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Requisition ID: req3786

Job Title: Annually Contracted Faculty - Marketing

Department: Business Programs

Location: Columbus Campus

Employment Type: Annually Contracted Faculty

Employment Status: Temporary

Bargaining Unit: CSEA(Faculty)

FLSA Status: Exempt

Compensation Type: Contract

Compensation: $59.47

Schedule: In-Person: M-F, days and evenings; Delaware/Regional Learning Centers as needed

Additional Information:  **Please attach a cover letter and resume with your application submittal.

The Annually Contracted Faculty member creates, manages, andparticipates in various learning environments and activities that provideopportunities for students to develop to their fullest potential and achievetheir learning objectives. The Annually Contracted Faculty member participatescollaboratively and professionally with other faculty and staff to promote thegeneral well-being of the department and the college and the collective andindividual interests of its staff and student body. The contracted facultymember supports and seeks always to fulfill the guiding concepts for theCollege embodied in the philosophy, mission, values, and vision adopted by theboard of education. This position description is in association with theAnnually Contracted Faculty contract. This position is intended to be inmarketing instruction.

Professionalism, Managing Work, Continuous Improvement,Customer/Student/Employee Focus, Collaboration, and Leadership


Instruction and StudentLearning
Teaches assigned courses as scheduled and assumes primaryresponsibility for and exercises oversight of the curriculum in conjunctionwith the Department’s policies, ensuring both the rigor of programs and thequality of instruction. Designs curriculum embracing diversity, in all forms,to foster talent in students while modeling inclusive teaching strategies, withan understanding of the sociocultural issues of traditionally underrepresentedgroups. Considers individual differences of students in order to design andsupport a range of appropriate learning activities. Participates in identifyingstudents with academic or other needs and responds by utilizing an appropriateresource. Uses technology appropriately to the nature and objectives of coursesand programs and communicates clearly to students the expectations concerningthe use of such technology. Keeps accurate and appropriate records inaccordance with the Faculty Handbook and departmental policies.

Maintains attendance records, determines and submits gradestimely and in accordance with established policies and procedures of theCollege, communicates progress feedback, and other relevant information tostudents throughout the semester. Create and maintain accurate syllabi thatincorporate departmental, college, cross-college, and instructor requirements.Participates in selecting appropriate materials to support the coursecurriculum in accordance with the College’s guidelines. Conducts classespunctually and in accordance with the prescribed meeting schedule. Employs andassists in designing and developing appropriate assessment techniques tomeasure students’ performance in achieving course goals and objectives. Be afacilitator of learning in a digital environment.

Student Engagement andAdvisement
Creates a positive classroomatmosphere that encourages active and collaborative learning, studenteffort, academic challenge, student and faculty interaction, and supportfor learners. Maintains posted office hours in accordance withdepartmental policies of the College. Uses technology to assist incommunication with students. Encourages a sense of community amongstudents for learning both inside and outside the classroom.
Advises potential or current students within the disciplineabout the program, career, or transfer options available to assist with degreecompletion. Refers students to appropriate student and academic supportservices available at the College or in the community.

Continuous Improvement
Promotes continual improvement aspart of the cycle of teaching and learning by assisting, as appropriate,in the maintenance of instructional materials and laboratory facilities;contributing, as appropriate, to the development, selection, andimprovement of instructional materials, laboratories, and otherinstructional facilities; providing guidance in the development,maintenance, and design of course description, course outlines, andsyllabi; recommending modifications to the curriculum and participating inthe design of new curricula.

Completes all mandatory performance evaluation measureswithin specified time limits and participates in all required training by theCollege. Shares best practices with colleagues in formal or informal settings.Participates in instructional, departmental, or institutional research toimprove educational effectiveness. Evaluates teaching and assessment practicesto continue improving them. Provides feedback, as appropriate, regarding thegeneral operations of the department, division, and the College. Participates,as appropriate, in the interviewing, selection, and orientation processes ofdepartment faculty and staff. Provides advice and assistance to faculty withinthe department, division, or College. Attends faculty meetings as called by thePresident, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean, or DepartmentChairperson; and participates, as appropriate, on departmental and divisionalcommittees.

Professional Development 
Maintains a personal portfolio fortenure and promotion review and other career-related needs. Employs student,administrative, and self-appraisals to establish goals and objectives forprofessional development and participates in professional developmentactivities. Contributes, as appropriate, to the planning, evaluation, andpresentation of college professional development programs. Maintains requiredprofessional credentials, licensing, and continuing education hours as the disciplinarystandards dictate.

Diversity, Equity, andInclusion 
Helps to ensure the College meetsits responsibilities in identifying areas of opportunity and systemic concernswhile reporting complaints alleging discrimination. Creates a welcoming,inclusive, equitable, and productive work and learning environment, where allstudents, faculty members, and college employees feel valued and able tocontribute to their full potential, regardless of their differences. Ensuresaccessible and inclusive curriculum design and teaching strategies and specificallypromotes, advises, and supports curriculum development aimed at creating adiverse and equitable learning environment.

Fosters and maintains a safe environment of respect andinclusion for faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Provides consultative assistanceto and advises, as appropriate, student organizations and groups.
Contributes to the community and the profession as arepresentative of the College. Participates in local, statewide, or nationallevels in the advancement of the discipline and the two-year college mission.

Works a varying schedule, including nights and weekends, tomeet departmental needs. Must be available to teach on-site at the Main Campusand travel to Regional Campuses as scheduled. Other duties as required.

Physical Requirements
Reasonable accommodations may bemade to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential jobfunctions described in this position description. While performing the dutiesof this job, the employee regularly exhibits digital dexterity when enteringdata into a computer. The employee frequently sits for periods, stands, andwalks. The employee converses verbally or manually with others in person and bytelephone. Vision demands include close, relatively detailed vision whenfocusing on a computer screen. The employee occasionally lifts up to 10 pounds.

Working Conditions
Typical office and classroom environment. Regular exposure to moderate noise is typical in business offices. 

Master's degree in Marketing with at least five (5) years of for-profit experience in the marketing industry. State Motor Vehicle Operator's License or demonstrable ability to gain access to work site(s).


About Columbus State Community College

Columbus State is one of the largest colleges in Ohio, serving approximately 45,000 students annually. Committed to equity and accessibility, and driven to innovate on behalf of our students and our community at large, Columbus State is positioned as Central Ohio’s front door to higher education. Embracing a partnership mindset, Columbus State collaborates with university partners to provide affordable bachelor’s degree options, and with the region’s major employers to develop relevant, real-world educational offerings that produce in-demand workforce talent.


Columbus State offers convenient access to classes and college services at its locations across Central Ohio. Our Columbus Campus is located in the downtown Creative Campus neighborhood of the city’s Discovery District, while our Delaware Campus serves students in the fast-growing northern part of the region. Our Regional Learning Centers are located in Dublin, Grove City, Reynoldsburg, Westerville at Otterbein University, and The Southwest Center at Bolton Field.

National Recognition

Columbus State’s commitment to diverse, equitable and inclusive outcomes for our students and a better society is reflected in our recognition as the 2019 Leah Meyer Austin Award winner by Achieving the Dream, a national network dedicated to eliminating equity gaps in community college education. Columbus State is an Achieving the Dream Leader College of Distinction and a 2021 member of its Racial Equity Leadership Academy initiative to further institutional racial equity change.

Points of Distinction

• In August 2019, Columbus State opened the new home for its School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, Mitchell Hall.

• The College is a leader in The College Credit Plus Program, an Ohio Department of Education strategy aimed at increasing educational attainment.

• Thanks to its strong academic foundation, Columbus State is extremely successful in the grant-writing arena, with 98 active grants from federal and state agencies, corporations, philanthropic organizations, and other sources with a total value of $70.4 million.

• Columbus State holds an annual Day of Service, where hundreds of students, faculty, and staff volunteer at dozens of locations around the area, totaling nearly 2,500 hours of service each year.

• In 2018, Columbus State adopted Four Pillars of Student Financial Stability and is actively partnering with community organizations to help solve issues of housing and food insecurity for our students.

• In 2019, the Mid-Ohio Market at Columbus State opened on the Columbus Campus to help address food insecurity for students and the larger community.

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