment with a focus on clinical excellence 7. Responsive to adult learner needs 8. Working knowledge of educational theory and methodology 9. Works effectively in a team environment, respectful of the inter-professional approach 10. Provides, accepts and applies constructive feedback Education/Experience: 1. Terminal degree with demonstrated expertise in the area being taught preferred. Post-professional master's degree or clinical doctorate considered 2. Prior teaching experience preferred 3. Experience in scholarly activity preferred