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Dean - College of Education

University of Texas Permian Basin

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Dean - College of Education

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Hiring Department
The University of Texas Permian Basin (UTPB) seeks applications for a visionary and strategic leader as Dean of the College of Education with a proven commitment to academic excellence and shared decision-making. The Dean fosters excellence in teaching, research, and service. The expected start will be Summer 2024.

Salary Range

Salary and compensation package is highly competitive based on candidate qualifications

The Position

Reporting to the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Dean will serve as the College's Chief Academic Officer, playing a central role in enhancing academic excellence and aligning priorities with the strategic plans for Academic Affairs and the University. The Dean serves as a member of the Provost's senior leadership team and will work directly with the Provost, other University leaders, faculty, and staff in formulating the College's academic goals and policies. The Dean is a role model of integrity and professionalism for the College's faculty and is accessible to undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the Dean is responsible for the articulation of the College's vision in alignment with the University Mission on academic distinction; the development and administration of academic programs; scholarship, research, and service initiatives among faculty; college policies relating to instruction, curriculum, enrollment, student success, research and other high impact practices; and faculty and academic staff appointments and performance assessments.

The Dean will oversee and provide leadership for various activities within the College's program areas, including Educational Leadership, Bilingual Education, Mental Health Counseling Principalship, School Counseling Superintendency, Child and Family Studies, Early Childhood, Educational Diagnostician, Elementary Education Literacy/Reading Specialist, Professional Education Special Education and Teacher Education and other units including UTeach and Department of Education funded STREAM (Students' Thoughtful Response to Education and Mentoring) grant programs that support the academic mission of the College.

Working collaboratively with all stakeholders in the campus community, the Dean supports excellence in teaching, research, creativity, and service while fostering activities that improve student retention, achievement, and timely graduation. Additionally, the Dean works with external sponsors, funding agencies, industry, and community leaders to develop research and educational partnerships that contribute to the region's economic vitality.

The Permian Basin and West Texas- an Unprecedented Opportunity

The Permian Basin is one of the country's fastest-growing, culturally vibrant, economically invigorated regions-full of industry, culture, and wide-open spaces. Spanning an area of 75,000 square miles, the low-lying geological formation of the Permian Basin is a stunning stretch of land with unique beauty that's home to the big, beautiful Texas skies. It's also home to the world's largest petroleum ¿eld.

Accounting for more than 30% of the domestic oil production and recently named the largest oil reserve on the planet, the Permian Basin region of West Texas is poised to boost local and global economies for decades. As the U.S. is set to surpass Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer, much of the growth in domestic oil production will come straight from the Permian Basin. The International Energy Agency expects global oil demand to grow until around 2040, which experts predict will support the creation of approximately 45,000 jobs across the Permian Basin through 2030.

However, it's not only oil fueling the region's substantial energy boom; wind and solar developments are diversifying the Permian Basin, putting it on the map as a critical energy provider for the future. West Texas is seeing an explosion in economic activity as other industries such as school education, ¿nance, construction, healthcare, digital technology, transportation, real estate, and public sector jobs grow alongside it. As the only major university in the Permian Basin, UTPB is positioned as its academic center, providing leadership and skilled professionals across the region's prominent and growing industries.

Our College of Education needs to lead in innovative and dynamic academic programs to come up with a sustainable teacher preparation plan. In support of this initiative, the Dean will lead efforts to hire nationally recognized, able faculty, combined with existing faculty, and will promote UTPB as a national leader in education-related areas.
The Permian Basin is also home to a vibrant education community including two school districts and two community colleges. With the regional growth comes a high demand and need for additional education expertise and collaborative partnerships. Organizations such as the Permian Strategic Partnership along with local foundations, play a pivotal role in providing extensive collaboration and financial support. As the only major university in the Permian Basin, UTPB is positioned to be its academic center, providing leadership and skilled professionals across all of the region's prominent and growing education industries.

The College

The College of Education produces teachers, counselors, and administrators who immediately impact and improve their community—wherever it may be. The college boasts experienced faculty and staff who create the best learning environment possible. The College of Education takes West Texas' educators to the next level. A listing of the departments within the College of Education can be found at

The College of Education at UT Permian Basin is state accredited by Texas Education Agency and nationally accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) from 2013 to 2021. This accreditation does not include individual education courses that the College of Education may offer to P-12 educators for professional development, re-certification, or other purposes.

We are one of only two universities within The UT System who have the distinction of national accreditation. The following Conceptual Framework outlines the vision, mission, and anticipated learning outcomes for the candidates in our programs. Please visit the CAEP web site at for more information.

Conceptual Framework

The vision of the College of Education is a community of lifelong learners who actively engage in reflection on the impact of their values, attitudes, beliefs, and practices.
The mission of the College of Education is to prepare pre-service and professional educators who are proactive in nurturing the lifelong development of all learners. This mission will be accomplished by:

  • Facilitating the acquisition of necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions;
  • Cultivating the value of diversity;
  • Encouraging collaborative inquiry, innovation, and research;
  • Promoting collegiality and service in schools and communities;
  • Integrating technology into practice;
  • Providing opportunities for professional growth; and
  • Influencing educational practices and policies at the local, state, and national level.

    The learning outcomes expected are that teacher candidates will:

  • Demonstrate content knowledge in their respective content area;
  • Use appropriate processes and teaching practices;
  • Apply knowledge about child and adolescent development;
  • Incorporate knowledge of diversity in planning and delivering instruction;
  • Incorporate technology in planning and delivering instruction;
  • Plan for and assess students' learning;
  • Create an appropriate learning environment;
  • Communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders; and
  • Engage in professional growth.

    As part of its teacher certification program, the College of Education emphasizes experiential learning through field-based applications in which students spend a significant amount of time in public school classroom settings applying acquired knowledge to a variety of learning situations. Candidates for certification must actively demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions contained in the learning outcomes through assessment strategies such as portfolios, reflective journals, and other performance-based assessment strategies.


    UT Permian Basin's College of Education assures excellence in our teacher education programs through affiliation with US PREP (University-School Partnerships for Renewal of Educator Preparation). As a member of the national US PREP coalition, we focus on high quality partnerships with our local school districts, assure that our curriculum is linked to research focused on serving diverse students, and focus on continuous improvement based on analyzing data on our program outcomes. Our Education majors have the opportunity to participate in a paid yearlong residency with one of our partner school districts. In the yearlong residency, teacher candidates engage in a P-12 classroom for their entire senior year while they also are completing their university coursework. Our partner school districts are currently offering candidates the opportunity to earn up to $24,000 plus employee benefits while participating in the yearlong residency.
    UTeach Permian Basin

    The UT Permian Basin College of Education, in collaboration with the UTPB College of Arts and Science, is a partner in the UTeach network to prepare highly qualified science and mathematics teachers. UTeach Permian Basin is a middle and high school mathematics and high school teacher preparation program whereby students complete a bachelor's degree in mathematics or a science discipline in four (4) years, while simultaneously completing requirements for teacher certification. UTeach Permian Basin graduates are highly skilled educators with deep subject expertise and proficiency in high impact instruction.

    UTPB STREAM Grant Program

    UTPB STREAM, Students' Thoughtful Response to Educational Attainment and Mentorship (STREAM), is a grant program funded by the Department of Education with an overall five-year budget of $3 million. The grant is specifically targeted at first-generation students. The grant is designed to recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse cohort of students pursuing a career in the teaching profession. This will enhance the teaching staff to align with the demographics of the student population.

    OC2UTPB Teaching in 3

    UT Permian Basin has partnered with Odessa College (OC) to create an accelerated career-track program. OC2UTPB Teaching in 3, for those who aspire to become a teacher. Students enrolled in the program take a year-and-a-half of courses at Odessa College followed by a year-and-a-half at UT Permian Basin. This accelerated format is designed for students who are ready for the challenge of completing the maximum credit hours each semester to finish their degree and certification at a faster pace. At the end of the program, students will have earned an Associate of Arts in Teaching from OC, a Bachelor of Arts in Education from UTPB, and a Texas teacher certification.

    ROC (Teacher Residency Remote Online Cohort)

    The UT Permian Basin College of Education has partnered with a number of rural/remote school districts to provide a pathway to a bachelor's degree and teacher certification of candidates in the partnering districts. Teacher residents enrolled in the remote online cohort (ROC) have the option of completing all university coursework and their bachelor's degree online. (May require some courses to be taken at a participating 2-year college.) Most students can continue to work while they attend online classes, and as part of the program, teacher residents receive a yearlong placement at a school in their home district. This approach provides higher education accessibility for individuals in remote areas while addressing the education needs in the rural and remote school districts.

    Essential Functions
    The Dean strategically leads and manages all aspects of the College of Education, providing collaborative leadership in developing high-quality growing education professional and related academic programs and research. The Dean will work with faculty and University leadership to develop strategic directions for the College, including a phenomenal opportunity to implement the academic reorganization, started last academic year. In addition to strong administrative experiences, the selected candidate will have proven success in leading faculty in developing strong teaching, research, accreditation, and community/industry outreach efforts.

    Collaborate with faculty and University leadership in the following areas:

    1. Creating/designing most viable education curricula for next-generation educators with relevance to regional and state needs
    2. Developing and executing strategies for strong student recruitment, retention, and graduation rates in alignment with the university plans and goals
    3. Promoting innovative and effective teaching in the College and providing appropriate supervision to the program coordinators, chairs and other faculty colleagues
    4. Promoting faculty and student scholarly activities to enhance research productivity and extramural funding in the College
    5. Providing regular mentorship for our faculty or direct reports to meet their professional goals while achieving UTPB expectations
    6. Managing processes required for successful accreditation(s) of academic programs in the college
    7. Providing effective management of fiscal policies and procedures to ensure responsible financial stewardship within the College
    8. Making decisions in a clear, timely, and collegial manner in accordance with the principles of shared governance
    9. Facilitating faculty and staff professional development
    10. Planning and coordinating program reviews to acquire and maintain programmatic, college and university accreditation
    11. Establish an external advisory board to nurture research and education partnerships, expand the impact of the College's work, and secure significant contributions of time, talent, and resources
    12. Creating a collaborative/collegial environment in the College and all other campus stakeholders
    13. Working closely with the faculty to promote and develop interdisciplinary research and academic programs while managing advantageous disciplinary mergers across colleges
    14. Providing oversight and insights for academic and extracurricular programs
    15. Making recommendations on programs and services to promote program within the scope of college of education, especially in graduating, to area schools and colleges
    16. Creating and maintaining community, industry, and government partnerships that support College research and education programs
    17. Fostering a climate focused on student success by providing a comprehensive array of student professional, career, and leadership development programs and support services
    18. Other duties as assigned by the Provost

    Required Qualifications
    1. Terminal Degree in Education, a related field, or equivalent field from a regionally accredited institution.
    2. 3-5 years of administrative/leadership experience in education administration overseeing operations of sufficient complexity to prepare the candidate to be successful as Dean of their respective college.
    3. An equivalent executive level experience including served in professional institutions.
    4. Success in attracting, recruiting, retaining, and evaluating faculty consistent with the highest standards of scholarship.
    5. Experience in building successful, productive administration-faculty relationships and shared decision-making
    6. Success in leading programs to program accreditation or others
    7. Experience in developing/restructuring interdisciplinary research and academic programs
    8. Demonstrated success in developing productive partnerships with community/industry
    9. Success building and executing a strategic and fiscally-sound academic budget
    10. Solid track record in meeting University mission with respect to enrollment, graduation and research

    Preferred Qualifications
    1. Experience as a Dean or Associate Dean or extensive experience as a chair
    2. Proven track record in faculty mentorship with measurable outcomes
    3. Progressive academic and administrative or professional experience with significant accomplishments, including credentials that qualify for a faculty position.
    4. Varied and extensive success in securing extramural funding from state and federal agencies.
    5. Success in promoting an academic unit to community partners, leading to significant financial support
    6. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively across multi-function units to enhance student recruitment.

    Additional Information
    Required Application Materials

    1. Cover Letter
    2. Resume or CV
    3. List of References
    4. Unofficial Transcripts

    Conditions of Employment

    1. The job description is not a complete list of all responsibilities and duties performed by employees. Employees may perform other related duties as assigned by their immediate supervisor.
    2. Employment is subject to an introductory period to monitor employee performance.
    3. Once hired, the prospective employee must present documentation within three (3) days of the hire date to establish their identity and employment eligibility as required by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Applicants must be able to show proof of eligibility to work in the United States by time of hire. UTPB participates in e-Verify.
    4. Employees must be able and willing to travel and perform duties away from campus as necessary and must be able to operate a licensed motor vehicle, have access to a dependable motor vehicle, and possess a valid state driver's license. Must have and maintain a satisfactory driver's record.
    5. Employment is contingent upon a successful background check.
    6. UT Permian Basin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.


    Generally, the normal work hours for the university are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 - 5:30 pm; Friday, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm with a one-hour lunch. The individual holding this position may need to be available early morning, evening, and on weekends to meet the needs of the department. Hours worked may differ with some departments.

    Standard Working Conditions

    1. Able to lift various materials up to 25 pounds on an occasional basis.
    2. Able to bend, crouch, and reach continuously.
    3. Physically able remain seated, frequently to continuously.
    4. Able to remain standing up to 15% of the time.
    5. Possesses dexterity abilities required to perform job duties including extensive keyboard work, operating office equipment, performing filing, and other job-related responsibilities that include extensive wrist and hand movement.
    6. Standard working conditions may differ depending on department and occupation

    University Benefits

    1. UT Permian Basin offers an excellent compensation package including heath, retirement, & fringe benefits for eligible employees.
    2. Coverage includes medical, prescriptions, life insurance, AD&D, and matching retirement provided by UTPB.
    3. You may also be eligible to add dental, vision, family coverage, & flex-spending accounts, additional retirement, and a few other coverages as options too.
    4. Fringe benefits include tuition reimbursement (after one year of service), wellness breaks, employee assistant program (EAP), and meal deals, among other perks and discounts!
    5. Our benefits package, along with an ample leave policy, make for a great total compensation package.

    About the University

    UT Permian Basin takes great pride in being part of The University of Texas System, known for its exceptional academic success, breakthrough research, and international reputation for excellence and innovation. It includes 13 educational institutions throughout the state, including eight universities and five health institutions.
    Home to over 7,500 enrolled students, UT Permian Basin bene¿ts from the vast resources and support of the world-renowned University of Texas System yet is lean enough to foster a connected, tight-knit community while remaining ¿nancially accessible to any student. With an unwavering commitment to students, a strategic approach to designing higher education, and the resources to ensure academic success, UTPB is set to nurture the leaders who will go on to shape the future of West Texas and the nation.

    Each year, over 250 teaching faculty deliver a highly educated and savvy workforce back into the communities of the Permian Basin and across the nation. UTPB offers 36 baccalaureate degree programs and 20 master's degree programs in the arts and sciences, business, engineering, education, and health and human performance—and the University continues to grow.
    UTPB is committed to meaningful faculty and student research. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) helps students and faculty find and secure grants to finance their academic and research efforts. The Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (RSCA) program is an internal grant program administered by ORSP to encourage eligible full-time faculty to develop individual projects leading to the pursuit of external funding sources and the promotion of research, scholarly, and creative activities in all disciplines. Research centers include the Biomedical Research Center, Cyber Center, Nancy Fyfe Cardozier Gallery, Natural Resource Center, Roden Center for Entrepreneurship, Small Business Development Center, Texas Water and Energy Institute, and the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center.
    The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board recognized UT Permian Basin as the ¿rst public university in the state to implement AVID strategies at the post-secondary level. The University offers Texas' ¿rst Early College High School that serves remote school districts using a blended online and in-person arrangement and with online dual credit courses available to schools throughout the state of Texas.

    UT Permian Basin also offers residential, commuter, and online educational opportunities. Designated a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), almost half of UTPB's student population identi¿es as Hispanic. UTPB is also designated as a Minority Serving Institution (MSI). About half of the students at UTPB are ¿rst-generation college students.

    In addition to its accredited and prestigious academic programs, the University boasts beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities that attract more than just the student population to its campus. The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center is ranked as one of the top performing arts centers in the world and #1 in Texas for university-based centers. With a gorgeous exterior design referencing local geology and open sky themes, the facility is a source of pride for the campus and surrounding communities of Midland and Odessa. It is committed to providing various local and national acts to attract visitors of all income levels, ages, and artistic tastes. The $81 million facility and USITT Merit Award Recipient for excellence in architecture hosts over 150 scheduled shows a year, ranging from Broadway and ballet to comedy and country music.

    The campus is growing. The UT Permian Basin Engineering Building opened in 2019. The D. Kirk Edwards Family Human Performance Center opened in 2020. The busy Student Activity Center is the heart of campus life, offering group meeting and study spaces, hang out spots, food, and ¿tness.

    Athletics are an important tradition at UTPB. UTPB participates in NCAA Division-II sports in the Lonestar conference and ¿elds 13 teams:

    Men's Teams
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Swimming/diving
  • Football
  • Tennis

    Women's Teams
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Swimming/diving
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

    Football is more than a beloved pastime in the Permian Basin. As the home of Friday Night Lights, football is written into our history and runs deep in the hearts of West Texans. The growing football and marching band program, coupled with a larger cheer and dance squad, is attracting new students excited about building new traditions at UTPB. UTPB football won the Lonestar Championship in 2023.

    UT Permian Basin provides outstanding experiences for students and area residents by setting the standard for cooperation and inclusiveness with surrounding communities via programs, events, and learning opportunities.

    UTPB Values- Value Statements

  • Extra Mile Service starts with an attitude of “yes,” enables ¿exibility to go above and beyond, and is proactive in ¿nding solutions.
  • Kindhearted means being nice, positive, friendly, and respectful; being generous with your gifts and talents; and investing in the success and well-being of others.
  • Integrity means doing right, even when no one else is looking; being forthright in your intentions, words, and actions; and being honest, honorable, and trustworthy.
  • Collaboration is a big tent mentality, being a partner who embraces and considers diverse perspectives and always being aware of and pursuing positive collective impact.
  • Innovation inspired by curiosity, adaptability, and responsiveness; embracing the wildcatter spirit to be the solution.

    Midland & Odessa

    Though people from all over the country call the Permian Basin home, there's no shortage of southern hospitality. Neighboring cities Midland and Odessa are known for their laid-back, inviting communities that people around the country have come to associate with Texas towns. It's not all cowboys and the wild west in the Permian Basin. The two cities combined make for a thriving metropolis, home to 300,000 people, with plenty to do and see in the growing region - from a great variety of restaurants, museums, and theatres, to hiking, hunting, and enjoying the area's natural wonders.

  • Only a four to five-hour drive to the great city of Dallas and the State Capital of Austin.
  • Midland International Airport provides convenient air travel as well.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts will find an essential stop at the I-20 Wildlife Preserve and Jenna Welch Nature Study Center. The 99-acre preserve is centered on a playa wetland and has a 2.4 mile trail system with an ADA-assessable trail loop, a 24-foot hawk observation tower, butterfly gardens, and feeding stations. A boardwalk that coasts for over 2,000 feet just above the wetlands with seven bird blinds is the perfect walk for birdwatchers. Just don't forget your binoculars!
  • History buffs will enjoy seeing the first bell that hung at the Alamo at the Haley Library and History Center, as well as President George Bush's childhood home.
  • The Permian Basin Petroleum Museum boasts the world's most extensive collection of antique oil drilling equipment, but it also has a gallery featuring minerals from around the globe and a Chaparral Race Car Gallery.
  • If the Texas night sky isn't celestial enough, book a star party at the Marian Blakemore Planetarium, home to a state-of-the-art Spitz SciDome HD Projector, one of the few in the world.
  • There's no shortage of nightlife, music festivals, art galleries, and ballet. If you love Broadway shows, you'll want to frequent the stunning Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center owned by the University.
  • The area is home to minor league baseball, hockey, and football teams.
  • If you come with an appetite, you're in the right place. Midland/Odessa is a hub for local culinary arts and cuisine.
  • Texans ¿ock to Odessa for their annual Beer and Wine Festival and Summer Evening Concert Series that aren't to be missed.
  • The Permian Basin is the perfect starting point for the great American road trip; there's so much to explore within a three-hour radius. Head west toward the border of New Mexico to explore the limestone caves at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Head south near the border of Mexico for hiking, biking, canoeing, or an extended camping trip within the gorgeous river canyons at Big Bend National Park. Even another country and cultures are waiting for you to explore three hours away if your passport is updated and ready to go.
  • The Permian Basin has so much to offer in and around its one-of-a-kind location.

    Our vision is that the University of Texas Permian Basin will be an innovative, responsive university that thinks large and lives local. We will lead in advancing education, research, economic competitiveness, and cultural enrichment.

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    Thank you for your consideration in today's job market. We look forward to connecting with you more in the future.

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