Senior Adviser for Curricular Planning

United States, North America
Jan 15, 2014
About The Unit: The Office of the Dean of Students in the College has broad responsibility for the success of all College students. The Dean of Students reports to the Academic Dean of the College. The staff of academic advisers, senior advisers and deans provide: academic advising; counseling to students around academic and personal issues, and long term planning; referrals for students to other campus resources; advice on applications to prestigious scholarships, as well as preparation for graduate and professional school. The Dean of Students staff needs to understand University policies and the College curriculum, and will also interact with faculty, parents and staff from other offices. Senior staff members (deans and senior advisers) lead office initiatives and committees, provide evaluations of transfer credit, liaison with the registrar's office and ITS, work with the Collegiate Masters and faculty program chairs in the majors on curricular revisions and the Catalog. The Deans are responsible for handling disciplinary issues and student status changes.

Unit Job Summary: Senior advisers have full time, twelve month appointments. Senior advisers provide academic advising to a caseload of students, and in this role they meet with students regularly to provide advice on: course selection, choice of major/minor, planning academic program, progress towards meeting graduation requirements, career planning and preparation. They also provide students with advice about personal problems, and regularly make referrals to professionals elsewhere in the University. In addition to advising responsibilities, senior advisers take on significant additional responsibilities for the College, such as doing transfer evaluations, organizing the College's management of prestigious scholarships, and leading office initiatives and committees. As part of the Senior Staff, senior advisers participate in planning for the office and for the College. Because they serve as resources for faculty, fellow advisers, and other College staff, senior advisers need to possess a strong knowledge of the College curriculum, University policies and practices, student information systems, and campus resources for students. They also need expertise in the areas that pertain to their special assignments. The Senior Adviser for Curricular Planning has the responsibility to explain the transfer credit evaluation process within the context of the College curriculum and the broad goals of a liberal education. The position is responsible for educating the staff on transfer credit policies and practices, providing transfer credit evaluations for incoming and current students, working with faculty on curricular considerations in awarding transfer credits, and tracking and reporting on relevant trends and issues. In working so closely with transfer students, the position is also responsible for evaluating the well-being and performance of the transfer student cohort. Additional responsibilities include tracking and communicating general education curricular changes to the advising staff, participation in the College catalog editing process, and engagement in other College curricular projects and concerns as needed.

Unit Education: Masters degree with a six year minimum gap between date of college graduation and appointment as a Senior adviser required.

Unit Experience: n/a

Unit Job Function Competencies: Required Familiarity with University structure and function of its various offices and departments. Demonstrated ability to establish good working relationships with people of different backgrounds. Demonstrated ability to provide excellent academic advising to undergraduates and mastery of practices of academic advisers. Demonstrated ability to take initiative and lead others. Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, and manage effectively competing demands. Demonstrated ability to write well, edit written materials, speak in public, make presentations. Strong computer skills and demonstrated ability to master detailed information. Experience working with databases required. Good communication skills and the ability to train staff required. Proven ability to collaborate with faculty. Preferred Strong commitment to young adults and the values and goals of liberal education. Previous experience working with computer programmers.