Electronic Messaging Specialist

Nashville, Davidson County
Jan 31, 2014
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Administrator responsible for the support of the enterprise messaging and collaboration systems under moderate supervision. Assists in researching and evaluating current and future messaging and collaboration technologies and enhancements. Competent to maintain integration with other messaging and groupware systems. Encourages and facilitates the dissemination of information through the use of electronic mail. Assists with documentation of the messaging and collaboration systems. Provides support to lower-tier technical staff with complex or difficult problems relating to collaborative messaging.

Key Functions and Expected Performances:
  1. Assist with the implementation and support of enterprise messaging infrastructure and electronic collaboration solutions, including e-mail, mobile messaging, e-mail archiving, workflow messaging and electronic conferencing.
    1. Supports strategies for electronic collaboration solutions and the infrastructure necessary to support those strategies.
    2. Adheres to existing technical standards.
    3. Provides thorough and accurate documentation of systems within his/her responsibility.
  2. Ensures the integrity, security, stability and recoverability of enterprise electronic collaboration solutions and it's encompassing components (electronic mail, workflow applications, electronic mail archiving applications, mobile messaging and institutional electronic mail data).
    1. Adheres to change management processes and procedures.
    2. Adheres to confidentiality and security policies and procedures.
    3. Adheres to HIPAA rules and regulations as interpreted by VUMC.
    4. Assists with the development, documentation and testing of disaster recovery plans for systems and applications within his/her responsibility.
  3. Provides top-tier technical support.
    1. Adheres to departmental, divisional and organizational on-call and escalation procedures.
    2. Tactfully and effectively communicates with subordinates, peers, management and customers.
    3. Supports lower-tier technical staff with complex or difficult problems.
  4. Provides technical support research and consulting services.
    1. Assists with the research of new technologies based electronic messaging data growth, data access and application requirements.
    2. Maintains familiarity with emerging techniques and technologies related to current Institutional objectives.
    3. Consults with teams/customers to evaluate and recommend solutions.

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Associates and 1 year of experience or the equivalent.

Job Information Technology

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Hill Center

Organization Core Infrastructure 152530