Theatre Data Collection Research Assistant

Job Details

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Job Summary

1. Assist faculty in pre-project tasks, preparing for data collection, and other related tasks.

2. Assists in collecting/gathering research data.

3. Assist in preparation for analysis, report writing, or record keeping.

4. Assist in any other tasks relevant to faculty research needs.

5. Attending theatre productions to gather data and work alongside faculty.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Must meet certain academic standards in the subject area as required by faculty mentor.

2. Must be organized, responsible and independent, being able to work without supervision.

2. Must be able to complete work expeditiously and on time.

3. Must display a keen ability to utilize BYUH library system and resources, inter-library systems as well as resources on the internet.

5. Must display a keen ability to read scholarly and academic documents and report back to faculty in lucid writing and oral discussion.

6. Must possess excellent word processing skills and be familiar or willing to learn other programs deemed necessary for the research projects.

7. Must display excellent writing skills and the ability to evaluate research materials in the field.

8. Must maintain a cum. GPA of 3.0.


Upper-Division Courses Completed

Work Experience

6 Months of Directly Relevant Experience

Physical Demands

Typical office and conservator lab environment


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