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Adjunct Mathematics

Kentucky State University
Frankfort, KY

Job Details

 TITLE: Adjunct Instructor in Mathematics                                                                                      

DEPARTMENT: School of Agriculture, Communities, Environment, and the Sciences



EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Part Time, as needed                                                    



PRINCIPAL PURPOSE OF JOB: The School of Agriculture, Communities, Environment, and the Sciences at Kentucky State University (KSU) invites applications for an Adjunct (non-tenure-track) position in Mathematics at an Instructor or Assistant Professor level, effective August 10, 2023. At a minimum, a Masters in Mathematics or Math related field is required. This position will teach Math courses in a 16-week framework. In-person instruction is desired, but an on-line teaching format would be acceptable. Candidates who have all but Ph.D. degree (ABD) will also be considered. Candidates with experience in teaching Math are desired. Experience working with students with diverse learning styles and backgrounds is desirable. The teaching load will consist of one to two undergraduate Math major or general education natural sciences service course(s).



SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITY: Candidates will prepare course materials, deliver instructions, and engage a range of diverse undergraduate students in learning foundational knowledge, and skills essential for Mathematics and related curriculums. 



ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Our School of Agriculture, Communities, Environment, and the Sciences takes a Learning-Centered approach to course curriculums:

Responsible for assisting, guiding, coaching, and facilitating undergraduate students with constructing knowledge through gathering, synthesizing information, and integrating it with the general skills of inquiry, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Candidates will develop a class culture that is cooperative, collaborative, and actively supportive of students involved with the course materials, instructions, and keeping up with formative and summative evaluations.Responsible for delivering course content in a student receptive manner, the knowledge, skills, and experiences each student needs to successfully achieve course learning outcomes as outlined in the course syllabus. Create, post, and articulate course learning outcomes or objectives to ensure student understanding of course learning objectives and expectations.Responsible for creating and posting a course syllabus, and a class schedule for each class being taught during each semester. Create course curriculum, upload or provide course handouts, lectures, labs, presentations, and other course materials required to deliver course information understandably and interestingly to ensure students are engaged with course materials to achieve course learning outcomes.Responsible for creating and posting course rubrics to assess each student’s performance related to the course’s learning objective and to identify areas for student improvement.Responsible for assisting students in mastering course material by being available through “office hours” and at other times to answer questions and assist students better to understand the material in one-on-one or small group sessions.Responsible for meeting all class periods or communicate weekly (virtual) and other scheduled responsibilities such as office hours and meetings at the designated time.Responsible for assigning grades and maintaining course/student records following FERPA regulations and submit grades and records by established deadlines.Duties include but not limited to: teach 1-2 introductory courses in mathematics, plus upper-level courses in either Multivariate Calculus, Advanced Math, Mathematical Programming, Modern Algebra, Probability/Statistics, or Real Analysis; in various formats including online and in person modes. 


Perform other appropriate and reasonably required duties as assigned by your supervisor.  


Education Required: At least a Master’s of Science in Mathematics or Mathematics related field or hold a degree in Mathematics or Math related field of instruction at least one level above the courses being taught. 



Minimum Required: 

Philosophical alignment with the mission, vision, and core values of Kentucky State University.Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in the university setting.Strong commitment to teaching at the undergraduate student level.Demonstrated ability to create, articulate, and assess course learning outcomes.Demonstrated effectiveness in creating course materials (syllabus, handouts, presentations, etc.), which enhance student interest and engagement.Demonstrated ability to create and manage effective grading rubrics for consistent and uniform grading results.  An understanding of the uses of Blackboard.An understanding of the Human Anatomy and Physiology discipline area.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY: This position will have no supervisory responsibility.



This position requires working in an office and/or classroom setting.

KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The functions, qualifications, knowledge/skills, and physical requirements listed in this job description represent the essential duties of the job, which the incumbent must be able to perform either with or without reasonable accommodation. The Job Functions listed do not necessarily include all activities that the individual may perform.


Our Mission

Kentucky State University is the state's unique, small, liberal studies institution with the lowest student-faculty ratio in the state system. The University shall serve as a residential institution with a range of traditional collegiate programs appropriate to its unique role.

Geographic Region
Kentucky State University's geographic region shall be state-wide for its liberal studies mission, its land grant functions, and its service to state government. In addition, Kentucky State University's primary service area for commuting students shall be for Franklin and contiguous counties.

Institutional Admission Standards
Kentucky State University shall admit students to the institution under selective admission standards to which exceed the minimum guidelines established by the Council on Higher Education, with only limited exceptions. Institutional policy for admitting under-prepared students, including the removal of academic deficiencies within a specified time frame. Through this approach, the University seeks to provide broad access and high-quality programs.

Degree Levels
Selected associate and baccalaureate degree programs shall be oriented toward liberal studies and selected career opportunities related to state government services. Kentucky State University shall offer selected master's degree programs based on demonstrated need, with priority given to a public administration curriculum to meet the needs of state government.

Strategic Directions/Program Priorities
The University shall focus on liberal studies programming. Drawing upon its African-American heritage, the University will promote the values and methods of interdisciplinary and multicultural education in its liberal studies offerings. All students shall participate in common curricula that explore the liberal studies. Drawing upon the multicultural strengths of the University, emphasis shall be placed on preparing minority students for careers in education and in other selected professions including business, computer science, nursing, human services, and public services. These strategic priorities translate into a core of liberal arts baccalaureate degree programs, in addition to degree programs at the associate [A], baccalaureate [B], and master's [M] levels that may include the following: education [B]; business [B]; computer science [A,B]; nursing [A]; home economics [B]; human services [B]; and public administration [B,M].

Enhancement of Instruction
The University shall emphasize teaching. Meeting student needs shall be paramount. The University shall focus on the needs of its students, which include, but are not limited to, full-time and part-time residential students, commuting students from its primary service area, and state governmental employees.

Service and Research Functions
Kentucky State University, as the 1890 land grant institution in the system, shall carry out its responsibilities under federal law and participate fully in appropriate U.S. Department of Agriculture programs, in accord with the mission of the University.

Kentucky State University shall be the major repository for the collection of books, records, and artifacts relative to the history and status of African-American citizens of the Commonwealth and elsewhere. The University shall make such materials available for casual and scholarly study.

Kentucky State University shall focus on meeting the applied research and service needs of state government.

Collaborative Ventures
The priority master's degree program offered by Kentucky State University shall be carefully articulated with related doctoral programs offered by the doctoral-granting institutions in the system. The University shall develop and employ telecommunication resources to communicate with other institutions in the fulfillment of its mission. Curriculum development shall emphasize the transfer of credits form other institutions toward degree completion.

Kentucky State University shall promote cost effectiveness in academic programming and institutional management. Strategic planning resulting in the elimination of duplicative or non-productive programs is essential while the development of carefully selected new programs compatible with the mission is appropriate. Measures of quality and performance shall be the foundation of the University's accountability system which promotes the continuous improvement of programs and services.

Efficiency and Effectiveness
Kentucky State University shall promote cost effectiveness in academic programming and institutional management. Strategic planning resulting in the elimination of duplicative or non-productive programs is essential while the development of carefully selected new programs compatible with the mission is appropriate. Measures of quality and performance shall be the foundation of the University's accountability system which promotes the continuous improvement of programs and services.

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