Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chapel Hill, Orange County
Jan 24, 2014

Department: Ath Physical Development

Application Deadline:

Position Summary: Full-time Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach with responsibility to assist the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach in developing and implementing strength, speed, agility, and conditioning programs for Football and other sports as assigned.

Education Requirements: Bachelor's degree required. Must hold certification from the USAW, National Strength & Conditioning Association or College Strength & Conditioning Coaches' Association, and be First Aid & CPR certified.

Qualification and Experience: Minimum of two years' experience workng with college level athletes in strength & conditioning. Basic computer knowledge is helpful. Experience as an intercollegiate athlete beneficial. Demonstrated ability and skill in the implementation of advanced training principles as applied to the development of speed and power. Demonstrated experience and ability to assist in the corrective strategies used in addressing problematic commonalities among football players.

Department Contact Name and Title: Lou Hernandez

Department Contact Telephone Number or Email: