Provides accounting services such as account reconciliation, statement preparation, account monitoring, data maintenance, report preparation, technical assistance, financial assistance, budget assistance, quality assurance, and payroll coordination.  Creates the award within the financial system in compliance with the contract and sponsor guidelines.  Prepares invoices and financial reports for sponsored awards and monitors accounts receivables. Closes out sponsored awards including account reconciliation and compliance analysis. Reviews cost transfers initiated in the departments ensuring compliance with award specifications. Communicates with awarding agencies, faculty, and departmental business representatives using a high level of written and verbal communication skills. Performs other duties as assigned/required to ensure the overall successful operation of the department. Duties:
  • Account Reconciliation.  Reconciles accounts.  Uses PeopleSoft reports to balance financial statement transactions to source documents such as accounts payable transactions, deposits, and inter-university transactions.  Documents any timing differences or reconciling items. 
  • Statement Preparation.  Produces statements of financial activity based upon monthly departmental business that can include section financial, consolidated department financial, cash flow analysis, etc.  Notifies appropriate personnel of irregularities and obtains proper signatures of authority as evidence of review. 
  • Account Monitoring.  Monitors departmental accounts, accounts payable transactions, spending activity, etc.  Prepares cost and budget transfers.   Prepares and enters requisitions and invoices into PeopleSoft for payment.  Prepares the daily deposit of departmental receipts. 
  • Cost Transferring.  Initiates cost transfers between various departments and service units. 
  • Data Maintenance.  Maintains department’s financial records, budget information, and other forms of data.  Tracks payments, receipts, transactions, internal and external contracts, agreements, etc. 
  • Report Preparation.  Prepares financial reports to document activity, substantiate transactions, report findings, etc. 
  • Technical Assistance.  Provides assistance to departments across campus, principal investigators, vendors, and other staff in analyzing and maintaining appropriate funds for salaries, expenditures, etc.   
  • Financial Analysis.  Performs financial analyses for report preparation, to improve departmental accounting procedures, at the request of department head, etc.  Analyzes terms of contracts to ensure compliance. 
  • Budget Assistance.  Assists in the annual preparation of the budget. 
  • Quality Assurance.  Ensures the quality of data.  Researches inconsistencies, and conducts follow-up investigations or consults with appropriate personnel. 
  • Payroll Coordination.  Acts as the payroll coordinator or backup payroll coordinator for the department or college.
  • As Needed.  Performs various duties as needed to successfully fulfill the function of the position.

Job Location
Education:  BS/BA Degree in Accounting or Finance and a minimum of 18 hours of accounting coursework Skills:  
  • Knowledge of Accounting principles, practices, methods, and terminology        
  • Computer skills in MS Office, accounting software and databases       
  • Ability to choose the right mathematical method or formula to solve a problem       
  • Ability to collect and organize accounting data, interpret the significance, and prepare accurate financial reports      
  • Ability to solve accounting and related financial problems    
  • Ability to set priorities and meet deadlines       
  • Ability to handle stressful situations     
  • Excellent organizational, problem-solving, project management and communication skills
  • 6 hours of Business Law
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel 
  • PeopleSoft Financial's experience
  • ERP Financial Software
  • Microsoft Office

Organization: Financial Services
Job Location: Oklahoma-Oklahoma City-Health Sciences Center
Schedule: Full-time
Job Posting: May 10, 2022

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