OCE&E Integration Manager

Seattle, King County
Jan 02, 2014
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The OCE&E is the first all-in-one integrated one stop center of its kind in the State of Washington. It is designed to provide employment, education and public assistance support in a single location, on a college campus. It is unique in that it seeks to truly integrate separate service delivery systems to create a seamless and streamlined customer experience with better than normal outcomes, rather than simply delivering these services in one location. Under the roof of OCE&E, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), WorkSource Affiliate North Seattle and North Seattle Community College, work together in the most coordinated and integrated way possible to help our customers achieve self-sufficiency. The role of the Integration Manager offers a unique opportunity to provide the leadership, change agent, and process improvement skills to support the vision of a fully integrated OCE&E. The position reports directly to the Center’s Policy Committee, which consists of senior executives from DSHS and the Employment Security Department (ESD), the CEO of the Seattle-King County Workforce Development Council (WDC) and the President of NSCC. As such, the position is sponsored at the highest possible level to implement changes within the organizations that support the OCE&E strategic direction. There are three primary areas of responsibility: Customer Service: Identify and implement changes needed to ensure customers receive integrated and efficient service with minimal wait times, regardless of which specific agency “brought them in the door”. Ensure customers’ needs are being correctly identified and that they are receiving the appropriate referrals and services to meet these needs, ending in appropriate continuing education, employment, and self-sustainment. Entrepreneurial leadership, change management and facilitation: Lead, coach, mentor, facilitate and teach. Utilize the best practices of change management to bring separate organizations, diverse partners, and staff together to build a culture of collaboration that achieves a common vision for the Center. Utilize Lean process improvement tools and methodologies to drive a culture of continuous improvement. Manage projects to achieve desired outcomes. Serve as the Policy Committee’s change agent. Administrative and reporting: Coordinate site management, data-sharing agreements, grant-writing, and other interagency activity, recognizing that the agencies and partners will perform the work. Communicate plans, progress and outcomes to the Committee and other audiences. Seattle Community Colleges are committed to recruiting dedicated faculty and staff who together create a welcoming academic climate that reflects the diverse backgrounds of our community, including ethnicity, national origin, religion, race, gender, gender identity, age, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, disability, political status, and sexual orientation. The Seattle Community College District is currently engaged in a union organizing effort involving its exempt employees. If the union is certified to represent certain exempt employees, the District will engage in collective bargaining with the union on mandatory subjects including wages, benefits, and working conditions. Essential Functions: •Contribute to the success of the DSHS, ESD, WorkSource, and NSCC Workforce Ed programs by providing leadership in ensuring that customers do not leave because they did not receive an “integration” service. •Work to develop systems that ensure customers aren’t waiting in line while workers are idle because of different computer systems. •Help identify customer needs and ensure they receive the correct referral. •Work closely with the OCE&E’s Senior Management group , Seattle Community College District leadership, NSCC leadership, to assure that the building meets expectations as defined by the Policy Committee.. •Implement the data sharing agreements among the agencies to ensure quality service to customers. •Implement the IT integration project in response to the legislative funding and OCE&E Policy committee’s directives. •Assist all partners in meeting performance outcomes •Working with the OCE & E Policy Committee and OCE & E Senior Management, contribute to securing grants supportive of the OCE&E and managing the performance of those grants and related staffing. •Strengthen and support the vision of the OCE&E by keeping the work of integration and customer service in the forefront: IT Integration; Service, Staff, and Partner Integration; Campus Integration; Community Integration. •Supervising an Administrative Assistant and Kid’s Area Staff •Attending quarterly meetings with policy and legislative leaders and provide reports to Policy Committee •Collaborate with SBCTC for yearly report to the Legislature •Build, maintain and facilitate functional teams in partnership with on-site agencies •Provide integration training for staff •Design value stream process (lean) to improve customer service •All other functions necessary for successfully integrating services •Support and manage site operations by working collaboratively with NSCC Business Office, facilities, IT, maintenance, and security. Required Education, Experience & Abilities: •A bachelor's degree with five (5) years of experience or ten (10) years of experience in employment and training/social services programs. Preferably programs, preferably at a combination of community or technical college (in Workforce Programs) , DSHS CSO, and/or WorkSource/ESD location. •Demonstrated ability working with diverse partners, groups and organizations. •Passion for developing and implementing new systems. •Experience in meeting the needs of a diverse customer base. •Experience in working successfully across multiple agencies. •Ability to effectively lead and develop teams. •Demonstrated problem solving skills, including Lean and organizational change management. •Strong written and oral communication skills. •Project management skills.