Gainesville, Alachua County
Jan 23, 2014

Requisition Number: 0904754


Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description: The University of Florida Police Department invites applications for a vacant Police Service Technician position assigned to the Health Science Center. The duties and responsibilities for this position are as follows; not all inclusive. Foot patrol (vehicle or foot) assigned area of the Health Center facility to safeguard against trespassing, thefts, fire and other hazards. Patrol through buildings, report suspicious activity/person(s), clear building of unauthorized persons; check with authorized personnel in building on a regular basis to ensure personal safety; provide escorts when requested; ensure that doors are properly secured and/or opened upon authorized request; windows are closed and lights off when facilities are not in use; monitor service drives for parking violations; assist law enforcement agencies, fire department and other emergency personnel. Respond to non-emergency police incidents including, but not limited to: lost/found property, criminal mischief, increased patrol request, etc.

Minimum Requirements: A high school diploma and one year of appropriate experience. Appropriate college coursework or vocational/technical training may substitute at an equivalent rate for the required experience. Some positions may require proficiency in typing.

Preferred Qualifications: Working knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures; working knowledge of judicial proceedings; working knowledge of principles of correct grammar usage; working knowledge of radio codes and other procedures; ability and skill to effectively communicate via police radio, telephone, etc.; knowledge, ability and skill in operating motor vehicles and other police equipment; ability to work effectively in stressful situations. Ability to understand and apply laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures; ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral communications; ability to exercise independent judgment without supervision; ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments; ability to investigate and obtain critical facts; ability to identify and describe facts and events accurately; ability to collect and evaluate data; ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with others; ability to deal with individuals and critical situations in an effective manner. Ability to open and close gates to campus. Ability to operate safely authorized motorized vehicle type equipment.

Special Instructions to Applicants: Overtime required - amount dependent upon the needs of the department. On-call status sometimes required.