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Maintenance Engineer

University of San Francisco
USF Hilltop Campus

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Employment Type
Full Time
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Title:

Maintenance Engineer

Job Summary:


Section 1

The University and all engineers covered under this Agreement shall comply with all federal, state and University safety policies and directives. The Engineers covered by this Agreement shall, if and when called upon, perform any or all of the following skilled and technical duties, but not necessarily limited to performing work under a work order or computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), operating or assisting in operating all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, engines, turbines, motors, combustion engines, pumps, air compressors, ice and refrigerating machines, air conditioning units, filters, dryers, fans, siphons, also automatic and power-oiling pumps and engines, as well as other such normal or evolved building systems as installed within the building(s), more specifically described as follows:

Full Job Description:

  • Operation, maintenance and repair of all boilers, heaters, pumps, valves, appurtenances, engines, generators, and lines used in the distribution of steam and heated or processed water.
  • Operation, repair and maintenance of refrigerant compressors, condensers, evaporators, traps, transfer pumps, expansion valves, stop valves, and float valves, together with all refrigerant lines and devices used to control temperatures, and air conditioning systems in their entirety, including the use of approved recovery equipment and processes to comply with the law.
  • Operation, repair and maintenance of pumps handling brines, or other secondary refrigerating liquids together with all valves, appurtenances and lines in the system.
  • Operation, maintenance and repair of air compressors, together with distribution lines and all valves and devices for air control.
  • Operating, maintenance and repair of all natural and manufactured gas distribution lines, including all valves and control devices.
  • Operation, repair and maintenance of water filters, softeners, piping and pumps used in conjunction with water distribution, including all sinks and toilet bowls including supply lines, water lines, swimming pool chemical equipment and testing. An exception to these duties shall be the installation, operation, and maintenance of PVC ground irrigation lines up to the point of shut-off valve. However, electrical control devices shall remain in the control of the Engineering department.
  • Operation, repair and maintenance of all types of motors or engines used to power pumps, compressors and fans.
  • All electrical/control systems work and repair including circuit diagnostics, tracing and troubleshooting, operating, maintaining, and repairing all motor controls and related equipment drivers such as variable frequency drives (VFD’s).
  • Tools considered as necessary to the fulfillment of the duties of the engineer shall include all those which may be required in the performance of his duties, including such types of special equipment necessary to operate, maintain and repair the equipment listed.
  • Operation, maintenance, and repair of all fuel oil systems including piping, pumps, valves, strainers, filters, floats, separators, lines, and controls.
  • Operation, maintenance and repair of building automation systems for HVAC, lighting, and other controlled mediums, including consoles, data gathering panels, remote sensors and indicating devices.
  • Operation, maintenance, and repair of sanitary sewer systems, sump pumps including basis and sumps, grease traps, water closets, urinals, flush valves, angle stops, and piping. This includes clearing blockages in fixtures and lines as needed and on a preventative basis as well.
  • Maintenance and repair of trash/recycling/composting/baling compactors, including electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Maintenance and repair of all kitchen equipment.
  • Operation, maintenance, and repair of all life safety related equipment, including support of testing for life safety related equipment.
  • Inventory control for parts and materials required to perform such maintenance and repairs to the building systems.
  • Equipment room maintenance and repairs to maintain the physical condition and appearance of these rooms and equipment located within them.
  • Any and all work not specifically enumerated above, but which is customarily performed by maintenance engineers.
  • Repair and installation of locks, keys, hardware, doors and those duties related to locks.


  • Must possess the physical abilities to perform the duties of the job.
  • Available to work all shifts.
  • A valid California driver’s license and a clean driving record.


Full time

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