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Director for Respiratory Care Program/Faculty Member

Edison State Community College
Piqua, OH, OH

Job Details


Edison State Community College invites qualified candidates to apply for the full-time position of Director of the Respiratory Care Program/Faculty Member. From the date of hire until the first duty day of Academic Year (AY) 2024-2025, this position will be strictly an administrative position dedicated to the development and implementation of the respiratory care program. During this time, the candidate will not be expected to fulfill any faculty duties. On the first duty day of AY2024-2025, the faculty duties will commence and the individual will enter into their initial faculty contract with Edison State. At that time, this role will be a faculty position that encompasses both the director and faculty member responsibilities listed below.

To be considered, candidates should include cover letter, resume, transcripts, teaching philosophy, and three professional references when completing their online application.

Edison State Community College is an EOE/AA Employer.
Examples of Duties

The Director of the Respiratory Care Program/Faculty Member is responsible for the organization, administration, continuous review, planning, development and effectiveness of the program and serves as faculty for the program. The Director possesses the academic and professional qualifications and relevant experience in education requisite for providing effective leadership for the program, program faculty and students; additionally, demonstrates an understanding of educational and contemporary clinical practices appropriate for leadership within the discipline of respiratory care. Please note that director duties include summer hours.


  • Responsible for the development of the Respiratory Care Program.
    • Provide administrative support for the program including student advising and orientation, development of class schedules, and evaluation of instruction.
    • Ensure the effectiveness of the program through annual assessment of the achievement of established learning outcomes and the periodic program review process.
      • Receives and responds to complaints regarding the Respiratory Care program.
      • Responsible for CoARC accreditation requirements & compliance.
      • Complete CoARC self-study and site visit documentation as needed within the accreditation cycle.
      • Performs an annual review of program and suggest changes to the Dean and/or the appropriate committees.
      • Complete a five-year comprehensive review of program policies and procedures with program faculty, adjunct faculty, clinical education faculty and the Dean.
  • Teach courses in the clinical and didactic components of the program.
  • Provides input into the budget process for the Respiratory Care program.
    • Work with the Dean to assure that adequate resources are available for Respiratory Care students and program.
    • Recommend needed equipment and supplies for the Respiratory Care program to the Dean.
  • Maintains communication with central administration and other units of the college, faculty, students, and clinical agencies.
    • Provides in servicing and information regarding the Respiratory Care Program to Advisors and other College Departments.
    • Set office hours and post availability for student questions.
  • Coordinates the selection of Respiratory Care students.
    • Assure completion of Respiratory Care applications and compliance with entrance requirements.
    • Works directly with Academic Project Specialist to track student applicant qualifications and pre-requisite completion.
  • Coordinates the hiring and orientation of adjunct faculty
    • Communicates with the Dean and recommends qualified applicants and assists with the hiring process.
    • Assisting new adjuncts with personnel paperwork requirements, orientation to the college and to position.
    • Mentors new adjuncts and full-time faculty.
  • Ensures regular meetings of the faculty and Respiratory Care Advisory Board to facilitate communication and faculty participation in planning, implementing, and evaluating the curriculum.
    • Responsible for making and implementing approved changes as suggested by Advisory Board, faculty and clinical education faculty.
  • Represents the Respiratory Care program in community and marketing events.
  • Serves when appointed to appropriate College and Division committees.
  • Provides Leadership and Direction for the following:
    • Respiratory Care faculty and staff.
    • Adjunct faculty in the Respiratory Care program.
    • Academic Project Specialist(s) as needed for support of the Respiratory Care Program.
  • Provide instruction and conduct classes in accordance with the philosophy of the College and within the scope of a defined course of study.
  • Develop curriculum and learning assessment processes.
  • Meet all administrative timelines and complete the submission of required documents and reports.
  • Help students in registration, advisement and coursework.
  • Attend meetings as required.
  • Participate in professional development activities.
  • As assigned or elected, serve on committees and coordinate the activities of program advisory committees.
  • Participate in the College's promotional and community services activities and engage in activities that contribute to the College's efforts to recruit and retain students. (Faculty recognize that some recruitment and retention efforts are time sensitive and that faculty recruitment and retention efforts are most effective when conducted during these time sensitive periods.)
  • Sponsor or assist with student clubs or activities.
  • Assist part-time faculty, instructional assistants and tutors in the faculty member's field of study.
  • Perform such other related duties as the appropriate dean or the Provost may assign for the good of the College.
  • Contribute to external standards of performance such as accreditation, USO Success Points, and other state mandates.
  • Promote a professional educational environment by dressing in a manner appropriate to their disciplines, activities, and audiences, as agreed upon in notes.
  • May be required to complete teaching assignments at the Edison State Piqua campus and/or at regional campuses which include the Eaton campus, Greenville campus, and Troy campus.
  • Subject to the Edison State Education Association Agreement.
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Qualifications

    Required Experience:
    The Director must:

  • Have a minimum of four (4) years of experience as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) with at least two (2) years in clinical respiratory care.
  • Have a minimum of two (2) years’ experience teaching either as an appointed faculty member in a CoARC-accredited respiratory care program or as a clinical instructor/preceptor for students in such a program
  • Be willing to complete CoARC training for key personnel in the program.

  • Required Educational Background and Credentials:
    The Director must:
  • Have a minimum of a Baccalaureate Degree,
  • Hold a current license/certification to practice as an RRT.

  • Supplemental Information

    The Director must:
    Conduct Respiratory Care Director duties as required at the Edison State Community College main campus or any of the regional campuses.

    The listed salary range for this position encompasses compensation for both the director and faculty responsibilities.


    Edison State Community College was chartered in 1973 under provisions of the Ohio Revised Code as the first general and technical college in Ohio. The college thus emerged without special local taxation as a two-year, public, co-educational, state-supported institution of higher learning. Under its charter it is authorized to offer studies in the arts and sciences, technical education and continuing education. By virtue of legislative action, the College's name was changed in 1977 from Edison State General and Technical College to Edison State Community College. After some years of using the revised name of Edison Community College, the College re-instituted the name Edison State Community College.

    From modest beginnings in 1973 in a rented facility, the College has grown in stages to its current campus, located on 131 acres in Piqua. Its enrollment and offerings have grown steadily during its brief history, from 309 students enrolled in 30 courses in 1973 to more than 3,000 students enrolled today in about 30 technical fields, a broad range of baccalaureate transfer programs, developmental course work, and continuing education offerings.  

    Edison State Community College offers five different degrees, two of which are designed for transferring to a four-year college or university, and three which prepare graduates for immediate employment. Providing modern campus facilities and leading-edge computer and Internet technology, Edison State Community College cannot be surpassed for its learning environment.

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