Research Professional 2

United States, North America
Jan 30, 2014
About The Unit:

Unit Job Summary: Working with PIs/Faculty and their researchers in the Functional and Molecular Imaging Group of the Department of Radiology: To formulate research agenda and develop research projects/programs in the nascent field of molecular nanotheranostics, in which approaches and methods in nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanomedicine are employed to develop diagnostic molecular imaging tracers and molecular therapeutic agents; To plan, set up, and expand a new Molecular Nanothernostics Laboratory, and build the research team and supervise the staff/personnel; To collaborate with other BSD researchers to establish collaborative research projects/programs in which molecular theranostics are designed and developed specific to selected biomedical areas, for example, cancer, diabetes, brain disorders, cardiovascular diseases, etc.; To bridge with faculty in other Divisions at the University of Chicago, for example, those in the Department of Chemistry and Institute for Molecular Engineering, to establish collaborative research projects/programs in molecular nanotheranostics; To participate in externally funded grants and carry out research projects/programs as a key personnel to advance R&D in molecular nanotheranostics and their applications to other biomedical research areas; To lead the effort of publication planning and publishing journal papers in order to build a leading track record of growing R&D in molecular nanotheranostics in Radiology/UChicago; To assist in preparation of grant proposals for securing additional funding To assist in planning and developing chemistry-related facilities and laboratories, for example, cyclotron and radiotracer production facilities, radiochemistry laboratories, biomarker R&D facilities, etc.; To participate in the relevant teaching and training programs, for example, developing new imaging chemistry courses for the Committee on Medical Physics; and To assist in other R&D agenda and to participate in academic activities relevant to the general area of functional & molecular imaging.

Unit Education: Doctoral degree in a field of study relevant to the research being conducted required.

Unit Experience: A minimum of five years of related experience for the BSD required. Supervisory experience preferred.

Unit Job Function Competencies: Advanced knowledge in relevant scientific field required. Advanced knowledge of research techniques or methods required. Knowledge of regulatory policies and procedures required. Analytical skills required. Problem-solving skills required. Attention to detail required. Organizational skills required. Verbal and written communication skills required. Ability to work independently and as part of a team required. Ability to train others required. Knowledge of Microsoft Office required. Supervisory skills preferred.