Industry Contracts Analyst

Nashville, Davidson County
Dec 31, 2013


Reviews, negotiates and drafts agreements, including clinical trial and bench research agreements. Assures the ongoing integrity of the contract tracking database through database management and assists in the ongoing development of policies and procedures to address contractual issues. Applies relevant contract law, federal, state and local laws, guidance documents, health care policy, institutional and departmental policies and procedures to: 1) protect the rights, safety and welfare of research participants; (2) protect the academic integrity of the Institution; (3) safeguard against any unnecessary risks; and (4) protect the interests of the scientists involved in research.  The ideal candidate would have a JD plus experience with contract negotiation in the research area.


Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  1. Competently drafts, negotiates, and finalizes new agreements and amendments to existing agreements in accordance with Federal, state, and local law and regulations and Institutional and departmental policies and procedures
    1. Specializes in complex agreements funded by Industry Sponsors, Academic Institutions, foundations, investigator initiated industry collaborations, lab services and other non-federal Sponsors or funding entities
    2. Has knowledge and familiarity with a broad range of agreements including, but not limited to, clinical trial agreements, animal research agreements, basic science research agreements, subcontracts, lab or research service agreements, collaboration agreements, and memorandums of understandings as well as the mechanism for modifications or amendments thereto
    3. Possesses and strives to cultivate a depth and breadth of understanding of important contractual issues as well as Institutional policies, relevant contract law, health care policy, and Federal, State, and local law
    4. Creatively solves problems posed in specific agreements by analyzing and interpreting federal and state law and Institutional policies as well as information from other sources. Uses senior staff as source of information and feedback
    5. Assists in classification of contract and review data input for accuracy
  2. Applies understanding of Institution's interests to specific agreements:
    1. Incorporates overall parameters of research within an academic institution as well as specific considerations based upon institutional authorship
    2. Collaborates with and disseminates information to the Principal Investigator and Department Administrators as well as to relevant staff. Ensure that contractual terms including intellectual property, publication, indemnification and subject injury, comply with applicable laws and institutional policies.
    3. Conducts pragmatic analysis of legal, institutional, and departmental goals to determine how best to achieve desired results in the terms of the agreement
  3. Serves as both a competent and persuasive representative on behalf of the Institution and its interests:
    1. Exhibits a confident, professional demeanor in dealing internally with other Institutional staff and faculty
    2. Conveys the Institution's interest and goals in an articulate and professional manner both in speech and writing to external parties
    3. Maintains a high level of responsiveness and service. Communicates contract status: compliance, modification, deviation from standard terms, negotiation, execution, and termination
    4. Writes concise, accurate, organized documents which incorporate the necessary information while supporting good customer service skills
    5. Seeks to facilitate enduring relationships with contracting parties on behalf of the Institution which will expedite agreement negotiations, facilitate goodwill and encourage collaboration
  4. Develops solutions to a wide range of issues of moderate to high scope and complexity:
    1. Responsibly exercises capacity to interpret the contract language and Institutional policy to determine congruence and approve agreements for finalization and execution
    2. Relies on experience and judgment and senior staff to plan and accomplish goals
    3. Achieves quick and sound decisions
  5. Independently manages workflow to achieve and maintain performance standards:
    1. Ensures the timely review and execution of agreements
    2. Ensures the integrity and security of data, whether in paper or electronic format
    3. Adheres to Institutional and departmental confidentiality and security policies and procedures
    4. Performs oversight and verification of database entries. Regularly monitors and updates database views and follows-up with contacts to resolve outstanding issues regarding agreements.
  6. Contributes in a meaningful manner as a team member:
    1. Demonstrates strong initiative in completing tasks and solving problems. Recognizes and identifies need for improvement/revision of departmental policies and procedures; notifies senior staff  of appropriate issues, offers solutions for their resolution.
    2. Can distinguish critical needs and problems from less urgent ones. Demonstrates ability to prioritize tasks and issues
    3. Communicates and models values and mission of VU/VMC and department
    4. Establishes, supports and promotes ownership for team and office goals and willingly exerts extra effort when necessary to accomplish team and office goals
    5. Creates and supports a climate of trust, openness and honest communication
    6. Interacts with team members in a constructive manner by utilizing varied communication approaches. Treats all team members as unique individuals with valuable resources and skills that enhance the team. Encourages appreciation and respect of diversity in the workplace
    7. Recognizes areas of responsibility and is accountable for them. Proactively accepts responsibility and performs expected and unexpected tasks. Recognizes and accepts additional responsibilities to support team and department by assisting with increased workloads, sharing expertise and specific knowledge with team/coworkers, preparing for scheduled absences and delegating appropriately
  7. Serves as a resource for staff queries as to contractual issues and Institutional guidelines in particular area of expertise:
    1. Participate in periodic meetings to encourage open communication to achieve mutual understanding of department
    2. Recognize areas of responsibility and is accountable for them. Performs expected and unexpected tasks.
    3. Take ownership of problems brought to his/her attention. Follows through from initial analysis to recommendations for solutions to problems

Basic Qualifications

Job requires Bachelor's and 1 year of experience or the equivalent.

Job Professional and Managerial

Primary Location TN-Nashville-Crystal Terrace

Organization Office of Contracts Mgmt 104069