Surgical Technol I PRN

Nashville, Davidson County
Feb 20, 2014


Facilitates patient care by assisting physicians/nursing staff before, during and after surgical procedures by creating and maintaining, a sterile field and providing the instruments and supplies required by the surgeons in a sterile manner according to established plan for patient care. Is able to perform competently most of the cases in a given service/shift.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Under Supervision of RN/MD facilitates patient care, by assisting the surgeon before, during and after surgical procedures.
    1. According to unit and VUMC standards, uses nursing process to deliver goal focused, age specific, cultural/belief specific individualized safe care for all patients.
    2. Demonstrates accountability as an individual and team member in meeting patient/family needs.
    3. Uses appropriate delegation skills to manage clinical assignment in an organized, efficient manner appropriately using human and other resources.
    4. Participates in identifying cost effective measure for clinical care.
  2. Addresses Problems
    1. Identifies and communicates problems and variances from patient goals and participates in finding solutions.
    2. Utilizes the problem solving model to independently resolve patient problems and follows through with HCT to implement solutions
  3. Communicates/collaborates Effectively to Meet Patient and Team Goals.
    1. Clearly, efficiently and confidently, communicates significant information about patient/family care and progress toward goals.
    2. Collaborates with peers
    3. Seeks 3rd party involvement, if necessary, in conflict resolution
  4. Is accountable for maintaining professional development of self and participates in the development of others.
    1. Assumes responsibility for continuous learning.
    2. Actively participates in in-services.
    3. Reads posted communication.
    4. Acquires skills and competencies as required by Operative Services.
    5. Assists in the learning of new staff members.
  5. Plans, sets up, performs and cleans up the assigned surgical procedure as a circulator and as a scrub tech.
    1. Demonstrates knowledge of equipment and instrumentation pertaining to case.
    2. Operates special equipment for cases safely; i.e. lasers, microscopes, tourniquets, endoscopes, drills, saws, ESU.
    3. Maintains instruments and equipment integrity.
    4. Continues to expand knowledge and skills required to do cases within and outside their own service.
    5. Performs room turn-over and terminal cleaning.
    6. Utilizes supplies appropriately and in a cost effective manner.
  6. Demonstrates knowledge of and the ability to apply the Principles of Asepsis in creating and maintaining the sterile field.
    1. Uses proper technique when scrubbing, gowning, gloving and setting up of sterile fields.
    2. Recognizes what is sterile and what is unsterile.
    3. Recognizes contamination and takes proper action to correct situation.
    4. Continually monitors the sterile field and team to assure that sterility is maintained.
  7. Performs sharp, sponge and instrument counts according to policy.
    1. Demonstrates proper counting technique for all countables.
    2. Demonstrates proper procedures with incorrect counts.
    3. Demonstrates understanding of exceptions to counts.
  8. Verbalize proper positioning techniques
    1. Knows the proper position for cases.
    2. Understands the use of proper positioning aids to protect nerves, bony prominences and maintain circulation.
  9. Maintains a standard of competency.
    1. Is able to perform without assistance the majority of the average cases done per service/shift in a competent manner.
    2. Can precept new employees or students in doing these cases.
    3. Can perform difficult, complicated cases with assistance.
    4. Can perform difficult, complicated cases with assistance.
  10. Continuous Learning
    1. Must obtain a total of 15 CE's annually and provide evidence to manager of self-education activities within the required timeframe.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Graduate of an accredited discipline specific program and 0 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Job Surgical Technician

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Vanderbilt Hospital (VUH)

Organization FEL OR 201187