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Club Men's Water Polo Coach

University of San Francisco
USF Hilltop Campus

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Employment Type
Full Time
Institution Type
Four-Year Institution
Job Title:

Club Men's Water Polo Coach

Job Summary:

The Club Sport Coaches are responsible for the training and development of the Club Sport program at the University of San Francisco (USF). The goal of the program is to increase participation on campus and competitive performance through regional competition.

Full Job Description:

Job Responsibilities:
• Delivery of a sport specific training program.
• Development of a sport specific plan, to include all practice sessions and matches.

• Responsible for the management of the team at all club functions.

• Responsible for team selection for all matches and tournaments.
• Responsible for scheduling all practices and matches via the Recreation Manager.

• Responsible for all inventory of equipment necessary to specific sport.

• Be a liaison between team participants and the Recreation Manager.
• Must be able to interpret and apply rules and regulations of the sport specific governing body.
• Must have certifications as required by the sport specific governing body.

• Must comply with industry standards for safety and participation.
• Must be able to transport participants to and from away matches and tournaments.

• Knowledge of concussion management, CPR and First Aid.
• Create a productive learning environment to ensure growth of the individual as well as the club.

Job Activities to include:

• To coach the participants throughout the academic year and help with events and competitions.

• To assist participants in distributing team information, posters, and leaflets.

• To ensure that the participants are operating within the rules of the sport and USF while at home and away as a club.

• To assist with collation of information and entries as necessary ensuring that all records are kept on database and information is disseminated as directed.

• To attend organized club events and meetings as necessary.

• To assist in ensuring that all waivers, memberships and insurance forms are kept up to date and maintained with the RSD.
• To adhere to all of the procedures and quality standards for delivery, management and administration of USF Sport Clubs.

• To undertake all such other duties as the management of the RSD shall direct.
• Other duties as assigned by the Recreation Manager and approved by the Director of the RSD.

Working Hours:
• Hours may vary due to practice time, facility availability, matches, tournaments, travel or extra training sessions.

Significant Decision Making/Influence:
• Planning and organizing all functions of the club as needed for training sessions and selecting players for match/tournament days. The selection of players is to be based on these criteria:

• A current USF student in good standing with the University and the sport specific governing body.
• A minimum of two weeks of sport specific conditioning.
• Practiced a minimum of two days during the week in which the match/tournament is set.
• The individual’s skill level meets and/or exceeds match participation.


There is a need to adhere to:
• General Health and Safety as it pertains to the specific sport.
• The post holder will be able to refer matters to the Recreation Manager on a daily basis as necessary, for advice, guidance and consultation.
• Attendance at all practice sessions, matches and tournaments is required.

Working Knowledge:

There is a need to adhere to:
• General health and safety as it pertains to the sport.

• Data protection.
• Player protection.
• Injury reports and prevention.

Records and Reports:
• Monthly reports and record keeping are expected. The post holder will compile and record information, results, entries etc. All records and files need to be kept and communicated with the Recreation Manager.

Minimum Requirements:

Education and Experience
• The post holder is expected to have a sports specific qualification and at least 1 to 2 years of relevant experience.
• The post holder is expected to have a sports specific qualification and at least 1 to 2 years of relevant experience.
• Event/Coaching qualifications and experience

• Flexibility to work irregular hours

• Full, clean driving license

Additional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Plans, coordinates and delivers coaching sessions and workload to meet goals.

• Overcomes obstacles or refers problems to managers.

• Displays sensitivity, tact and diplomacy in all situations and reacts flexibly in responding to rapidly changing circumstances.
• Record, monitor and analyze information appropriate to this sport club.

• Organizes the storage of information in an effective and accessible manner.

• Develops and maintains effective working relationships and demonstrates ability to work in a team.
• Able to implement plans and is constantly aware of progress as it adheres to health & safety requirements.
• Provides concise information and advice in clear and explicit manner.


Part time

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