Associate Director - Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management

Rochester, Monroe County
Feb 20, 2014
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Location: Strong Memorial Hospital

Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Regular/Temporary: Regular


Full Time   40 hours   Grade 055  Pharmacy SMH




The Associate Director for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management will be responsible for tactical decisions related to purchasing, inventory management, cost allocation, management of drug shortages and relevant staff supervision, as well as strategic planning related to optimizing our supply chain management through contract negotiation, direct purchasing opportunities, and internal distribution.  The generally stated goals of this position include:

  • Assuring that pharmaceutical products necessary for the treatment of URMC patients are readily available at the time they are needed, while minimizing waste associated with overstocking and poor inventory control practices.
  • Maximizing financial performance related to the purchasing and procurement of pharmaceutical products for all URMC sites.
  • Negotiating contract agreements that optimize access to and cost of pharmaceuticals for all URMC affiliates.
  • Evaluating, developing and implementing a strategy that balances direct and pharmaceutical distributor purchasing to optimize the procurement of pharmaceuticals for URMC.
  • Generating accurate and actionable metrics related to pharmaceutical purchasing.
  • Assuring a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and effective procurement staff at all URMC sites.
  • Planning and implementing a modernized inventory management process.
  • Optimizing the management of products on the national drug shortage lists to assure access and minimize costs for URMC facilities.


  1. Contract Management
  1. Negotiates and manages adherence to contract pricing for consistency.  Directs others to correct credit and rebill discrepancies.
  2. Forecast market share agreements and manage logistics to maximize market share opportunities.
  3. Identify and negotiate contract agreements to maximize direct purchasing, market share arrangements, and other pricing opportunities
  4. Evaluates and monitor overall contract performance to document and report savings achieved.
  5. Establish, maintain, and leverage effective professional relationships with vendors.
  1. Purchasing analysis and reporting
  1. Receives frequent analysis of purchasing practices and provides organization direction on actionable items.
  2. Maximize COG discount opportunities by balancing purchasing practices to achieve greatest price discounts.
  3. Assure appropriate contract assignment for purchases to achieve greatest overall price.
  4. Analyze and anticipate changes in the marketplace and forecast business impact on URMC (e.g. generic conversions, acquisitions, and mergers).
  5. Collaborate with pharmacy management team with business plan development across all entities.
  1. Invoice Management
    1. Develop, implement, and maintain an automated or otherwise efficient process to oversee and manage invoice processing, trafficking, and payment authorization.
    2. Monitor timely payment of invoices and develop action plans to correct processes contributing to late payment to ensure continued eligibility for payment discount opportunities.
  2. Purchasing/Procurement
    1. Oversee and manage purchasing/ordering at all URMC Pharmacy sites.
    2. Supervise and train purchasing staff at each site on the optimal use of resources to assure high contract compliance and inventory management.
    3. Authorize purchase of high-cost line items based upon an established dollar threshold.
    4. Manage formulary and ensure formulary compliance in purchasing practices.
    5. Evaluate, update and manage process for drug purchasing, procurement and distribution to clinics, laboratories and off-site URMC locations.
    6. Identify and pursue (internally or through a vendor) drug replacement programs with pharma for high cost drugs.
  3. Inventory Management
    1. Develop, implement, and maintain accurate perpetual inventory systems across all URMC Pharmacy locations.
    2. Develop, implement, and maintain dynamic inventory management practices that assure access to necessary products while minimizing waste.
    3. Oversee and be accountable for all biennial inventory audits and reporting.
    4. Develop, implement, and maintain an effective strategy for the procurement, distribution, and tracking of all vaccine products.
  4. Financial Management
    1. Assure that all drug purchases are allocated to the proper account and cost center.
    2. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports detailing comprehensive drug purchasing data for all accounts.  The structure and content of the reports will be consistent with requests of the pharmacy management team.
    3. Generate monthly, quarterly and annual reports documenting savings achieved through contract agreements, optimal contract management, and proper inventory control procedures.
  5. Drug Shortages
    1. Develop, implement, and maintain automated tracking and reporting capabilities for all drugs on national shortage lists.
    2. Coordinate with clinical pharmacy leadership and other stakeholders to develop and implement clinically appropriate strategies for management of drug shortages.
    3. Serve as a central resource for communication of drug shortages and their management strategies to all relevant stakeholders across the system.
    4. Coordinate the redistribution of products across URMC facilities to optimize the management of drug shortages.
    5. Track and report the cost impact of drug shortages on a quarterly and annual basis.
  6. Service
    1. Serve as the departmental liaison with corporate purchasing, patient accounts, value analysis, and other relevant departments as it relates to pharmaceutical purchasing, pricing, and contracting.
    2. Serve as a voting member of the URMC Therapeutics Committee and provide analytical support to the committee relevant to drug availability, competitive contracting, and drug class cost minimization and cost effectiveness analysis.
    3. Assure that the formulary for URMC facilities is updated and readily available per TJC standards.
    4. Assist the director of pharmacy and other managers with the new contract review and approval process with corporate purchasing, hospital leadership, and other relevant stakeholders.
    5. Serve on other relevant institutional committees consistent with pharmaceutical purchasing, drug utilization and finance as assigned.
    6. Be active in external professional and business organizations, trade groups, purchasing groups and other organizations relevant to scope of responsibilities (e.g. UHC committees, GPO advisory committees, etc).

Performs other related duties as required.


Pharmacy degree from an ACPE accredited school required.  Master's (relevant management degree) or MBA degree preferred.  Minimum of 5 years of health-system pharmacy experience; 3 years prior management experience required.  Must hold license to practice Pharmacy in the State of New York.

How To Apply

All applicants must apply online.

The University of Rochester is an Equal Opportunity Employer.