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Category:: Staff
Department:: Institutional Research - 2001
Locations:: Burlington, VT
Posted:: May 12, 2022
Closes:: Open Until Filled
Type:: Full-time
Position ID:: 147576

Job Description:

With a newly created Research Analyst position, Champlain College is seeking to further develop our institutional research capacities. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to use data to reach valid conclusions that are of strategic importance to the College. The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, able to work both independently and as part of a team, and have scrupulous attention to detail as well as the ability to refine and analyze raw data. In addition, the candidate will be able to collect, develop, analyze and communicate institutional data and other information to a wide range of stakeholders. We seek a collegial and collaborative person to join a small team that has significant institutional impact; essential is a passion for the use of accurate data to inform decisions that advance our innovative institution. This role reports to the Director of Accreditation, Curriculum and Assessment and works closely with the Director of Institutional Research.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collect, manage, and analyze institutional research and assessment data in support of institutional planning and decision-making.
  • Work collaboratively with other institutional research and assessment staff members to support the College's evidence-based decision-making.
  • Assist with institutional studies, summarizing and analyzing data, and providing appropriate verbal and written reports to various internal audiences, including data visualizations.
  • Assist in responding to internal and external data requests, which may include marketing surveys and IPEDS components.
  • Use college specific querying and analysis tools to provide data, analysis, and information/reports to internal and external audiences.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of procedures associated with all projects. Maintain confidentiality of data and information in all matters. Ensure high standards of data integrity.
  • Contribute to an ongoing, collaborative process to establish and implement cross-institutional practices that maximize quality and consistency of institutional data.


  • Strong multitasking, prioritization, and project management skills
  • Must be able to organize, analyze, interpret, and report data and information for multiple audiences/purposes
  • Knowledge of higher education culture from both a business and an academic perspective
  • Exercises critical judgment
  • Commitment to the principles of confidentiality, integrity, multiculturalism, diversity, and collegiality
  • Ability to understand the functionality of new technologies and their potential use to support institutional research practices and services.
  • Collaborative and flexible work style


  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in social sciences, computing sciences, statistics, market research, information systems, or related field required.
  • One to three years of experience in data management, research and analysis as the primary focus of responsibilities.
  • Demonstrated teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Experience with software tools used for data extraction, statistical analysis, and data visualization. Experience with a variety of information systems commonly used in higher education is preferred.

Additional Information:

The successful completion of a criminal background check is required as a condition of employment.

Champlain College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, place of birth, ancestry, religion, age, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, veteran or military service status, HIV -positive status, qualified disability, or on the basis of any other status protected by law, and does not discriminate in the administration of its education and admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, employment practices or co-curricular and other College-administered programs. Champlain College will make reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified students, applicants for admission or employment, or employees. Please contact the People Center at 802.651.5800 with questions concerning the hiring process or future employment at Champlain College, or if auxiliary aids or services are needed to apply for employment at Champlain College.

Champlain College is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse community. Recognizing that diversity is both a reflection of our world and a source of rich education, Champlain strives to be diverse and inclusive in ways that reflect the world in which we live and work. All members of the Champlain community are valued as individuals.

Application Instructions:

Application materials must include a resume/CV and a letter of interest (Cover Letter) specifically addressing the desired qualifications. The College seeks candidates who, through their work and life experiences, service to the community, teaching or research can contribute to the diversity, inclusivity and academic excellence of Champlain College. Please include information about how you would contribute to these efforts and help to further this goal in your letter of interest/cover letter.

EU Employee Data Protection Notice:


An educational pioneer since 1878, Champlain is a college where students and faculty don't just respond to opportunities -- they create them. We've introduced new fields of study, like Game Design and Computer & Digital Forensics, and offer majors with a specific focus, like e-Business Management, Digital Filmmaking and Public Relations. Champlain's three-dimensional education -- another pioneering concept -- integrates relevant, professionally focused studies with a rigorous Core curriculum and practical Life Skills program.
All this innovation thrives in our can-do culture, where people with diverse talents pool their skills in enterprising ways. Here students help each other launch new businesses, students and faculty collaborate on research and service, and the college creates partnerships with the community. Our city, Burlington, is the ultimate college town with a hip vibe, a thriving music scene and great food, from Doughboys doughnuts to Bove's family-recipe Italian. It's as original, forward-looking and down-to-earth as Champlain College, and a place it's easy to call home.
Mission Statement
Champlain College endeavors to be a leader in educating today's students to become skilled practitioners, effective professionals and engaged global citizens. Champlain's agile and entrepreneurial approach to higher education uniquely blends technology leadership, market savvy, innovation and fiscal responsibility with a commitment to liberal learning, community involvement and "the human touch." This distinctive approach permeates the delivery of relevant, rigorous student-centered programs in business, arts, applied technology and public service.
Strategic Goals
  • Achieve Distinctive Academic Excellence: Champlain College will offer challenging, innovative academic programs that align with the needs of the workplace and serve the unique needs of its three distinct student populations. These include: (1) an unparalleled traditional undergraduate experience that combines professional programs with a unique interdisciplinary core augmented by learning in life skills; (2) an adult undergraduate curriculum of relevant, life-long education leading to professional advancement; and (3) graduate education that expands technical competence, inspires critical thinking, embraces reflective learning and infuses the joy of life-long learning. All Champlain graduates will have the capacity to attain leadership roles in their various fields due to their professional skills as well as their abilities to think critically and creatively and to communicate effectively.
  • Enrich Student Life: We will enrich student life for all Champlain students by providing experiences that embrace student development, personal responsibility, the application of life skills and career path development, and participation in the larger community.
  • Enhance Financial Stability: Champlain College will operate from a position of financial strength. It is only through the careful management of resources that the College will have the resources needed for continuous improvement.
  • Excite, Engage, and Empower Faculty & Staff: Engaged and empowered faculty and staff work and teach with passion, drive and innovation and move the College forward in order to achieve our vision.  Over the next ten years, we will continually work to ensure that Champlain faculty and staff recognize and honor the Champlain College culture while building a high performance environment in which  staff and faculty excel and will become a leader in our ability to recruit, retain, develop and celebrate staff and faculty crucial to our success.
  • Fostering an Inclusive & Diverse Community: Recognizing that diversity is both a reflection of our world and a source of rich education, Champlain will be diverse in ways that reflect the world in which we live and work. All members of the Champlain community will have a sense of being a valued member of the College community.


The Champlain College education is a career-driven experience whose rigorous interdisciplinary studies endow students with the three essential personal dimensions required for a gratifying career and a remarkable life:

  • Top-line professional capabilities in your chosen field
  • A fully-developed intellect with keen reasoning abilities and a global perspective
  • Vital life management skills

You'll emerge from this process as a leader in your profession, one whose exceptional capacities reflect the integrity of our award-winning faculty, our pragmatic curricula and our innovative hands-on approach to learning.

This integrity permeates each of the fundamental elements of a Champlain College education:



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