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Healthcare Visualization Specialist

Augusta University

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Full Time
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Four-Year Institution

Job Details

Healthcare Visualization Specialist

Job ID: 269752
Location: Augusta University
Full/Part Time: Full Time


About Us

Augusta University is Georgia's innovation center for education and health care, training the next generation of innovators, leaders, and healthcare providers in classrooms and clinics on four campuses in Augusta and locations across the state. More than 10,500 students choose Augusta for educational opportunities at the center of Georgia's cybersecurity hub and experiential learning that blends arts and application, humanities, and the health sciences. Augusta is home to Georgia's only public academic health center, where groundbreaking research is creating a healthier, more prosperous Georgia, and world-class clinicians are bringing the medicine of tomorrow to patient care today. Our mission and values make Augusta University an institution like no other.

The University System of Georgia is comprised of our 26 institutions of higher education and learning as well as the System Office. Our USG Statement of Core Values are Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, and Respect. These values serve as the foundation for all that we do as an organization, and each USG community member is responsible for demonstrating and upholding these standards. More details on the USG Statement of Core Values and Code of Conduct are available in USG Board Policy and can be found online at

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College/Department Information

The College of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University trains and educates today's health care professionals: the therapists, technicians, administrators, managers, and assistants who are the backbone of our country's health care workforce.

As the nation's population ages and increasingly struggles with chronic disease and disability, as well as health care reform, our mission of educating premier health care professionals has never been more vital. We stay on the leading edge of national trends and advances in science, technology, and professionalism. In just the last decade, we have expanded our graduate programs nearly 250 percent, bolstered our clinical mission, and multiplied our research initiatives threefold. Our students enjoy clinical opportunities across Georgia. We were an early proponent of interdisciplinary and distance education, and we continue to lead the way with our innovative programs.

Job Summary

The position will be pivotal in engaging with local communities, researching, and developing best practices for patient education, and creating educational resources to enlighten patients and healthcare providers about the significance of sex as a biological variable in cardiovascular disease. This position offers a unique opportunity to impact community health and contribute to advancing healthcare education.

Engage with local communities to understand their specific healthcare education needs and preferences. Research and develop best practices for the deployment of patient education materials. Create engaging and culturally sensitive educational resources, including illustrations and animations, focused on the role of sex as a biological variable in cardiovascular disease. Collaborate with healthcare professionals and subject matter experts to ensure accuracy and relevance in educational content. Develop and implement educational programs for healthcare providers to raise awareness about the importance of addressing sex as a biological factor in cardiovascular disease.


The duties include, but are not limited to:

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: Create educational materials, including pamphlets, brochures, infographics, and other written materials, that are tailored to the needs of the local communities. Design and develop visually engaging illustrations and animations to explain the role of SABV in cardiovascular disease. Ensure that all educational resources are culturally sensitive and accessible to all audiences. Produce written content and scripts for animations that are scientifically accurate and easily understood by patients and healthcare providers.
Collaborate with healthcare professionals and subject matter experts to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the educational content.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: In collaboration with chair, will develop research studies to determine best practices for healthcare information delivery. Collaborate with local communities to understand their unique healthcare needs and challenges. Build relationships and trust within the community to facilitate healthcare education efforts. Conduct research to identify current healthcare education practices and gaps in knowledge regarding SABV for cardiovascular disease. Develop best practices for delivering patient education materials, taking into account the specific needs and preferences of the target population. Implement data collection and evaluation processes to assess the effectiveness of educational materials and programs. Use feedback and data to refine and improve healthcare education strategies. Ensure that all educational materials and programs comply with relevant healthcare regulations, guidelines, and ethical standards. Generate regular reports on the progress and impact of healthcare education efforts and share them with relevant stakeholders.

EDUCATION OUTREACH AND COMMUNICATION: Develop educational programs and materials aimed at training healthcare providers on the significance of SABV in cardiovascular disease. Organize workshops or seminars to disseminate this knowledge to healthcare professionals. Educate medical Illustration students on the development of patient education and healthcare provider education resources. Work closely with other healthcare professionals, community organizations, and local institutions to promote healthcare education initiatives. Collaborate with marketing and communication teams to disseminate educational materials through various channels, such as websites, social media, and community events.

CONTINUAL LEARNING: Stay up to date with the latest developments in cardiovascular health, as well as the evolving field of healthcare education, medical illustration, and animation.

OTHER DUTIES: Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

Master's degree in medical Illustration from an accredited college or university with one year of related experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Demonstrated experience in community engagement and healthcare education. CMI is a plus and should be pursued within two years.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

Medical Knowledge: Understanding of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, and medical terminology to accurately depict medical and biological subjects. Knowledge of healthcare regulations and ethical standards.
Healthcare Concepts: Familiarity with various healthcare concepts and medical conditions, particularly those relevant to the community's health needs.
Educational Pedagogy: Knowledge of educational principles and strategies to effectively communicate complex medical information to all audiences. Teaching experience and/or record of academic presentations is a plus.
Artistic Techniques: Proficiency in artistic techniques, including illustration, digital art, and graphic design.
Software: Familiarity with software tools commonly used in medical illustration, such as Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema4D.Proficiency in creating educational materials, including illustrations and animations.
Cultural Competency: Awareness and understanding of cultural differences and the ability to create culturally sensitive educational materials.
Ethical and Legal Standards: Knowledge of ethical guidelines and legal standards relevant to the use of medical
information and patient data in visual educational materials.
Research Methods: Understanding of research methodologies and the ability to conduct research to support the development of educational materials.

Artistic Skills: Proficiency in traditional and digital artistic techniques, including drawing, painting, and 2D/3D graphics.
Digital Proficiency: Skill in using digital tools and software for illustration, 3D modeling, and animation.
Content Creation: Ability to create visual educational materials, such as illustrations, animations, and infographics, that are scientifically accurate and engaging.
Project Management: Effective project planning, organization, and time management skills to meet deadlines and manage resources efficiently. Strong research and development skills.
Quality Control: The skill to review and assess the accuracy and quality of one's own work, ensuring that it meets project requirements and objectives.
Client Collaboration: The ability to work closely with clients and healthcare professionals, interpret their requirements, and incorporate feedback into the visual materials. Ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders.
Medical Terminology Proficiency: Strong command of medical terminology.
Usability Testing: Skill in conducting usability testing to assess the effectiveness of educational materials and make necessary improvements.
Data Visualization: Proficiency in presenting complex medical data.
Cultural Sensitivity: The skill to create educational materials that respect and cater to the cultural backgrounds.

Visual Perception: The ability to accurately observe and interpret intricate anatomical and medical details in visual references.
Critical Thinking: The capacity to critically analyze medical information, research findings, and client requirements to make informed decisions in the illustration process.
Problem-Solving: Effective problem-solving skills to address artistic, educational, and technical challenges that may arise during projects.
Adaptability: The flexibility to adapt to evolving medical knowledge and changes in the healthcare field.
Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Strong communication skills to collaborate with healthcare professionals, educators, and clients effectively, and to convey complex medical concepts in an understandable way.


Shift: Days/M-F (Work outside of normal business hours may be required)

Pay Grade: 20

Salary: Minimum: $55,869/annual - Midpoint: $75,423/annual

Salary to be commensurate with qualifications of the selected candidate within the established range (generally minimum midpoint) of the position.

Recruitment Period: Until Filled

Augusta University offers a variety of benefits to full-time benefits-eligible employees and some of our half-time (or more) employees.

Benefits that may be elected could include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, Teachers Retirement System (or Optional Retirement Plan), as well as earned vacation time, sick leave, and 13 paid holidays.

Also, our full-time employees who have been employed with us successfully for more than 6 months can be considered for the Tuition Assistance Program. Consider applying with us today!

Conditions of Employment

All selected candidates are required to successfully pass a Background Check review prior to starting with Augusta University.

All employees are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of sensitive [patient, student, employee, financial, business, etc.] information by exercising sound judgment and adhering to cybersecurity and privacy policies during their employment and beyond.

Other Information

Augusta University is a tobacco-free environment, and the use of any tobacco products on any part of the campus, both inside and outside, is strictly prohibited.

How To Apply

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