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Director of Facilities Management and Planning

Hagerstown Community College
Hagerstown, MD

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This position is fully responsible for carrying out the Planned/Programmed Maintenance for all campus facilities, structures, HVAC systems, equipment, grounds, utility systems and pavements. Additionally, directs the remodeling, alteration, and construction projects involving the Physical Plant work force.
The position exercises both direct and indirect management responsibilities over the work of approximately 35 physical plant employees in support of approximately 473,140 square feet of both state and non-state funded buildings; 325 total acres of land with 170 acres of improved and 155 acres of unimproved land; and a full motor vehicle operation at a campus facility serving over 4,000 full-time equivalent students. The position also has the responsibility to provide mandated emergency backup; emergency assistance; and occasional maintenance support for the facilities of campus auxiliary organizations. Additionally, the position is responsible for the development, administration, management and accountability of a plant operating budget approximating $3,500,000 including utilities, wages and benefits.

This position provides consultation services between the facilities and planning department and internal and external points of contact including local and state governmental agencies. The Director participates in professional associations such as APPA and various inter-campus and system wide groups, task forces and committees. This position is expected to provide support and cooperation with all staff members to promote the goals and objectives of the college. The facilities director frequently prepares special studies and/or reports for the President and the Board of Trustees. The Director must be able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing. The Director must be able to work independently to meet deadlines and possess the ability to meet a flexible work schedule including evenings and weekends and be available on-call for emergencies by telephone and/or cell phone.


A. The Director of Facilities Management and Planning reports directly and is responsible to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

B. This position requires the direct supervision of the Maintenance Supervisor, the Custodial Supervisor, the Grounds Supervisor, the Facilities Project Coordinator, and the Department Support Associate.

C. The Director of Facilities Management and Planning coordinates most closely with the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the College President on campus operations, construction and planning issues. Coordinates with department supervisors in the area of Maintenance, Custodial and Construction on building and grounds upkeep and facilities maintenance and capital projects. The position closely works with the Director of Athletics and ARCC staff on the maintenance of athletic fields and event scheduling. The Director works with the Senior Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness for planning. In addition, this position requires strong coordination with various other internal and external groups, departments, organizations and agencies to promote the overall strategies and goals of Hagerstown Community College.


A. Major duties of the position pertaining to physical plant management and operations.

1. The position is responsible for all aspects of Physical Plant personnel management to include but not limited to: training, professional development, performance management, recruiting, and hiring. This position is also expected to build and support a culture of lifelong learners and maintain positive employee relations

2. Assigns duties to all maintenance and custodial supervisors and determines that assigned duties are performed in an acceptable manner. The position is directly responsible for balancing department work load demands within budget availability to determine the number(s) and skill(s) of temporary help and student assistants required to complete the annual maintenance, construction, and special repair programs.

3. The position is directly responsible and must have a sound working knowledge of proven management techniques employed to effectively schedule and keep fully engaged a trained work force of over 35 full time, part time and student assistant workers. The director must possess the tools and knowledge to extract productivity data from various sources weekly to be able to reposition the department for continuously higher levels of productivity.

4. The director is responsible for overseeing the comprehensive assembly of professional development strategies for each employee within the department. Each employee plan must clearly support department objectives and the goals as outlined in the campus strategic plan. Establishing performance benchmarks for each employee within the department and supporting these benchmarks with professional development strategies, then evaluating success against each benchmark is of the highest priority for this position.

5. As a significant portion of the physical plant budget involves the cost of campus utilities, including electricity, natural gas, water, sewer and vehicle fuel, the incumbent must be adept at forecasting expected annual consumption and cost for these commodities.

6. The position is directly responsible for the astute management of all Physical Plant financial and material resources. These responsibilities encompass determination of requirements, justification of need, prioritization, accountability and administration.

7. The position is designated as a key part of the Campus Emergency Operations Plan. In this capacity, the position has the responsibility for directing rescue operations, security, damage assessment, and recovery operations. Additionally, in conjunction with all campus environmental responsibilities, this position will monitor hazardous waste abatement, lead paint and asbestos control and any product containing PCB’s.

8. In coordination with the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the President, the position is responsible to, and has the authority to; align Physical Plant functional units into an organizational format which will most effectively support the mandated Planned/Programmed Maintenance objectives of the college. Paramount to this support is the continuance of a dedicated Preventive Maintenance unit and an effective Work Control Center. Organizational and operational priorities must always remain aligned with the strategic goals of the college.

9. The Director routinely inspects and inventories all elements of the campus physical plant on a frequent and continuing basis with the Vice President of Administration and Finance and the President to determine priorities of need. Maintains an accurate knowledge of the condition of plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical systems in order to assess and analyze these systems for determining need of alterations and repairs. Plans, develops, and directs the preventive maintenance program.

10. The facilities unit must demonstrate a well-planned and coordinated program to support energy conservation, programmed facilities maintenance development, as well as the normal day-to-day operation and maintenance functions. The Director and the department must demonstrate a thoroughly competent understanding of basic HVAC controls and operations, and how the proper operations of these systems directly interrelate to basic comfort and energy conservation. The unit must develop and implement energy conservation programs through a computer-based energy management system using the collected data to propose and implement continuous improvement programs.

11. Prepares and updates operating handbooks and emergency procedures related to the operation of the physical plant.

12. Manages and administers capital projects as assigned and facilities minor renovation/expansion projects as assigned. Maintains strong positive relationships with county and state codes and planning agencies.

13. The Director and assigned employees are responsible to maintain a functional college transportation program by keeping records related to vehicle use and travel requirements by all College departments, manage the scheduling, maintenance and purchase of fleet vehicles and collect use and cost data for unit planning purposes.

14. Maintains appropriate controls over keys for the campus buildings, spaces, and vehicles. Continue to improve the security and safety of buildings.

15. The Director is responsible in collaboration with the Vice President of Administration and Finance, the President, and the Facilities Supervisor to assure that snow removal, storm recovery operations and emergency restoration of facilities occur in a timely fashion to assure the least amount of downtime for college facilities and no loss of classroom time.


B. Major duties of the position pertaining to physical plant budget and planning.

1. In collaboration with the Vice President of Administration and Finance, the President and the Senior Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, prepares and submits a Five-Year Capital Improvements Program and Annual Capital Budget Request to the State of Maryland. Identifies the capital improvement needs by project and by year for the five-year period, develops a plan of action for college capital improvements, and establishes priorities for the implementation of the plan. Participates in the long-range facilities development plan for the College, and submits to the President and the Vice President of Administration and Finance annual budget requests, including equipment and vehicle needs

2. Prepares annual department budgets, with full understanding of the annual HCC Unit Planning process. Thoroughly understands the interrelationship between department goals/objectives and the college strategic plan. The director ensures that department goals and each employee goals are coordinated and integrated closely with other departmental unit plans and the strategic goals and objectives of the college.

3. Coordinates alteration and construction projects involving electrical, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, utilities, structural, painting, and allied physical plant elements. Monitors the work of contractors and provides necessary interface of actions between the contractor and College on equipment and systems covered by service contract.

4. Administers contracts involving construction, alterations, and repair of physical plant facilities. Collaborates with the Vice President of Administration and Finance, the President and the Project Manager in the planning and design of construction projects, including assisting with contractual specifications and cost estimates. Assists in the development of facilities requests where county, state, or federal funding is involved. Authorizes orders for supplies and equipment, analyzes costs and work schedules, and expedites operations and repairs.

1. A bachelor’s degree in is required with five years of progressive experience in a facilities leadership position for a community college or university. A bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture or technology is preferred.

2. The Director is expected to have a minimum of six years’ experience in planning, organizing and directing the work of a moderately sized technical and semi-technical work force consisting of four or more of the building, project management and/or maintenance trades. There must be clear previous performance which demonstrates the ability to independently perform the wide range of complex and responsible management and technical assignments associated with physical plant administration. Knowledge level expectations are as follows:

• Considerable knowledge of physical plant operations, maintenance, tools, equipment, practices, methods, hazards, safety precautions used in the maintenance and repair of plant, buildings and grounds.

• Extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance related to physical plant, security, and personnel supervision. Considerable knowledge of construction practices, contracts, and procedures.

• Considerable knowledge and training in automated HVAC controls.

• Extensive knowledge of utility operations and maintenance including testing and preventive maintenance procedures.

• Working knowledge and understanding of general building and grounds maintenance practices, procedures, and requirements in a college and university setting.

3. Familiarity with current federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations affecting the handling, use, storage, monitoring, recordkeeping, disposal, and presence of the following: asbestos, PCB's, underground storage tanks, and building and grounds pesticides.

4. Thorough knowledge of good management, organizational and supervisory principles, techniques, and practices. Emphasis on applying these to a moderately sized, diversified group of employees in order to achieve short-term and long-term goals through both individual and team effort.

5. Possess a working knowledge of budgeting techniques relating to both operational and capital expenditures. Ability to not only apply this knowledge to yearly fiscal spending plans, but also to perform long-range forecasting of expenditures in the form of three and five-year plans.

6. Excellent verbal and written communication principles. The ability to adapt and modify these skills to successfully match the targeted audience with the most effective form(s) in order to achieve the desired result. The ability to express thoughts and ideas in such a manner as to persuade appropriate peer level and higher decision staff processors is essential to the task.

7. The Director must possess a demonstrated history of personnel growth, learning and acquisition of knowledge both in the field of facilities management and in other academic areas of interest. The Director must model strong lifelong learning skills for the remainder of the department.

1. The incumbent in this position must possess a high degree of knowledge of human behavior both within the context of the facilities organization and of the individual within the work force. A proven background in the motivation, management, and evaluation of diversely skilled technicians performing diverse activities under extreme time pressure constraints is key to the successful accomplishment of the task assigned to this job

2. Must have a demonstrated history of strong problem solving skills. A thorough understanding of business systems analysis, and cost benefit analysis, is essential to the successful accomplishment of this job. The ability to sort through a tremendous volume of data and to determine which data is relevant to the issue at hand in a minimum amount of time is essential to the job.

3. Must be able to frequently shift managerial focus and attention from subject to subject as priorities and assignments change throughout the day.


Thirty percent of the time in meetings, thirty percent of the time in the office, forty percent of the time surveying the condition of the campus. This position requires frequent visits to campus buildings and grounds to inspect and coordinate work with assigned supervisors and project managers; this is required in all types of weather. May be required to work long hours in emergency situations. Local travel is required on a regular basis; travel is also required to attend various meetings and conferences within the state.


Hagerstown Community College (HCC) was founded in 1946 as the first of its kind in Maryland. More than 100 programs of study are available for university transfer, career preparation, and personal enrichment. HCC also offers non-credit continuing education courses and customized training programs, as well as remedial and developmental courses to help students prepare for college-level offerings. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, HCC awards associate degrees, certificates, and letters of recognition.


HCC employs approximately 540 individuals each year in full and part-time positions. Hundreds of student workers and campus volunteers also serve the campus community.

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